Use Heroin Legally



How to Have Heroin Legally

Of course, I am NOT referring to the street drug heroin.  What I am referring to are the chemicals that heroin release in our brains.  Dopamine is the neuro-transmitter brain chemical that heroin duplicates.  That is why heroin feels so good.

The good news is, you can still get similar effects of heroin by certain activities.  You can feel naturally ‘high’ all day if you focus on these activities.

By doing these activities below, you are essentially releasing endorphins and causing your brain to release further neur0-chemcials such as dopamine and Serotonin.  You can make yourself feel naturally ‘high’!

Heroin and Opioid relatede serotonin    Heroin affects dopamine    Heroin affects your GABA brain chemicals

 STRESS   Low levels of Stress can release dopamine.
 EXERCISE  stock-photo-64651107-fitness-girl             Opioid Exercise
 PALEO DIET  450px-Simple_Paleo_Compliant_Meal
 LAUGHTER  Two_people_laughing



Hot peppers will cause you to release endorphins.




 Gathering with other people and socializing is one of the best ways to combat depression and release ‘good-fighting’ brain chemicals such as dopamine.
 MEDITATION  A_meditating_man,_yoga_asana


 SEX  Warning_Sex_in_progress_Do_not_disturb





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