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Brain Chemicals


***This is the most serious information on this site for opioid addicts.   This is the recipe for:  PREVENTING RELAPSE!


In a Nut-Shell

Rehab is a great place to start.  You want to check into rehab to get all the medical help you can get while detoxing.  You will also receive much support while at rehab from leaders and other addicts like you.  But, it has been found that when rehab ends…many people go home for weeks without anymore support and end up relapsing.

*The main (medical) reason why people relapse is because their brain’s chemicals were drastically depleted while using heroin and opioid drugs.  It is important for you to be aware of these brain chemicals, which ones you are depleted of,  and taking action to replenish them.Heroin addiction

For example, dopamine is not produced naturally when you are taking opioids.  The opioid replaces the need for your brain to produce dopamine.  Dopamine is vital to a normal life.  This chemical makes us feel normal and good throughout life.  Without it, we are doomed and we WILL end up relapsing again and again.  This is exactly why the relapse rate is 90%!

While waiting on your brain to naturally produce dopamine again (GAbA and Serotonin)  after you quite the heroin/opiates, you are NOT going to feel well at all.  You will feel no pleasure like normal people do when they get a new job, or go on vacation or win a reward.  You will feel no happiness.  You will feel depressed and in a state of despair.  This is a fact, and this is because your brains neuro-transmitter chemicals have been depleted during the time you were using heroin or opiate drugs.  The GOOD NEWS is that this is NOT permanent  You can fix this and feel good again without opiates!  I am living proof of this.


(We found that rehab usually does not educate you about your brains chemicals and how vital they are to your recovery.  No offense to rehab because it plays a role, but they are more focused on the ‘detox’ stage.  You must take it upon yourself to contact a DO Doctor  (alternative medicine) who can help you with your brains depleted chemicals.)

Information is power!  Knowing about your brain chemicals is half your battle to recovery!  If you would like to know which brain chemicals you are depleted of take the “BRAVERMAN TEST” below.  This is a free test containing a series of detailed questions.  Be honest and rate yourself.  Once complete, follow the key to see exactly which you are depleted of and how severe.


Once you know your depletion level, you can refer to the supplement list attached.  These are OTC supplements and can be purchased right here on this page.  You will be linked to the best, most affordable supplements.    *{ Quality of supplements DOES make a huge difference.  Do NOT just go for the cheapest supplement vitamins out there, because many are poorly made and do not contain the amount of particular mineral that it says it does.  The last thing you want is to devote yourself to replenishing your brain chemicals, buying a supply,…but then the supplement being bunk and your body does not absorb it properly}*


When it comes to  neurotransmitter (brain chemical) testing there are many options.  If you have good insurance, we recommend you speak to your doctor about having saliva or urine tests done to document exactly which of the 4 main brain neuro-transmitter chemicals are depleted, if any.  Unfortunately, if you have been abusing Opioids or Heroin your brain chemicals are going to be depleted.  Most likely it will be your dopamine and serotonin.  Obviously it is best if you can know your precise level of brain chemicals.  However, it can be costly and unrealistic.  Therefore, the next best thing is to DIY.


This Braverman Test basically saved my life for two reasons:  1) It gave me hope that my brain was not permanently damaged from my opioid abuse, and 2)  By consuming the supplements that my test results recommended, I began to feel much better much quicker and this helped reduce cravings for Fentanyl (opioids) and ultimately prevented me from relapsing.

Dr. Eric Braverman is known world-wide.  He created this test after many decades of research.  He is a doctor of neurology.  heroin addiction

Braverman concludes that the brain’s 4 primary neurotransmitters – Dopamine, Acetylcholine, GABA, and Serotonin – play a primary role in your health and well-being.  This test is directly related to the affects of Opioid and Heroin addiction on the brain.  Therefore understanding how your neurotransmitters are balanced (depleted in the case of heroin addicts), and then taking action by consuming natural supplements which are pre-cursers for causing your brain to produce these specific chemicals….becomes the winning recipe for STOPPING RELAPSES.  Not to mention you begin to feel normal again, with normal pleasures and feelings of happiness.

Text-Book  Description of the 4 Main Brain Chemicals

Heroin Addiction




Understanding Your Results

Their are several Braverman Assessment tests (personality,etc.) For our purposes, we are only focusing on the Brain Chemical Deficiency Test (above).  This test pertains directly to Heroin/Opioid Addiction and the reduction of the brains neuro-transmitter chemicals after long periods of opioid usage.  If you would like more information about these tests go to:

*Note:  This test contains strategic questions designed to help understand your brain chemical deficiencies.  Please answer True/False and at the end total only your True answers  (see instructions on test PDF above).

**Note  From Author:  This test and its recommendations is extremely important if you wish to have a successful recovery and AVOID relapsing.  I took this test years ago and found that I was significantly depleted of dopamine and serotonin  (this is normal for heavy opioid users).  Then, I purchased the appropriate supplements and began taking them.  It worked!  I have felt well ever since.  I also recommended this test/supplements to several friends who also had great results.  We are all successful today and we attribute this to being taught about our brains chemicals and how we can replenish them back to normal.  This is why we are passing this information along to help as many people as we can.  heroin addiction

Car Analogy Used to Understand the Neurotransmitters –

A simple method of understanding the brain’s neurotransmitters is with a car analogy. Let’s compare a car and its properties to the brain and its inner workings.

Dopamine – Gasoline for a car, or power to the brain.

Acetylcholine – Accelerator for a car, or speed of the brain.

GABA – Brakes for the car, or rhythm of the brain.

Serotonin – Alternator for a car, or recharger of the brain.



# of True(s)  Level of Deficiency

0-5    =       minor

6-15   =       moderate

15+    =       major deficiency

SUPPLEMENTS LIST:    CLICK HERE  ——>   Supplements_LIST_08.18.16

What Does My Score Mean?

Heroin Addiction

GOOD READ   –  The book below :  “Damaged Tomorrow” is a very interesting read about Opioid damage on the mind.

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Do You Have Any Questions Or Concerns?

This information can be confusing and complicated.  We are not doctors, nor do we claim to be.  We are simply passing along this information about brain chemicals as it pertains to Heroin/Opioid Addiction.  We cannot stress how vital this test is and how serious the associated supplements/minerals are to a successful recovery.  Without addressing your brains neuro-transmitter chemical deficiencies, you are at-risk of relapsing!  You are not going to feel well when you stop taking heroin/opioids.  The cards are stacked against you medically.  We encourage you to ‘level the playing field’, target this test and follow the recommendations based on your results.

If you have questions, please feel free to comment below.  We are here to help you.  If you have a success story, please share it.  Any stories will be helpful to others.  We are all in the same boat.  If you have a loved-on who you suspect might be abusing heroin/opioids, please contact us with any questions or concerns.  –THANK YOU.

{Disclaimer: Please seek direct advice from your Doctor.  We are NOT pretending to be doctors on this page, post or site.  Please do not hold us responsible for any medical decisions you make regarding your brain chemicals and related supplements.  We are simply providing our opinion from our own experience.–Admin: HeroIn Me}


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  1. Wow!
    I feel like this should be on Dr. Phil. This is great information for anyone who may be suffering from these drugs or know someone suffering. I grew up in the inner city of Baltimore MD and would see a lot of people who was in rehab just come out and start the same thing all over again. Very sad. I love the fact that you provide supplements and a test. I might have over read it but are you a DR. Not that you have to be. You just seem so well informed.

    1. Thank for your feedback. No I am not a doctor and you bring up a good point. I need to add a disclosure to the bottom of page disclaimer: stating I am not a doctor and for people to seek approval from docs. I just taught myself as much as I could because I could not believe this addiction thing nearly wiped me out. I had to know more so I could try to help others. Thanks for feedback, really appreciate it. Trying to make it better and not the you mentioned it direclty, but I do agree I should state that I am not a doctor bc I dont want any trouble or people being misled.

  2. Addiction of any kind can have brain damage effects I am sure, hard drugs of course do the most damage I would think. Even years of alcohol abuse damages your brain, even the brain is vulnerable to permanent damage so people should take better care of themselves and their brain health.

    Very interesting article on the neuro-transmitters, you hear of these but do not really know all that much about them and how important they are to function well.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Really appreciate it as I try to make the site as good as it can be. Site is worthless unless I can get traffic to reach out to people. YES

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