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This site HEROin Me consists of four main pillars concerning the fight against drug addiction.  In particular, we focus on Opiates & Opioids.  An opiate is what Heroin is.  Whereas, lab-made prescription medicines like OxyContin or Fentanyl are known as opioids.  They are basically all the same.  They have the same side effects and addictive qualities.

Statistics show us that 4 out of every 5 heroin addicts originally started their addiction with prescription pain medication.  If this is the case, then a significant amount of people are at risk.  There are hundreds of thousands of people who suffer from physical chronic pain and are prescribed opioid pain medications to held them function.  I was in this same boat.

I was prescribed all kinds of opioids before, during and after my 5 reconstructive shoulder & neck surgeries.  I also had tumors called neuromas removed.  My physical pain was severe and many times caused me to lie on the ground and stare up at the ceiling.  Every time I moved my neck or shoulder the pain would get worse.  I felt like I was stuck in a prison and losing hope fast. 

After the failure of each agonizing surgery and all the physical therapy sessions did little to eliminate my pain…I relied on my prescription Fentanyl to help me function.  At HEROin Me, we do not disrespect nor talk negative about people suffering in physical pain who require pain medications to live.  No person should have to live in pain.  If they pain meds help you and you can manage them properly, then so be it.

But, not all people can manage their opioid pain medications even though they might not know this.  All we are suggesting is that you do your homework and learn as much as you can about drug addiction BEFORE you accept a prescription for opioids.  Be sure that you have tried all other natural remedies before you give in to pain drugs.

Most importantly, check your family history.  Drug addiction is genetic just like alcoholism is.  It runs in the family.  My situation did involve genetics.  I have bloodline family members who were both alcoholics and heroin addicts.  I do not blame my ordeal on genetics or use it as an excuse.  However, it certainly played a role and this is good information to know.  I wish I had known more about genetics relating to addiction BEFORE I went to my pain management Doctor and got prescribed heavy-duty opioids.

The opioids I took certainly helped to ease my pain.  As a matter of fact, they do their job very well.  But, they have a mega list of side effects.  One could be deadly and that is the addictive quality of opioids.  If you have addiction in your family and  you begin taking strong opioids or opiates for a long period of time, I can guarantee you that you will become a full addict (Lord forbid).

The point is to know your situation and do your research.  Know exactly what you are getting into when you begin taking pain medications because the Doctors office will not warn you much at all.  They leave it up to you following their narcotic protocals and that is about it.

Knowledge is Power and Information is Prevention


As far as rehab goes, this is the 2nd pillar in our FOUR main elements to defeating drug addiction.

Here is a list below:  We have separated this list into web Pages.  You can find them above in the main menu:

  • Awareness & Prevention
  • Treatment & Detox
  • Successful Recovery
  • Opportunities

This particular Post is going to focus on the Treatment & Detox phase of this ‘fight’ against addiction.  Going to rehabilitation is something that you cannot avoid if you want to beat your addiction.  It does involve detox and withdrawal.  However, there are professionals & Doctors who can prescribe you temporary withdrawal medications that will ease your discomfort. 

‘Discomfort’ is an under-statement when it relates to Opiate Withdrawals.  Withdrawals from any opiate or opioid is a living hell on earth.  Not enough bad words could describe what it feels like to go through withdrawal. 

Of course, how severe it is depends on how long you have been taking the drug and at what dose.  The longer and stronger, obviously the worse you will be.

Withdrawal is nothing short of torture.  I would not wish this upon my worse enemy.  Its hard to even explain unless you have gone through “H” withdrawal.  It is basically the flu bug times 100, and that does not even give it justice. 

This is exactly why so many people stay stuck in a viscus cycle because they will do anything to avoid withdrawal.  This means that they will remain an opiate addict for a long time.  Until they run out of money or die.

Going through withdrawal can be so bad that you want to end your life.  I am familiar with this situation.  After being in physical pain for so many years and then dealing with a hardcore Fentanyl addiction…I just didn’t have the ability or strength to handle my withdrawals.  I had nothing left and I wanted to put myself out of misery.

Thank God I did not.  God was who got me through this situation along with family & a few friends.  I just never gave up, but there wasn’t any magical potion that got me through it other than Faith in God.

heroin Faith

I was prescribed Suboxone to help with the withdrawal feelings.  I didn’t help much the first week because I had been taking such a massive dosage of Fentanyl.  But, eventually it did seem to help me. 

I would recommend talking with your addiction specialist or doctor about your options for medications to help you cope with the withdrawals better.  You will need all the help you can get.

And, the other point is,…Only put yourself through withdrawal ONCE!  Don’t relapse only to have to go through withdrawal again.  Withdrawal should be a deterrent in and of itself, but often it is not.  The power of the opiate drugs and the lure ends up being much stronger than the deterrent of withdrawal feelings.

Rehab centers vary as far as their quality and programs.  They are located in every city and some require insurance and others do not.  Allow your family to help you research and locate the best rehab center for you.  This can make or break you, so do not go in blind.  Know what you are getting yourself into and read honest reviews from other patients.

Another good idea is to speak with your Primary Care Doctor.  This Doctor will be in the ‘know’ when it comes to the best drug rehab clinics in the area.  Most likely your Doctor has numerous other patients who have needed to go to a drug rehab center for help.  You are not alone and you are not a bad person because of your drug addiction.

Genetics play a major role as well as your childhood.  It is helpful to talk with a therapist about any deep issues you might have that cause you to want to do drugs.  These are known as ‘triggers’.

My Primary Care Doctor educated me about my brains chemicals called neuro-transmitters.  He taught me how my extensive drug use with opioids caused my brains chemicals like Dopamine and Serotonin to go off-balance.  When you are consuming opiates, you are replacing the dopamine that your body naturally produces. 

This causes your brain to shut-off the production of it.  But, when you stop taking opiates your body doesn’t just start producing dopamine and serotonin again as it naturally did in the past.  At least not immediately.  This leaves your mind & body depleted of these most crucial brain chemicals.

If you can learn about your brains chemicals and address them, you can better avoid relapse.  You can also recover once and for all.  You can take a questionnaire that will narrow down which brain chemicals you are depleted of and take natural supplement boosters that act as a pre-curser.  They help speed up the process of your brain naturally producing dopamine and serotonin again.

If you remain depleted of these important chemicals, then you are going to feel depressed every single day.  You will be in a state of despair and hopelessness without the correct balance of dopamine and serotonin among others. 

No one can feel this depressed and go without these brain chemicals for very long.  Therefore, they fall bac on the opiates drugs to make themselves feel good again.

Remembering what it was like to take opiate drugs and feel high is a major problem during your recovery.  The ‘memory’ of this is what you need to learn how to control.  If you can control your thought-life, then you can push away any drug memories quickly and not allow them to become a trigger.

You can locate our Pages on the brains chemicals and taking the Assessment Test on our menu above.  Or, Click the Helpful Links Below To Learn More.

Hang in there and Never give Up.  It is possible to beat your addiction once and for all.


heroin and opioid abuse

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  8. First of all, I think the title of your website is amazing! Great idea 🙂 I have a friend who’s is sadly addicted to heroin and I will definitely try to help her via your site. It is obvious from your professional articles that you sincerely want to help others which is a great thing. I had no idea that prescription medicine could lead to heroin addiction! That is very scary. Thanks for such great helpful and interesting information.

    1. Hello Hannah!  Thanks for taking the time to read our Post and support our site by commenting.  We all need to talk about this drug addiction problem more.  People don’t want to talk about it, but in order to increase Awareness, we must talk about it, write about it and introduce more programs.

      Thanks for the compliment about our site title and tag line.  It made sense to us to bring something positive into this crisis.

      You are welcome and thanks to you for sharing our site, especially with your friend.  Our main goal is to help people.  I experienced drug addiction myself after being on prescription meds for many years after several failed surgeries and a lot of chronic pain.  So, since I recovered…I want to help others do the same so that my past bad situation makes sense.  I want something good to come out of it instead of just bad, terrible, heart wrenching memories of mine.  Thanks again for sharing and please ask the people you share this Post and Site with ( to also share with their friends.  We want to reach and help as many people as possible.

      Here are some other helpful Posts that might interest you.  -Regards, Matt B.


      Heroin Treatment Options- Loved Ones


  9. wow very inspiring site! I think we could all benefit from this even if some have never had a long term addiction. Many of us are addicted to something in some way and not just something drug related. I love the eye catching heading and the name HEROin me fits perfectly with the content. The page definitely flows but could possibly use a little decluttering. I currently just learning how to add these links and widgets so I will use your site as a platform to see how these are properly implemented. Great job!

    1. Hi Mitch – thanks for reading our Post and supporting our site by commenting.  More people need to be talking and writing about this drug opiate addiction problem.  7 people EVERY HOUR are dying from drug overdose every single day in this Nation.  There are more outside our borders.

      its a major problem that has happened because enough was not done a decade ago. We can prevent this from happening in the future if we just educate our young kids when they are young.

      Yes, feel free to use our site and Posts, etc. to set up your own site however you wish.  Let me know if you need any help or direction.  Also, be patient…it takes time for you to get traffic to your site and revenues if you are seeking income.  Also, ignore many of the critics of your site and don’t get offended.  For starters, most comments come from opinionated users.  Different people prefer different looks, colors and layouts but that does not mean that you should change your site to fit just their opinion or desire.  However, there are some good tips to consider.  For example, do not put up an Archives section yet because it makes your site look new and users don’t trust new sites. Wait til you have 12+ months of history before showing archives.  – Matt B.

  10. Very helpful website with a lot of great information that people needs. Because we all know that Doctor’s will not tell you what your getting into when they give you that prescription and your just looking for relief from the pain. I’ve been there myself, after having two neck fusion and still in a lot of pain. I just leaned to deal with it after getting off the drugs after 10 years on them. Its not a good ride to be on. Wish I had this information back then, before I got on the pain meds.

    1. Hello Connie, thank you for taking the time to read our Post and support our site by commenting.  We need more people talking and writing about this drug crisis so that we can increase Awareness.  Heroin and Pain Pills are taking this nation and the world by storm. IN the U.S> Alone…7 people die of drug overdose every single HOUR every single day.  That is too many people dying with what is considered a preventable problem. 

      Kids need educated about drug addiction and the dangers when they are young.

      Thanks for reassuring us that our site does have a good purpose.  We are trying to help people who were or are just like you and I.  I too now learn to deal with chronic pain after 5 failed surgeries on my shoulder and neck.  You had a fusion and I know that is extremely painful situation.  I am sorry for your pain as I know exactly what you are going through and how you feel and how it drains you every day.  Great for getting off the pain meds.  I had to do the same thing because I became addicted to my pain meds and things got bad after about 11  years of using them. 

      Please share our site and Post so that maybe we can reach more people and help them too.  Your story is great and encouraging and more people should hear about it so it gives them hope too. That people CAN learn to live with pain and deal with it in other ways besides the dangerous opioid drugs that Doctors are so quick to prescribe.   – Below are some more Post that might interest you.  Please also support us by clicking on our Rigth Side Bar Ads and Ads on our Footer.  If you use our Amazon links, allow them to take you to Amazon and then do any of your shopping, it will greatly help our site and our cause because Amazon gives us credit. – MB.

      Here are some other helpful Posts that might interest you.  -Regards, Matt B.

      FAITH – Your Only Option



  11. Very helpful website with a lot of great information that people needs. Because we all know that Doctor’s will not tell you what your getting into when they give you that prescription and your just looking for relief from the pain. I’ve been there myself, after having two neck fusion and still in a lot of pain. I just leaned to deal with it after getting off the drugs after 10 years on them. Its not a good ride to be on. Wish I had this information back then, before I got on the pain meds.

    1. I totally agree that there is no current “war on drugs”. If there is its not much like it use to be during the cocaine days in Miami and elsewhere. There is not enough being done. I have always said the “NO CUSTOMER, NO CARTEL”. The only way to beat the cartels is to eliminate the customers who buy the drugs. How do you do that? You educate and make young people more aware of the dangers of drug addiction. You teach them BFORE they get subjected to testing out drugs, pain pills, heroin or whatever. We need to teach people about genetics and how addiction is genetic. It runs in families. But the cycle can be stopped. If you are aware that Heroin abuse is in your bloodline, Like your UNcle, like mine was, then you need to be extra careful NOT to succumb to the same problem if you ever get prescribed opioids. As an example. I wish I had know much more about genetic addiction before I was put on Fentanyl for 7 straight years of which I ended up fully addicted. It nearly ruined my life and took my life.

      Everything you said was very well thought out and explained. All of that needs to be done. So much more needs to be done and people like you and me are the only ones who can demand that this happen. Our tax dollars were our money. We should be involved in how it gets used and designated. I want more of my tax money spent on these programs that will help prevent drug addiction and educate more of the public. Especially those in broken families with one parent. those kids need more to help them,. Thanks and please share our site so that we can reach more people and keep the awareness flowing. We need to talk about this drug crisis and take a stand. – MATT B.

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