Addiction Is The Crisis

The opium crisis has hit the mainstream media lately because President Trump is talking about it.  This is exactly what we need.  There needs to be more focus and constructive discussion about this Opiate & Opioid Epidemic that is killing 7 people EVERY SINGLE HOUR in the United States from drug overdose.

Now, before we proceed…we should explain that there is a difference between OPIOIDS and OPIATES.  Often, people refer to these as one in the same.  They basically are since they have the same addictive qualities and negative effects.

Here is the difference just so you are aware:

OPIATES  =  These come from the natural poppy plant.  The plant secretes a white paste that is then turned into heroin or morphine.  Heroin is generally referred to as an Opiate.

OPIOIDS  =  These are drugs created in a lab.  They are synthetic.  Opioids include pain medication such as Fentanyl, OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin and many others.  Opioids are what is legally prescribed to patients with physical chronic pain.

It is all known as “OPIUM“, therefore we will call these drugs OPIUM which includes both opiates and opioids.

The Crisis that we are experiencing today deals with all opium.  There are hundreds of thousands of good people who are addicted to opioids and there are the same amount of people addicted to opiates, such as Heroin.

Statistics show us that people normally begin their addiction by taking a legally prescribed pain medication such as Percocet.  They then become fully addicted and their Doctor cuts them off.  They turn to the street to buy cheap heroin in order to avoid the horrible withdrawals.

This leads us to the major problem with these drugs and why so many people remain ‘hooked’ on them.  To come off of any opiate or opioid is extremely difficult.  It hurts.  It is the most uncomfortable feeling that you could ever imagine.

When a person is in withdrawal from opium, they feel like they are dying.  They are deeply depressed with a feeling of despair 24 hours a day.  They cannot sleep and their muscles twitch.  They have hot and cold sweats while their stomach aches.  The symptoms are similar to the flu, except multiply the flu times X 100.

It is much easier to quite crystal meth than it is an opium drug.  Once a person goes into withdrawal, the only thoughts on their mind are how they can eliminate the withdrawal feelings.  This usually means they relapse.

Addicts remember that they can remove their withdrawal feelings entirely by simply taking another hit of Heroin or popping some Vicodin.  They would feel better within seconds.  Who would not want to feel good, after feeling like you are a walking death?

So, this is a major part of The Crisis.  Addicts cannot stop taking opium because the withdrawals are too severe.

The crisis of addiction


How To Address The Crisis

Having more attention in the news is a great place to start.  We need more people talking about this Opium Crisis and how to fix it.  In late October 2017, President Trump declared a Public Health Emergency regarding the crisis.  Trump is speaking about the opiate epidemic and how to stop it.  He has issued Federal funds to be used to fight the crisis.

This is good news and should have been done a decade ago.  But, it should NOT stop here.  This is a community-wide drug crisis.  Heroin and Pain Pill addiction and overdose is not limited to the inner-city thugs and street bums anymore like once thought.

Today, opium addiction is touching the lives of most people.  Nearly everyone knows at least one person who has become addicted to opiates or opioids.  Instead, of thugs and criminals being addicts, it is your co-worker, neighbor, friend or family member.

We need the community to discuss this problem and step up to do something about it.  Create better programs for recovery.  Start educating our young people enough so that they know all the dangers associated with opiate addiction.

Teach people about the genetics of addiction and how it runs in families.  Make people aware that pain pill addiction as well as heroin is genetic.

Keep the crisis in the news so that all people are talking about it.  People are using social media to give their opinions and join the efforts to beat heroin addiction.

the crisis of addiction







Stopping The Crisis

This should have been addressed a decade ago and then we would not be in a drug epidemic right now.  But, it is too late for that.  Now, all we can do is strategically fight this opium crisis and implement programs to educate the young, and increase prevention.  We need much better recovery programs to reduce the 90% fail rate in rehabilitation.

Yes, that is right!  9 out of 10 addicts relapse during the first week in rehab.  That is how powerful these opium drugs are.  People simply cannot resist the urge to use these drugs even after they detox and get the poison out of their system.  This is because the withdrawals from opium are horrific and they must use these drugs again to stop withdrawal and feel better or normal again.

This has to change.  Better recovery drugs might be an option.  There is Suboxone and Vivitrol that are drastically helping addicts recover without relapse.  They basically remove the feelings of withdrawal and appease the opioid receptors while not allowing the patient to get ‘high’.

To successfully fight this opium epidemic we need to focus on these issues:

We need our scientists to develop a drug that treats physical chronic pain, but is NOT addictive.  A recent University stated that they had made major breakthroughs in creating a drug that was equal to morphine, but did NOT contain the addictive traits.  This would resolve many problems.

This means that it could treat moderate pain, while having not danger of the patient becoming addicted.  It would be like people taking Tylenol, except that it is 200 times stronger than Tylenol as far as reducing pain.  THIS IS WHAT WE NEED

You cannot tell me that with our technology and computer advancements that this could not be accomplished.  It could have and should have been done decades ago.

The lobbies that control Washington, D.C. and the politicians that we vote into office…have been preventing this from happening.  This is because the PHARMA companies that make billions of dollars every year on prescription drugs such as Vicodin and Fentanyl Patches would lose their revenues.

They pay to send a Lobby to our politicians so that this does not happen.  This has to change.  We have to remove these lobbies and make our Senators and Representatives honor our wishes to make changes that would help fight opiate addiction.

Think about it!  If we had prescription drugs that were as effective as Morphine and Fentanyl for treating severe chronic pain, but with ZERO danger for addiction….we would never have another opium epidemic.  We could then eliminate all of the addictive drugs like Vicodin and Percocet.   

People would NOT become addicted to their pain meds and then turn to street Heroin.  This is the answer.


Recovering From The Crisis

Creating an addictive-free medicine for pain is just one way to fight this opium crisis.  However, we also have to deal with the existing addicts.  People took pain pills and then started using a cheaper Heroin also need help.  We need to design better recovery methods that work! 

Right now, most addicts are failing in rehab.  90% of them are relapsing during the first week in detox.  That is a terrible statistic that must be changed.

We need more effective detox and recovery plans.  This is where the brain’s neuro-transmitters come into play. 

When you are consuming any opium drugs, you replace the need for your brain to produce serotonin and dopamine.  Essentially, you are getting your ‘dopamine’ from the heroin.  These are the brains chemicals that make you feel good, feel pleasure, feel comfortable, feel stable and secure mentally.  the crisis of opium

The problem is that when you stop taking heroin, your brain does not just start re-producing the proper amount of dopamine.  It will eventually heal itself, but it takes a lot of time. 

In the meantime, the addict is going without any dopamine in their brain. 

They are not getting it from the Heroin, nor is their brain producing the correct amount, if any.  This means the addict is in a severe state of despair and depressed 24 hours a day.  This is why most people relapse. 

They cannot take the depression anymore while in recovery.

This can be fixed.

If an addict consumers the right natural supplements and vitamins, they can speed up the brains process of producing a balanced amount of dopamine.  There are vitamin supplements that have been tested and are known to be a pre-curser for dopamine production. 

For example, if you take Tyosine every day for weeks, it helps your brain naturally produce dopamine.

This is another way to help in the fight against opium addiction.

There are other recovery methods and plans that must be implemented to help addicts quit their addiction successfully.


What do you think?

How do we fight Opium Addiction?


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7 thoughts on “THE CRISIS OF OPIUM

  1. Hi I have to tell you that I love the vision that you have.It would be a fantastic idea to have a painkiller that is strong enough to do its job with leaving any nasty addictive potential.

    If the same companies that make the ‘Fentanyl’ could do this, they would still gain their profit share and we would have a non-habit forming drug. A win-win for both sides.

    I think having a holistic approach is the key to fighting opium addiction. Everyone needs to be educated and if we can have as many supportive groups to help the addicts.

    1. Roopesh,  thank you for commenting and visiting our site You can help support this cause by sharing our Posts and website with others …

      Thank you for agreeing with me.  I know for a fact that these pharma companies CAN produce a strong non-addictive pain medication because scientists and students have done just that at a university.

      They accomplished this through testing by removing some kind of molecule or something that relates to addiction.

      But getting it through the FDA with all the lobby and money is another story sadly.

      Using natural supplements are the next best thing and that is what I do. Not only to heal my brain dopamine and serotonin, but also for physical pain.

      thanks for coming to our site.  Matt B.

  2. Here in Canada, we have a fentanyl crisis. Especially out on the west coast (Vancouver in particular) where people are dying every day from fentanyl overdoses.

    Street drugs are bein laced with fentanyl and it only takes a very small dose of fentanyl to cause a person to stop breathing.

    In my opinion, the whole thing started with the easy access to prescription pain medication prescribed from the family doctor.

    Now, I am not blaming physicians as physicians have been mostly educated on pain management primarily by the representatives of the big pharmaceutical companies.

    These big pharmaceutical companies are out to make as much money as possible.

    Physicians had based their prescribing practices on the information they were given.

    I do see a shift in the prescribing practices of many physicians as they are becoming aware of the harm that controlled pain medications has caused.

    The crisis seen now will take years to turn around and it is articles such as this that will help to turn the tide.

    Thank you for providing this information.


    1. Hi Ramona, Thanks for visiting our site and taking the time to comment.  You are very right and I agree with everything you have said.  

      We have the same exact issues in the U.S. midwest and all across the U.S.  Fentanyl is being laced on Heroin and its so potent that people over dose.

      Our stats show that we are having 7 people die from opiate drug overdose every single HOUR of the day in the U.S.   The numbers are even higher this year.

      It is indeed a crisis and epidemic that could have been stopped a decade ago.  We need far more outreach and education of our young people.

      Aside from that, I dont blame Doctors either.  They are just helping people get out of pain. However, they could and should do a better job of researching patients to see if they have a genetic predisposition to addiction.  Addiction is genetic just like alcoholism is. Therefore if those genes are ever tested if a person experiments with drugs they are likely doomed.

      Most heroin addicts (4 out of 5) first became addicted to their legally prescribed pain medications.  In my case, I was prescribed hardcore opioids pain medications during my 8 year stint of 6 different surgeries to remove tumors and repair heavily damaged shoulder joints and neck bones.  I became addicted simply because I was on Fentanyl patches for so many years.  I blew past being depending and became fully addicted mostly because it is in my genes as well.  My blood Uncles were Heroin addicts.  I never knew that and me becoming addicted was the last thing me or anyone would have predicted.

      I had been on top of the world in life and my career.  I was very successful at a  young age with real estate and CPA tax consulting.  I bought my first house at age 22 and invested in many others thereafter.  Then, all of this happened.  I was highly disciplined and strong, but none of that compared to how strong and powerful these opiate chemicals are.  They took every thing from me and nearly cost me my life when I became tired and worn out from going through withdrawal after I would finish my Fentanyl prescription early every month.

      It has taken me 6 years to recover, but I had good doctors and medication to help me prevent relapse.  I take natural supplements to help my brain re-produce the right amount of dopamine and serotonin which the drugs had taken away from my brain.

      We need to invent a physical pain medication that is as strong as morhphine or Fentanyl yet not addictive.  This is possible and has already been done.  Some scientists and students at a universary recently removed some molecoles and ingredients from some pain medications and took the addictive qualities completely out of it.

      What remained was a powerful pain medication as strong as morhpine, yet it was like Tylenol.  It had ZERO addictive traits in it after testing.  It scored 100% for no test patients being addicted nor did they feel that it was addictive.  They felt like it was advil, but took all their severe pain away of which they had been taking oxycontin and morphine for prior to switching to this test medication.

      We need this to pass FDA and get it out on shelves for people and this alone would cease this crisis since most people first become addicted to their legally prescribed medication.

      Its not about the doctors or even the Drug Cartels.  “NO CUSTOMER, NO CARTEL”.  WE need better pain medications to stop this from even happening.  And, we need to educate our young people far more than we already do to just say no to experimenting with drugs or recreational drugs.

      More must be done to fight physical pain.  Had there been more NON-addictive medications to help my severe chronic pain, I would have never had to deal with my 10 year nightmare of death, pain, destruction, loss, etc.

      I had to rebuild my life step by step after I hit rock bottom because of my addiction and ended up in rehab finally.  My life turned around for the better but it has been a slow, grinding process and a long time to repair my out of balance brain chemicals dopamine and serotonin which the opioid drugs throw completely out of whack if you are on them for many years and at super high doses like I was.

      I count my blessing, however I could have done without it all.  I wish it would have never happened.  But, to make sense of it…to make it worth while., to make my situation not be a complete and total loss of energy, time and effort and success….I choose to help other people who deal with the same issues I dealt with. Maybe I can help one person avoid drugs, or help the loved ones deal with an addict, or help an addict recover better by taking proper supplements like I took…whatever the way…if I can help others then I am ok with what I went through because it now serves a purpose.  I then feel that something good has come out of it instead of pure devastation and pain.> Thanks Again and please consider sharing our Posts or our site with others so that we can help reach more people and help them too.  Kind Regards, Matt B.

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  3. prior to reading this article i knew absolutely nothing abot the opium crisis but after reading this article i am shocked that i wasnt aware of it. regardless this article was extremely informative and definitely opened my eyes a bit

    thanks for posting and ill continue to stay up to date with your posts

    1. Hi Chris,  we welcome you to our site and we thank you for reading our Posts and placing a comment.  We need more discussion and involvement from people like yourself to keep fighting opiate addiction.

      We are glad that you have gained some knowledge about this Opiate Addiction crisis.  The most startling thing is how many people are dying every single hour of the day in the U.S. which is 7 people!!

      Our sites goal is to educate people and let them know what is going on because the opiate crisis is not something people want to think or talk about.  Addiction is a nasty thing.

      But, we MUST talk about it and fight it by using information.  Thanks and please come back and share our Posts with friends and family so that they can share it and we can help and reach more people.

      Below are some additional Posts that might interest you or be sharable.   Regards, Matt B.

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  4. We focus more on the addiction and create new programs that work much better.
    Design better NON-ADDICTiVE pain meds, teach our young kids more about addiction, and design better recovery methods so no one relapses.

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