Do You Have A Relapse Prevention Plan


Click below to listen to a group of recovering opiate (heroin users) addicts.  This PodCast comes to us from the “Opiate Support Group“.  One of the best ways to learn about addiction and recovering from it, is by going directly to the source.  Listening to actual addicts and learning from them is the best way to conquer this drug crisis.

Relapsing is a common occurrence.  Statistics tell us that 9 out of every 10 people who enter into rehab, end up relapsing during the first week.  That means that 90% of opiate addicts are failing during the first week of detox and rehabilitation. 

These numbers are crazy!  Something must be done about it.  Something is very wrong.    relapse prevention plan

How can everyone be failing the second they get into a rehab program? What are clinics doing wrong?  Or, what are they NOT doing right?  These questions need to be asked, answered and resolved. 

What kind of drug Relapse Prevention Plan is being taught in these drug rehab clinics?

Otherwise, what is the point of going to rehab, if you are just going to fail?

Sorry, but we are ‘calling out’ drug rehab centers for their lack of ability to help drug addicts recover.  Perhaps this is not fair since the responsibility really falls on the drug addict themselves.  Rehab centers cannot control the actions of any drug user. 

But, centers can help them in better ways and give them better tools to succeed.

relapse prevention plan


What Does A Relapse Prevention Plan  Look Like?

One man talks about this struggle with relapse and how a Relapse Prevention Plan is needed for everyone.

Read the discussion points below and then follow along with the conversation provided in the link PodCast below.

One of our members faced a tough time in his recovery.  His recovery was challenged by someone who came to his home with the intention of selling a substance to him. Listen in to this opiate recovery podcast as they give support to this member. 

They walk through a process to better understand the situation and develop a relapse prevention plan.

What are your thoughts?  Why do you think so many people are relapsing?


Discussion Guide:


  • Describe a situation that caused, or nearly caused, a relapse.


  • What was your intention at the time? What did you want to have happen?


  • What was your belief about the situation? What were the automatic thoughts that came to your mind? Can you identify faulty thinking?


  • What were your feelings? What emotions caused you be vulnerable at the time?


  • What was, or could have been, the negative effect of a relapse to yourself? To others?


  • What is your prevention plan? Identify the steps you will take to avoid a future relapse.

relapse prevention plan



(Click the link below to listen to this Podcast)   ⇓     ⇓ 

One Member Shares His Experience of a Near Relapse



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  1. What can we do to improve Relapse Prevention Plans so that they actually work? Because right now, not much is working to help these addicts remain clean from opiates.

  2. Relapsing from a drug addiction is very, very common. But why? Why do so many relapse? Is the drug THAT powerful? YES. It is.

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