President Trump Declared Opioid Crisis a Public Health Emergency

President Trump declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency back in November 2017.  More than 140 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose.  The nation’s Public Health Emergency Fund has a current balance of just $57,000.

But the opioid crisis is a $14 billion problem, at minimum.

Listen in to this opiate recovery support group as they discuss how they would approach the crisis, if they had the funds to do so.  It is always best to go directly to the source if we want to learn as much as we can about Opiate & Opioid (Heroin & Pain Pill)  Addiction and Recovery.

Opiate Crisis


These Opiate (addicts) are in recovery and have a lot to say about this latest Public Health Emergency.

I just hope technically that by making it a formal Public Health Emergency that enough funds are dedicated to this problem via our Congress and POTUS.  This is a major problem that has been going on for decades.  Nothing was done about it 10 years ago which is exactly why we are at crisis levels today.

Apparently, school kids were not warned enough about the dangers of drugs because look where we are at today.

More than 7 people die EVERY SINGLE HOUR of the day in the United States from drug overdose.  Think about it,…by the time I am done writing this article there will be 7 overdose deaths nationwide.

By the time you get done reading this Post and sharing it with your valued friends and family, there will have been 3-4 people who overdosed and died.  It is stunning yet startling to think about.  Every hour of the day…this many deaths from such a preventable issue.  A chemical that kills our body, but we choose to consume it because it makes you feel great.  It is a BIG deception.  opiate crisis

Addicts Are Not Bums

This is another topic all together, but this crisis goes way beyond just kids experimenting with drugs, or college kids partaking at a party.  This is not about the druggies in our society who were burn-outs to begin with.

The majority of Heroin addicts today are very normal people.  Statistics & Demographics prove this.  Instead, it is your co-worker, friend, family member, neighbor, nurse, attorney, bus driver, professional business man who are succumbing to their addiction to opioids.

Most Heroin addicts first became addicted to their legally prescribed pain medications like OxyContin, or Vicodin.  They were prescribed to treat real chronic pain issues…which there is nothing wrong with that.

opiate crisis

The problem is that a decent percent of our population has addiction running in their families.  They have a genetic pre-disposition to drug addiction.  Similar to how alcoholics can pass alcoholism down to their children.  Drug addiction works the same way.  However, with information and awareness….people can break the genetic cycle and remain free from addiction.

We wish to thank Gail Gabbert, from “Opiate Support Group” for providing us with these PodCasts.  We are all learning a lot from her class members who are currently in recovery when this discussion was recorded. 


Discussion Guide:

  • Are you familiar with the declaration of the opioid crisis as a public health emergency?


  • How is a public health emergency different from a national emergency?


  • What are the pros and cons of this declaration?


  • If you were in a position to change policy and were given funds to address the crisis, what strategies would you recommend?


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President Trump Declared Opioid Crisis a Public Health Emergency


Supplemental Reading:

Claude Brodesser-Akner, 7 takeways from Trump’s opioids public health emergency: What it really means, http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2017/10/5_takeaways_from_trumps_public_health_emergency_de.html


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Opioid Addiction



opiate overdose


  1. What a stunning look into a major problem here in the United States, I knew we had a problem but not as severe as this page made me aware of thanks for the information about opiate addiction.
    I didn’t know that opiate dependence was genetic thanks for a well written eye opener on this topic of and I hope your site can benefit anyone trying to overcome their addiction.

    1. Hi Earl,  Thank you for visiting our site http://www.Heroininme.com and taking the time to comment.  We do appreciate your support and interest in this topic.  With that said, if you could share any of our Posts or our website in general then we could reach and possibly help more people.

      It seems that most everyone these days knows of at least one person, or friend of friend who has issues with opiate or opioid (Heroin or Pain Pill0 addiction.

      Yes, 7 people are dying every single hour in the United States from drug overdose.  That is the cold hard statistics from the CDC.

      And yes, addiction just like alcoholism is indeed genetic.  Its gets handed down from generation to generation if someone does not stop the cycle.

      Even more statistics prove to us that if a person has one parent who was an addict they have a 54% chance of becoming the same.  If both parents, or a parent and a close blood-relative were addicts then the person has a 98% chance of becoming a drug addict as well  (IF THEY EVER EXPERIMENT WITH DRUGS). The key is that they have to originally choose to start taking drugs.  Obviously they just cant become an addict if they never choose to consume drugs just because its genetic in their genes.

      However, the problem here is that, as i my case, I never took recreational drugs ever.  However, I had 5 surgeries to remove tumors and I was in physical pain for many years.

      I was placed on strong opioid pain medications for 8 years straight. Needless to say I became addicted and began abusing my Fentanyl by taking too much every month and running out early. It became a major problem on top of the physical pain problem I already had. It hit me hard and I had know idea I was even at risk. It just happened and before I knew it I was addicted and I had no control. I was always in control of my life and very successful. I was disciplined and honestly I am the last person you would have thought would have become an opioid addict. But, that shows how powerful opiate and opioid drugs are. These chemicals, if you happen to become fully, mentally addicted are so very powerful that they will take down the strongest of people. They power over any will or strength you may have and eventually if you want to beat this addiction, you need professional help and other addiction medications to help you get off.
      Rarely ever can an addicted person defeat their drug addiction on their own. The biggest problem is that withdrawals are horrendous. they are like a living death. Worse than any other pain or sickness you could ever have. To avoid these, people remain on opiates. This is what keeps the cycle going. Therefore, you never want to beat your addiction because that means you have to go through withdrawals for weeks first. To avoid this, professional addiction doctors have drugs like Suboxone which will ease the withdrawals while you taper off opiates or whatever, it works very well and helps you avoid relapse as well. Thanks for visiting our site http://www.Heroininme.com and please share our message to help reach others. Kindly, Matt B.

  2. This is actually a really important topic and one that sadly affects our country. I feel like there are many other countries who are not affected by this, which says a lot about our country.

    I think it’s great that you mentioned that addicts aren’t bums because many times they are just people with unfortunate circumstances. Things happen, unfortunately.

    Great post on a really important topic.

    1. Hi Matt,  Thank you for visiting our site http://www.Heroininme.com and supporting us via your comments.

      We need more discussion and involvement from people like you in order to combat Opiate Addiction.

      Thank you for supporting us and please share our posts and site so that we can reach more people.

      Below are some additional Posts that might interest you or be sharable.   Regards, Matt B.

  3. You are right that we have an opiate crisis. It is quite the challenge, costing America a lot of money. My sister is affected by it, so it is very real to me. More work needs to be done.

    It is good that it has finally been labeled a crisis. It is long over due. Many people have died because of the delay. It is a shame. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more of your work.

    1. Hi Alex,  thanks for taking the time to read our article and then involve yourself by posting a comment.  We do appreciate this especially since one of the main ways that we can fight opiate addiction is through spreading information and awareness.  Awareness is one of the building blocks of our site goals.

      It is very interesting, but sad, that most people have some kind of relation to this opiate crisis.  These days, everyone knows someone who has been affected in one way or another.  That is how BIG this crisis is.

      More should have been done decades ago and we might not be in crisis mode right now.  But, not much was done obviously and here we are.  Now, we have no choice but to tackle it while 7 people die EVERY SINGLE HOUR from overdose in the United States.  These stats are even higher when you add in abroad.

      I mean 7 people will die within the hour that I type this comment.  Its staggering.  Its sad.  Its avoidable. Its tragic.  And, it needs to be stopped.   Not sure we can count totally on our State and Federal govvys.  Well, actually lets just say that we CANNOT count on them.

      They have done nothing over the past decades except claim they have a War on Drugs by somehow fighting the Cartels.

      The Cartels are not the problem, people!  “No Customer, No Cartel”…I thought this saying up because after long thoughts about how we can conquer opiate and other types of drug addiction….I realized that fighting the Cartels or even biting the head off of the biggest Cartel in the world is NOT going to fix our problem.

      There will always be black market drugs coming into the country.  That part is unstoppable.  So, the best thing is to set up major programs and begin teaching our young people (high schoolers and younger) about the dangers of drugs. Drill it into them each and every school year.  Implement as many programs as necessary to teach them what drugs are, what they do to you, how they can be genetic and to examine their own family.

      If we can teach kids to research their own family to see if alcohol or drug addiction exists, we can help so many kids STOP the cycle of addiction in their own family.  Opiate drug addiction is GENETIC.  It gets carried down from generation to generation if not stopped.

      If people know this, they can address it and stop it.  If people do not know this, then the cycle continues.  

      The stats are unbelievable when it comes to genetic.  It goes something like this…if you have one parent that is an addict you have 53% chance of becoming one.  If you have two parents or two close relatives (aunts uncle) in both sides of your bloodline…its 96% chance you too will become the same addict if you ever experiment with drugs or alcohol.  Its in your blood and something gets triggered before you even know it.

      Aside from genetics, there are plenty of other reasons why people get involved with drugs.  Bottom line is they make you feel better.  Who doesn’t want that?  But, its a big deception.

      Information and Awareness leads to Prevention and that is what our site http://www.Heroininme.com ‘preaches’.  We are fighting opiate addiction crisis by using information.

      Most don’t know, but the majority (4 out of 5) Heroin addicts first became addicted after legally being prescribed opioid prescription drugs for a legit physical pain purpose.  This was my case unfortunately.

      The prescription meds run out or the Doctor cuts them off and they have no choice but to go to the streets to buy cheap heroin.  Otherwise, they face sickness that is like no other.  Withdrawal from Heroin is a walking death.  You cannot feel worse.  It is like having the Flu bug times 100.  Its that bad and people avoid it at all costs which is why addicts remain addicts. Especially when it comes to opiates and opioids (Heroin & Pain Pills).

      Anyhow, sorry about your sister and we will keep her in our thoughts.  Send her our web address and she might just find some articles that interest her.  Our site is for current addicts, and parents of addicts.  Its for anyone affected by opiates and opioids.

      Thanks for sharing our site http://www.HEROININME.com as well.   – Matt B.

      Some other Articles might interest you below.



      Never Give Up!

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  5. We need more of these types of national emergencies so that more attention is brought upon this devastating drug crisis which is killing 7 people every hour of the day.
    More must be done and we are glad to see our POTUS doing something!

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