What Does Opiate Recovery Mean To  You?


According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA): “Recovery from alcohol and drug problems is a process of change through which an individual achieves abstinence and improved health, wellness and quality of life.”

We can learn a lot by listening to addicts themselves talk about their experiences.  Below, we have provided you a link to a PodCast from a group session organized by Gail Gabbert, an addiction counselor.  Gail has taken the initiative to record all of her sessions.  She has provided us exclusive access to these sessions in order that we provide this insight to our subscribers here at www.HEROiNinME.com.

Why not go directly to the source to gain more information about drug addiction.  These group members are currently recovering from their heroin or pain pill addictions.  They are hurting and giving their best effort to beat addiction.  However, they also have a lot to say about addiction.  Below are the discussion points that they will be referring to.

Recovery means something different to each individual.  Some addicts refer to recovery as a life-long task that never ends.  Alcoholism is also referred to as always being ‘in recovery’ for life.  One day at a time.  This makes sense because drug addiction cant haunt the mind of the addict for many, many years.  However, we at HEROin Me, believe that an addict can completely defeat their addiction and basically forget about it.  In this case, we would call the addict ‘RECOVERED’.  Not always in recovery.

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Click the link below.  Once on a new page, simply press play at the top and listen to the PodCast.


Discussion Guide:


  • What does “working a program” mean to you?


  • What does “surrendering” mean?


  • What does “progress, not perfection” mean to you?


  • What does “being in service to others” mean?


  • What do you appreciate about recovery?



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What Does Recovery Mean To You?






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Heroin and Opiate Addiction

“It Takes Your Own Heroism To Beat Addiction”

2 thoughts on “WHAT IS RECOVERY TO YOU?

  1. My thoughts are to choose to be recovered versus always living a life in recovery. Alcoholics always say they are in recovery even if its been 20 years since their last drink. this does not make sense to me. You beat your addiction once and left it in your past. I know its hard some days and cravings and temptations happen even years later. But, think of yourself as recovered. You beat it. Its over. And keep it that way. This is what I did and how I viewed myself and I think it helped me personally. It all comes down to how you look at things.

  2. What are your thoughts about recovery? How do you view recovery? Are you recovered once and for all? Or, are you always living a life in recovery? Its an interesting topic and listening to the group of addicts above was helpful in learning more about this.

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