Opioid Addiction – Why Is It So Hard To Ask For Help?

Many people have difficulty asking for help.  Especially when it pertains to an embarrassing or shameful situation.  People who realize they need help for an addiction can be reluctant to reach out.  This is common.  However, it is dangerous and can lead to overdose or death.  Opioid Addiction to Pain Pills or Heroin (Opiates) is one of the most difficult addictions to beat.

There are 7 people who die from drug overdose every single day in the United States.  These numbers are increasing every year.  More must be done to combat Opioid and Opiate Addiction.

Opioid Addiction


Today, there are more people addicted to opioid and opiates than ever before.  The government has verified that this problem has become an epidemic.  We are in a real crisis.  If more was done a decade ago, we might not be in this situation.  But, not much was done, so here we are.

The majority of Heroin addicts claim that they first started their addiction by taking legally prescribed opioid pain medications.  Once their insurance lapsed or pain pill became too expensive, they switched over to the street where they could find cheap heroin that was more potent.

It is a troubling situation that is costing many people their lives.  Families are being ruined by opioid addiction.

How Do We Stop Opioid Addiction?

We can start to fight this crisis by going directly to the source.  There is no better way to learn, than by listening to the actual addicts who are in recovery trying to defeat their opioid addiction.   Many leaders and programs claim to know how to stop this opioid epidemic, but truthfully they do not know enough.

The people who have been addicts themselves and recovered successfully are the best people to listen and learn from.  Below we have bought you a PodCast from “Opiate Support Group”.  These are real addicts with real informative opinions.  opioid addiction

Listen in to hear our opiate support group talk about their experiences of asking for help.  Click the link below.

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Discussion Guide:

Is it easy for you to ask for help?  If not, which of the following ways would make it easier? What are the pros and cons of each?

1. Write your request in a letter or email

2. Talk to someone you trust

3. Discuss your struggle with a stranger

4. Reach out to a medical professional

5. Search for online resources

6. Seek out someone who has been in your position

7. Call a helpline


Click The Link Below To Listen To PodCast    ⇓  ⇓

Asking For Help – Why Is It So Hard?


What do you think?  How do you think people should ask for help?  What kind of help should we give?  Are you willing to help?

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Supplemental Reading:

Beth Leipholtz, 7 Ways to Ask for Help When You’re Struggling with Addiction, https://www.thefix.com/7-ways-ask-help-when-you-re-struggling-addiction


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