Opportunities After Heroin
What will  you do after you are ‘clean’ from heroin or opiate consumption?  People who are hooked on heroin and pain pills live a very ‘exciting’ daily life.  Waiting to score more drugs, getting through a day of withdrawals, consuming the drug itself…all lend to a very mentally active daily life.  Many addicts, once clean, talk about how boring life is.  I experienced this myself.  Soon after detox, the days seem to be mundane and boring.  This can and does cause relapse.

To combat this feeling, you must be determined to stay busy.  Focus on a new way of life that makes you productive.  Write down a list of activities that you are interested in and follow through (Scoring drugs is NOT going to be one of them).   These could be job goals, going back to school for higher education, traveling, hobbies, etc.  You must keep yourself busy at all times.  “Idle time is the devils workshop”.

Below are some ideas that can help to change your life and keep you busy.  It is possible to have the same excitement and even similar ‘highs’ when you make yourself productive.  Start a website business where you can earn revenues from advertising.  Become an artist and sell your work online.  Volunteer to help others.  Start an organization.  Or, better yet, make it a point to speak out against heroin and opioid addiction and help others.  The more of us who can educate the public about Heroin, the less addicts we will have.

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3.  Go back to college and get a degree.

4.  Volunteer your time to help the needy.

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