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Opioid and Heroin Awareness & Prevention

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Awareness  –

This section is dedicated to making people aware of the dangers of heroin addiction.  Genetics play a key role in addiction and people need to be made aware of this.  We can reduce the number of opioid addicts by teaching them at an early age to be aware of their genetic history.  Does addiction to drugs or alcohol run in your family?  Follow our plan to help you find out.  Download our checklist and interview your family.

Opioid addiction statistics are important to alert the community just how bad this epidemic is.  Find real stats here and join in the discussion to STOP ADDICTION.

Opioid Prevention  –

Opioid prevention starts with information.  Information is power.  We need to educate people about this heroin and opioid epidemic.  It is a nasty subject and people do not want to talk about it.  It is often ‘brushed under the carpet’ and avoided.  But, this nation cannot afford to hide this problem any longer.  Our young kids are getting addicted to opioids every day and people are dying.  Lives are being destroyed and there is simply NOT enough help.  This site provides the information people need to prevent heroin addiction and reduce the relapse rate.

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4 thoughts on “Awareness & Prevention

  1. I honestly have not given it much thought before as to being possibly heretic in nature. Thanks for this enlightening article which shows why we need this valuable type of education. Without it, our families and our lives would be in serious turmoil. Awareness of the topic is an excellent way to excel in helping people

    1. Well, thank you for your support and comments. Its a bigger problem and most people think and affects a lot of people whether themselves or a friend or family. Its only getting worse and thus why I wanted to bring awareness as much as possible. Thanks again

  2. Matt,
    Really intense website. I think raising awareness of the consequences of heroin use is greatly needed in our society today. Addiction can occur after just one use and the effects on a person’s life felt forever. With the current availability of cheap heroin on the streets, people(teenagers and young adults especially) must learn to treat this substance as the poison that it is. Staying away from it is the best option no matter how enticing it may seem. As an alcoholic who watched 2 generations before me destroy their lives by drinking, I decided one day to just stop and stay away from it completely. I prayed to God to help me and through faith and the support of my church have been sober for almost 30 years. You really can not overstate the strength God can give you through prayer. Please continue your efforts with this site. It will probably mean more to people than you will ever really know. Best Regards,

    1. Wow, thank you for your story and comment. Great for you being sober for 30 years. You know exactly what addiction is like as they are both pretty much the same demons. Yea, bottom line is that if people dont have faith in God and give God a chance to help them, they might be doomed to years of relapse and hurt, Thats just a fact. the good news I have found is that when people are at rock-bottom usually involving addiction and alcoholism they seem to be more open to God and asking him for help. I guess they figure they have nothing left to lose. So, with that in mind, I am incorporating as much about God and my story as I can without sounding too preachy to the world which might turn them off. I figure honestly and being genuine with my truthful story and how God helped raise me back up might inspire someone. Because if I dont do something with my story (like creating this site), then my past experience was all the more worse and a waste. Thanks for your comment, they mean a lot!

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