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After taking the Braverman Test posted in our last page, you now know which chemicals you are depleted of.  You are headed in the right direction.  We did this same exact assessment and had amazing results with these supplements.  This is the HOPE you need to start feeling better again mentally and physically.  Don’t STOP now!  Buy these supplements depending on which ones you need, and take them consistently for at least 3-4 months.  It will not happen over-night.  Be patient and you WILL start to feel better.  ____________________________________

Minor Deficit:          0-5 True answers

Moderate Deficit:   6-15 True answers

Major Deficit:         15+ True answers

*Note: { this is a practical, fast and free way to judge your brain chemical levels.  This is not a scientific test.  If you would like to have formal blood tests to see the exact levels of your brain chemicals, please consult your primary care doctor immediately.  This test and these recommendations of supplements are a DIY broad and imperfect way to improve your health}    _______________________________

Dopamine Boosters:

Tyrosine Phenylalanine B Complex Ginko Biloba

Serotonin Boosters:

Calcium Fish Oil Magnesium St. Johns Wort

GABA Boosters:

Inositol GABA Glutamic Acid Thiamine

Acetylcholine Boosters:

Choline Phosphatidylcholine Vitamin B12 Taurine

Supplement Details

We have provided you with the better quality supplements listed above.  Of course, setting up a new vitamin and mineral regime can be costly.  We recommend that once you know which of the 4 brain chemicals you are depleted of (after Taking the Braverman Test), then choose 1 or 2 supplements from the list above under the Dopamine, Serotonin, GABA and Acety. categories to get started.  You can always add more supplements as you go.  You simply cannot put a ‘price’ on the value of your brain.  We think that paying for these supplements and taking them consistently is well worth the investment.  Especially if they make you feel much better and prevent you from relapsing.  This is what happened with us.  We took these supplements and began to feel great again….never to relapse.  It will work for you, too.

We recommend that you educate yourself more about the brain chemicals and associated supplements that can help to initiate your brain to release a balanced amount of good chemicals.  You can download our Braverman Test Legend here, (below), or on the previous page related to the Test itself.  The document will give you a more detailed reason why and how these supplements can make a huge difference in  your life after detox.  Best wishes to you, and please leave us any feedback about your results.  We want to hear.

SUPPLEMENT DETAILS SHEET:   supplements-detail-sheet  (Pdf.)  *Note:  Scroll down to page 9 for supplement details

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  1. Are supplements all about the same? Quality wise…are some makers better than others? Does price matters and are there other supplements to help recover from heroin and opiate abuse and addiction? Great Post.

  2. Supplements are a great way to boost our body and help repair damage and balance faster. I have tried supplements for my addiction recovery and they have surely helped a lot. It just takes time and patience. it seems to take several months before seeing results. -Gavin

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