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This page contains informative books related to heroin addiction and opiate-related stories.  We have read many of them and recommend that you do as well.  Information is power and awareness is prevention.  The more we can learn about Opiate and Heroin Addiction, the better we can be at fighting this epidemic.  We can learn from people who have gone through difficult times.  We can learn from ourselves.  Take some time to read these stories and contribute to this battle against heroin addiction.  We have conveniently provided you links below.

*Note: { We have a full range of prices to fit anyone’s budget from $1.99 upward.  All books are great reads:}

 Opiate Addiction
 Dream Land
 Opiate Addiction – Step By Step Guide
 Painkillers, Heroin and the Road to Sanity
 The Supreme Opiate Addiction Cure  
 Opiate Withdrawal
 Generation Rx 
  Why Don’t They Just Quit?                       
 Addiction & Opiates
 Heroin Rising – A Tale of True Terror
 Brain Robbers
 Addiction: 101
 Freedom From Addiction

heroin addiction
  Its a Miracle I’m Still Alive. Whats Your Story?
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heroin addiction
 Staying Busy Is Key. Whats   your favorite past-time?

heroin addiction

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