Never Give Up!

Heroin Addiction

Never Give Up!

Heroin and opioid addiction  is taking our nation by storm. Trust me, I know…because I was a victim.  Not of the street drug Heroin, but opiate prescription like Fentanyl.  However, its all the same chemical.  It wasn’t long ago that I was sitting in a rehab class with people ranging from 16 years old to 65 years old from all walks of life.  Nurses, attorneys, highschool kids, business owners, laborers…you name it and they were in there sitting right next to me. A staggering amount of normal-day people have a heroin addiction problem.

How I found myself in there still puzzles and saddens me today .  I created this site because if I don’t make an effort to help people, then my terrible experience that nearly cost me my life would have happened for nothing. It would have been a complete waste of my time and life. So,…where do I begin?  The rehab world just isn’t doing things right all the way. They mean well, and its a good place to start, but follow through and recovery is lacking.  The proof is that 90% of heroin addicts relapse during the first week of rehab. Something isn’t right. Can more be done or something different to help reduce this? (Statistics)

At one point, when I was at ‘rock-bottom’, I told myself that no one could help me.  I was the only person that was going to push myself through this and recover.  I was going to have to dig deep, and be my own Hero. I was going to have to think of myself as a Hero and save my own life accordingly.  Many heroes became heroes because they saved a life(s).  This too, would be my goal.  Knowing that surviving opioid addiction, recovering and living a healthy life was a personal matter because its the person themselves that has to make the changes and beat addiction…my powerful yet simple advice to anyone out there struggling is ‘NEVER GIVE UP’.  I know that this does not sound like helpful or great advice, but when it came to hitting rock bottom and having nothing left (in mind & body),…the only thing I could do was not give up.   The only choice I had was to keep telling myself “just don’t give up”.

I say all of this to say that what I mentioned above is actually not true.  There is help outside of yourself.  There is support from friends and family that you must reach for. There are programs that are designed to help addicts although many are flawed ( Recovery ).  My point was that aside from the outside help, the most critical factor in dealing with heroin addiction is ones own self.  You have to want it.  You have to ask for help and sincerely want to make your life better.  Its only YOU who can make this happen.

If outside help is pushing and pressuring you against your will,…its only a matter of time before you relapse.  Addiction is truly a disease and it is usually genetic.  Heroin is Genetic.  But, addiction is NOT cancer and it does NOT have to be terminal.  The greatest part about being an addict is that you can fully recover if you want to.  And, your brain and body will actually replenish itself, heal and make you whole again over time. You can speed this up by taking the proper supplements depending on which of your brains neuro-transmitter chemicals have been depleted the most from the drugs.  There is hope.  And, you can find it here.

( Mountain climbers never give up and neither should you!  Addiction is a mountain you have to climb to beat it.)


4 thoughts on “Never Give Up!

  1. I relate to your story even though I’m not an addict.I have had many failures in my life and have always been not so lucky to get the best of everything, but all I did was work hard and not think about anything else but my work, it did pay off.On the way, I did realize that you will always want to have fun and chill out a little but something you need to remember is to focus on what you want in life!
    It could be a health issue and dealing with them is something really hard but you need to have the spirit to live and that is what I feel made you keep going and fighting your addiction.
    It was motivational Matt.

    1. Thank you Shrey! Very supportive and kind. Embarrassed to admit but you nearly brought tears to my eyes because I guess I just havnt talked much about all this for many years until I started building this site to help others. Being that low and nearly ending my life….recovery was long and its taken 3-4 years just to be able to think back about it and it not be a terrible memory that ruins my day. Interesting, never thought about it that way but you make sense. Our deep spirit inside had to be the final strength to keep moving . bc on the surface I was done. I had nothing left. We all go through things, its relative to the person. Mine issues were no different than yours or others as far as life changing issues in general are concerned. Sounds like you have had your fair share of challenges..sorry to hear that, But you managed to do similar to me which was conquer it and use your work passion to get your through. That too is inspiring to me. Thanks again!

  2. I must commend you for getting over your addiction. I know it’s tough but you have proven that it’s possible. I believe rehabs are trying their best in offering supports. In the end, it comes down to our willpower. How badly do we want to get out of it.No one in the world could help us if we did not help ourselves.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Greatly appreciate you checking out my site and giving support. You are dead-right..the person has to make up their mind to quit a bad habit…or they never will. You cant make people go to rehab…I mean the law does in some cases which is better than jailtime..but even for those folks…if they dont strongly want to quit heroin they never will. It starts there. Thanks for your input!

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