Applying Labels to Opioid Addiction

There have been many different labels applied to the issue of Opioid Addiction.  You have addicts, druggies, junkies, tweakers, etc.  And, just like as in AAA with alcoholism, rehab centers are teaching addicts to think of themselves as always being in RECOVERY.  For their entire life they will be labeled a “RECOVERING OPIOID ADDICT”.

We are here to tell you that we are changing this label.  We are totally dropping it.  Alcoholics can label themselves however they wish.  But, it might not be doing them any good.

Drug addiction is a completely different addiction and therefore we will focus only on this.  It is not productive to be labeled a RECOVERING ADDICT.  In your mind, this basically means that  you have never beat your addiction.  You are always trying to recover?  It does not make sense! 

It gives you an excuse to relapse since it is basically expected.

A better, more fruitful label would be to call it a “Disorder“.  This is because you can bring order to disorder.  You can give calm to chaos.

Stay tuned with us, because this is extremely important when it comes to having a successful opioid addiction recovery plan.

As soon as you are labeled an “addict”,  you will behave that way.  In your mind, there will be no escaping what you and others think that you are.

Our minds are the most powerful controlling part of the human body.  The way we think can determine who we are and what we are.  Scientists say that the normal person only uses about 4% of his brain power. 

So, imagine if you could tap into your mind further and use it to control your opioid drug disorder.

Well, that is exactly what we are suggesting that you do.  This is what we have done and it works.  We are working to change the label of ‘recovering addict’ and have it be called a drug disorder by all professionals.

opioid addiction


Opioid Addiction Is Only Mental

It is a mental thing!  It will make a difference.  People who think of themselves as successful, will be successful.  People who doubt themselves and always think of failure, will surely fail.

This works the same with Opiate or Opioid (Heroin or Pain Pills) drug addiction.  From the beginning, you should be training your mind to think of your addiction as only a disorder.  A disorder that is fixable.  A disorder that is beatable.  A disorder that you can control and make yourself a ‘hero’ from within.

If you are going to be an addict your whole life, then you have lost before you started your recovery.  Instead, you need to be determined that you will RECOVER.  Once and for all you will beat your addiction and never look back.  This must be your way of thinking if you want to succeed.

In the past, there have been studies done to show how powerful the brain really is.  For example, in one experiment they took two people who were injured and needed knee surgery. 

These were real patients.  Instead of operating on both patients to repair their knees, they only choose one patient to operate on.  However, BOTH were put under anesthesia and ‘knocked out’ for several hours.

Only one patient actually had the operation.  The other patient was only told that he had the knee operation, but it never was done.  No one knew anything about the surgeries other than the fact that two patients were having knee surgery on the same day.


Opioid Addiction


What happened next was astounding and verifies just how powerful and controlling our minds (brains) are.  The Doctor did not tell the patient that he had NOT operated on his knee.  He did make some tiny incision marks to make it look like so. 

The patient fully believed that his need had surgery and it was fixed.

After several weeks and months, something miraculous happened.  The patient without the surgery began giving the Doctor a great report.  Every week he would come to the Doctor office and explain how good his knee felt. 

He had no pain and no suffering.  He was back to doing the sports activities that he enjoyed.  He told that Doctor that he was fully healed and good to go.

Mind you, this patient never had his knee operated on whatsoever.  He only believed that he did.  That is how powerful the mind is.  His brain was thinking all along that his knee was healed and repaired. 

His brain thought that he had no more pain.

Imagine if we could apply this to Opium drug addiction!  If all addicts can train their brains to think of themselves as recovered and healed, we would have a lot less  addicts (or should we say people with drug disorders).


From Addict To Disorder

In future Posts, we will be explain exactly how to train your mind.   You will learn how to make yourself think the way you want.  Do you want to be an addict for the rest of your life even though you detoxed and stoped taking any opium drugs?  NO.  Of course not!  

No one wants to be called an addict.  Especially not a recovering addict.

You have a disorder and it can be treated. It is genetic for most people.  It runs in families.  There are genetic addiction genes that get passed down from generation to generation.  But, the good news is that you can STOP the cycle.  You can put an end to the addiction using your mind and everyday thoughts.

Try it.  It works.



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  1. Using your mind to control your drug disorder is the best and only way. Opium type drugs are extremely POWERFUL chemicals. They are beating most people, because people are NOT using their brains!

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