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We often go through life with baggage that is very unnecessary.  This type of baggage is called ‘toxic thoughts’.  If a person is a negative thinker every day, they will actually turn their negative, toxic thoughts into physical toxic baggage in their brain.  This type of baggage will cause brain damage.  Negative thoughts literally create physical unhealthy changes to the tissues in our brain.  The type of brain damage that has actually been visible on a brain scan.  Our brain is not designed for toxicity.  It sounds crazy, but it is true!

If you or someone you know is a recovering opiate addict, the good news is that the bad effects of the opiate drugs on the brain can be reversed.  Our brains are so powerful that is it mind-blowing.

If you have detoxed from opiates and you find yourself lacking in brain sharpness, having fogging thoughts, memory issues, lack of motivation, etc….these are all normal post-effects of opiate addiction.  You can address your brains chemicals by taking supplements as talked about in various Posts on this site.   We also make it easy for you to purchase the specific supplement boosters you need right here on our site.  You can also take the Braverman Test which will help you learn which of the brains chemicals you are depleted of (dopamine, serotonin) because of opiate usage. This is all good news that you can replenish your good brain chemicals.  But, the better news is that you can start to heal your brain right now, today for FREE.  Without even seeing a Doctor or taking a test. Heroin addiction

You can tap into the power of your brain simply by changing your ‘thought life’.  The best thing you can do is start avoiding Negative Thinking.  This all sounds ‘motivational speaking-like’, but it is very, very true.  If you have any doubts, we suggest you do further research of your own.  A good place to start is with the expert on this topic of Brain Health.  Her name is Dr. C. Leaf.

She makes the below statement in one of her Blog Posts.  

“One of the first lines of defense to a virus or physical injury occurs in the liver, which secretes C-reactive protein which go to the site of injury to help create a temporary  “tent” of inflammation. Research shows that we get this exact same reaction to a toxic thought, which is just as physical as the virus or injury! If, however, we don’t get rid of the toxic thought, the inflammation stays, turns from something good into something bad, and we have negative toxic baggage that has dramatically increased our vulnerability to illness.”

What our brain’s can do is absolutely amazing!  The un-tapped power we have is unfathomable.  We have all heard that one of the smartest people in the world, Albert Einstein, only used 8% of his brain.  This is far more usage than the majority us.  Most people only use about 3-4% of their brain’s capability.  Imagine if you could tap into 10% of your brain’s ability?  Dr. Leaf says that you can.  Read her Blog to find out more. 

The point that we are making today is directed toward recovering opiate addicts.  The fact is that while you were using excessive opiate drugs like Heroin or Pain Pills,…you were throwing your brains chemicals way out of balance.  You were depleting your dopamine and serotonin among others.  The opiate drug chemical was actually replacing what your brain naturally produces.  Therefore, when you halt usage of a drug like opiates,…your brain does not all the sudden start naturally producing the right amounts.  It has become imbalanced.  This imbalance has led to depression, foggy thoughts, lack of clarity, manic behavior, a state of despair, sadness, negative thoughts and poor memory.  You can fix your brain with the right natural vitamin and mineral supplements.  They can boost you back into balance and that is exactly what Supplements did for me!  It works.  Go check it out on our Supplements & Neuro-Transmitter Chemicals Pages (linked below).

But, at the same time, you can begin to heal your brain and sharpen your mind simply by controlling your ‘thought life’ with positive and uplifting thoughts.  Eliminate negative thoughts, negative feelings, and negative memories as much as you can.

Stay Tuned,…as we will have much more to come about Brain Health on this site, HEROin Me.

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