Heroin And Opiate Addiction Treatment Options


First of all, we do not want to confuse ‘Treatment‘ with ‘Recovery‘.  To recovery from an opiate addiction means that the person has already detoxed and gotten the drug entirely out of their system.  They have already completed treatment which means they went through withdrawal and the initial rehab stage.  When it comes to treating an addiction such as opiates,…there are are numerous options.  

The good thing, that whoever it is that needs treatment, sounds like they are open to being treated.  This is not normally the case when it comes to heroin and opiate addicts.  These types of addicts will do everything and anything to avoid detection and be forced to go into a drug rehabilitation center for treatment.  Deep in their hearts they know they NEED treatment and I guarantee you that they do NOT want to be an addict and have to deal with all that comes with it.  

They never asked to be an addict and would do almost anything to reverse time and prevent themselves from becoming addicted to whatever it is that is killing them.  If you have a loved-one who you suspect of being addicted to opiates, remember that they will probably try to avoid the topic all together.  They are stuck in a powerful rut that they cannot control.

One of the worst parts of being an opiate addict is that you lose all control of your life.  The addict is not in control any longer as the drug itself has taken over all aspects of life.  This is a serious addiction that needs professional assistance to conquer.  To STOP an opiate addiction is NOT something a person can do on their own.  This is just not the case.  Millions have tried and failed to beat their addiction alone.  The main reason is the withdrawals.  Heroin Addiction Treatment

The opiate drug chemical causes the human body to become dependent on it.  Just like humans need food and water to live,…so does the addict need opiate drugs to live.  Without the opiate drug, the body physically goes crazy!

If a person stops opiates cold-turkey, they will experience a living hell.  There is nothing worse than the feeling of hardcore heroin or opiate withdrawals.  By the way, we should mention that when we are referring to HEROIN or OPIATES, we mean the same thing.  This is because it is the same thing.  Opiates are heroin and heroin is an opiate.  Within this drug status we have OPIATES AND OPIOIDS.  These essentially are the same drug.  

The different is that OPIOIDS are synthetic and created in a lab NOT using the native poppy plant for opium.  It creates compounds that mimic opium to create opioids such as Fentanyl.  Whereas, opiates are the drugs that are created from the poppy plant and opium that it contains.  Opiates are technically known as Heroin and Morphine.  Opioids are synthetic and known as OxyContin and Fentanyl.

All of these drugs have the same exact effects on the human body.  This is exactly why we refer to them inter-changeably.  We wish for no one on HEROin Me to be confused about anything on this site.  There is enough confusion and chaos that comes from opiate addiction that readers who visit this site should not have to deal with.

Having To Withdrawal From Opiates Will Cause:

  • Overall feeling like the Flu-Bug, but multiply the severity by at least 50 !  (50 times worse than the flu)
  • Chills, sweats
  • Goose pumps & shivers
  • Lack of ability to sleep
  • RLS – restless leg syndrome:  The muscles clinch and quiver
  • Nausea and lack of appetite
  • Dangerous eydration
  • Painful joints and muscles
  • Depression and despair feelings
  • Feel like the world is closing in and you are dying
  • Vomitting and sickness of the worse kind

These are just a few of the symptoms felt while going through withdrawal.  I personally have gone through withdrawal numerous times.  It makes me sick to my stomach to even think back about it.  I hate to remember this time in my life, but I do it for a good cause.  I remember my past addiction ordeal because I want to help others who are suffering from heroin & opiate addiction today.  My goal is to use my experience and what I learned to improve Awareness & Prevention,  create Better Treatments,  Reduce relapse and increase successful Recovery, and provide real Opportunities for the recovered opiate addict ——>  (Please refer to our Main Page Header Menu.  You can locate additional Pages about each of these topics)

As far as actual OPTIONS for Treating an opiate addict who is currently using this drug see below:

At-Home Options

When you are dependent on opiates, your body is use to having them in your system. Your body will also build up a tolerance to many of the drug’s side effects, like skin dryness, appetite and constipation.  If you quickly cut yourself off from opiates, this will cause a strong, strong reaction for your physical body to handle.

If you try to go through withdrawal on your own, you’ll need to be very prepared and we do NOT recommend it.  Asking for professional help at a local reputable, licensed drug rehab center is the best move.  But, if you have no choice….then try to slowly taper off opiates before you go off them completely.  This will limit the intensity of your withdrawal.  However, given the compulsive nature of addiction, most people find self-regulated tapering to be impossible.  It often leads to a full relapse into opioid addiction.  9 out of 10  opiate addicts will relapse if tried on their own.  I stand by this…its simply too difficult for an addict to detox entirely on their own without any supervision, support or withdrawal medication.  Period.

Dehydration due to vomiting and diarrhea is common and could lead to serious health complications.  Many people end up in the hospital with dehydration when they’re going through withdrawals. Drinking plenty of hydrating fluids during withdrawal is very important. Electrolyte solutions, such as Pedialyte, may help keep you hydrated.

Smoothies and Shakes are vital to getting you through opiate withdrawals.  Make sure the shake contains plenty of vitamins.  We would recommend you purchase VISALUS shakes, GO TO AMAZON TO BUY SHAKE MIX which will be loaded with helpful nutrients.  This will help you tremendously.

Its difficult, but if you can push yourself to exercise  Opiate WIthdrawal exercisesyou will push the opiate toxins out of your body much faster.  Again, drink plenty of water while walking.  I tried to exercise while I was detoxing from Fentanyl and my legs were like jello.  They were so weak that they were shaking without controlling them.  I pushed on and DID complete my ’round the block’ target, but it was exhausting and painful.  Just to remind you, while I was exercising I was still experiencing all those other dreadful symptoms of withdrawal.  Many of them at the same time.  This creates for a living, walking, breathing hell and I will do anything it takes to NEVER, EVER have to go through opiate withdrawal again in my life.  To describe how terrible it is….I almost took my own life on several occasions because I simply could not deal with the feelings of withdrawal and sickness any longer.  I wrote suicide notes.  This explains how close I came.  But, I overcame it.  The only way I got through was by NOT GIVING UP.  Just never give up no matter what.  I realize that “not giving up” is not a very good tip or answer to someone who is going through major withdrawals alone, but that is all I have for you.  That is the honest truth of how I got through it.  There was no magic.  There was me not giving up and there was God.  God got me through it because I prayed and I prayed and I prayed more while I was hurting the most.  I never gave up, but I did not have the strength to get through that time.  I had nothing left inside of me.  I made a deal with God during that time.  I said:  “OK, Lord…I agree to not give up and take my own life, if you agree to give me the strength to beat this thing and recover”.  

I am still here and living stronger than ever today.

   Yep, Thats Me! Living            Happy & Free!

 I RECOVERED and will never go back.  I choose to help people who are going through the same thing I went through.  But, if you stand a chance of making it and beating your addiction….you must include God.  Jesus Christ is real and there is no other way to put it.  He walked this earth over 2,000 years ago.  He was sent by God because the world at the time was fallen.  Man was destructive and going down the wrong path of hate, sin, death, stealing and murder.  

That was NOT why God created humankind.  The earth and the world was corrupt.  So, Jesus Christ was born, lived through 30 years of age and then was called a hypocrite.  He was beaten and hung on a cross killws.  God knew this would happen and used Christ’s existence and death as a way of presenting a gift to us humans.  God said that it is very simple to make yourself right and give your spirit and soul a life that is everlasting.  Our souls can live forever after our physical body dies.   Many people believe that after the human body dies, its just black and everything stops. Sorry folks, but this is not true.  It is not blackness and ceasing to exist when our body dies.  You remain alive in your spirit which is what we are every day walking around and living.

Again, NOT true.  Our bodies are only a shell or vessel.  After our physical body dies, our spirit, our soul and who we still are…..keep on going forever.  THIS IS A FACT.  There is no other way that it happens.  Therefore, we have two choices:  Our spirit either lives forever in Hell which is the opposite of God.  Or, we go into another dimension which is known as Heaven or with God.  This realm actually exists and even the top scientists in the world are discovering that other dimensions indeed exists via their experiments at CERN in Switzerland.  Even scientists are agreeing that there are others worlds inside other dimensions.  This is where ghosts and the super natural  take place.  YES,  God is super natural and it takes FAITH to believe in his existence.  What do you have to lose?  When it comes to opiate withdrawal, you are going to need ALL the help you can get.  So, take a leap of faith and call out to God for help.  Accept that he sent Jesus Christ down to earth who died to save your life forever!  He made the biggest sacrifice in all of history.  For you, for me, for your friend and family.  No one is left out.  Not even the God-haters are excluded from accepting this gift of life that lasts forever.  All you have to do is believe that its true.  Accept that Jesus exists and ask Him to have a personal relationship with you.  Amazing things will happen including ending your addiction and turning your life completely around like no one thinks you can.  

I Did It.  

He Is True.  He Is Real.  He Helps.  He Saves.

Medical Treatment

If you know that you are headed into withdrawals, it would be best if you sought medical attention from a doctor or rehabilitation center.  There are medicines that can be used to dramatically decrease the withdrawal feelings.   (SUBOXONE, METHADONE, VIVITROL).  If you have a severe case, you might want to check into a rehab center over-night.  They can monitor you and provide fluids, if necessary.  You want to beat opiate addiction, so do everything you can to prepare and give yourself a fighting chance.  You have to “fight like hell” if you want to get through the withdrawals and defeat your opioid or heroin addiction.  It wont be easy.  Never Give up.  I have personally been through withdrawals numerous times (don’t ask) and I know exactly what you will go through.  It was the worst time of my life and I wished I was dead at that time.  You are living in a hell while going through severe opiate withdrawals.  You will be extremely tempted to relapse just to make the withdrawal feelings go away.   If you have any questions or need support please comment below.  We are here for you.

Over-the-Counter Help

Using the correct doses of over-the-counter medications can help reduce the effects.  Consider loperamide (Imodium) for diarrhea.  If you are experiencing nausea, you might try medications like meclizine (Antivert or Bonine) or dimenhydrinate (Dramamine).  You can also try antihistamines like Benadryl.  Aches and pains that seem to crop up everywhere can be treated with acetaminophen (Tylenol) or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil).  Never use any medication for longer than its recommended usage or in larger doses than recommended.  DayQuil and NightQuil are also very helpful.  Read other forums to get additional suggestions.  Let us know how you are doing.  COMMENT below.  You have nothing to be ashamed of here.  We have gone through it all just like you.  There is hope on the other side.

Opiate withdrawal medicines

Preparation will be essential.  Withdrawal symptoms can last from days to weeks depending on how long you have been on the drug.   If you have a couple weeks’ worth of medications, you can avoid the need to go out for more.  But be careful not to use these medications in amounts greater than the recommended dose.  You certainly do not need to get attached to any other substance as this will defeat the purpose.   If the regular dose isn’t helping, make sure to discuss the issue with your doctor.

Alternative support

There isn’t much evidence regarding the use of vitamins and supplements in treating the effects of opioid withdrawal.  However, we did locate several supplements that have wonderful reviews.  We recommend that you try them.  GO TO AMAZON TO PURCHASE.  THEN TELL US HOW IT WORKED OUT.

And, some studies have suggested that alternative medicine, such as acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is helpful.  We recommend trying anything that could possibly help reduce withdrawals.  I remember trying massage treatments and they were very helpful.  They may not cure your ‘dope’ sickness, but they will allow you to feel something good, something OTHER than the terrible feelings of withdrawal.  They are a good distraction, although they can be expensive.  Do not be afraid to ask your friends or family for help.  Perhaps, one of them will fund your massage treatments, chiropractor treatments or going to the Doctor.

In the case of acupuncture, several studies demonstrated reduced withdrawal symptoms when combined with certain medicines. The report of studies on Chinese herbal medications found that the herbs were actually more effective at managing withdrawal symptoms than clonidine was.

Examples of Chinese herbal medications used to treat opiate addiction include:

  • Tai-Kang-Ning, which is thought to be effective for moderate to severe heroin withdrawal
  • ginseng
  • U’finer, which is a Chinese herbal blend thought to repair the damage opiates may do to the brain

Overall, without going to a rehab center and getting prescribed withdrawal medicine….you are in for some troubling days a head.  There is no sugar-coating this situation.  YOU and only YOU are the one who has to beat this thing and get through withdrawal and detox.  You cannot recovery from your heroin or opiate addiction until you detox.  It will get easier every passing day.

You can find a lot more help within our other PAGES & POSTS on HEROin Me.  Please SHARE this Post along with our website address to anyone you know who is struggling with an addiction.


Heroin addiction story
   Tell Your Story Below.


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  2. Hi Matt,

    Great article!

    What a beautiful example you are setting for those out seeking to heal themselves of this nightmare. Breaking the addition and recovery are no easy process. It’s like disarming a bomb that could blow at any moment. I’ve see too much of this among friends.

    I was just hearing on NPR this morning a segment about so called “pain clinics” that continue to operate today prescribing opiate/opioid pain pills wholesale to patients seeking pain relief.

    I really do hope we continue to raise our awareness of the situation and take steps to avoid being drawn into this addiction maelstrom in the first place.

    Thanks for sharing this info! I hope that many will benefit from it.

    May the new year be a wonderful one, Oren

    1. Hi Oren. I do appreciate greatly that you have contributed to this Page/Post/Site with your comments. Moreso, I appreciate your support of this cause. It truly is a nightmare and a big deception that people of all kinds are getting caught up in (including myself years ago). Its no way to live. That is why so many people become trapped. At first, upon taking some opiates (or even alcohol…this can be applied to many different addictions as you know), it makes you feel great. It makes you feel wonderful and euphoric. Opiates take your physical and mental pain away immediately. You feel simply amazing. You think to yourself that this feeling is so good, I have to make it last my entire life. And, then most people do. Its not just bums in the inner city, or loser low-lifes, or thugs. Today, EVERYONE is being hit with this epidemic. High school kids in the suburbia, lawyers, mothers and fathers, corporate execs…you name it and someone has an addiction to prescription pain meds or heroin problem. Most heroin addicts started with prescription medications. Of course, that could be anyone or everyone as much as pills are handed out these days as you mentioned. Then, when the doctor or clinic cuts them off, or they lose insurance, or they dont have enough funds to purchase costly prescription meds on the street,…they turn to heroin. “H” is cheap, potent and readily available today.

      A lot of things need to change. Had we all done more a decade ago, we might not have had 52,000 opiate over-dose deaths in 2015. Awareness is most important. Prevention is key. Talking to young kids now may prevent them in the future from getting hooked on opiates or heroin. Better treatments…and more successful recovery methods are desperately needed. Stats show us that 90% of all heroin addicts relapse in their first week of rehab (or trying to detox themselves). That is how powerful this drug is. Its nearly impossible to break free from it without a lot of professional care and support from friends and family. Even then, the person must dig deep, find their own heroism and be determined to beat their addiction no matter what. It is possible to do it. I did it. It wasn’t easy and nearly cost me my life. But, my wife & God helped me through it. Thanks again. Matt B.

  3. Words just do not seem adequate to describe opiate with drawl . I went through a very nasty week after finally giving up norco after several back surgeries. Do not want to do that again. I found your post very well done with the one exception of the mention of religion. I understand the need for spiritual support.I personally got my spiritual guidance from my family. I like the AA and NA approach , find your higher power.

    1. Thanks Larry. And thanks for your honestly. To each his own. Spiritual support can come from various places depending on the person. God was my support in my case. But, family also was a key to my recovery. Just telling my story and letting people know what worked for me. They can take it or leave it. Thats great you overcame your opiate withdrawal. Yes, its very nasty and I went through it many, many times. Its relative to the person, but I also became addicted after 5 surgeries. I was on Fentanyl prescribed by my Doctor for many, many years. I became dependent and then fully addicted. Coming off Fentanyl numerous times was seriously wrecking. Sometimes when you have no strength left, and the family cannot give it to you…you have to ask for a higher power. In my case, I asked my Creator for help and was given enough to beat my hurdle. Its NOT about religion whatsoever. I hate religion to be honest. Its about a personal relationship with God and His son Jesus and the Word of God–The Bible. Thats all you need. You dont need religion…man. Thanks for contributing.

      Please share my Post/Site to anyone in need. http://WWW.HEROININME.COM

  4. Wow, so much great information here! I am a drug prevention speaker with–logically–a focus on prevention. I also focus on post-recovery through the same systems that could help people latch on to life and not go down the opiate or opioid addiction route to begin with. I find your posts so helpful and informative for the addict in the throes of addiction, an area I’m not very familiar with. I’m impressed with your helpful products. So far I only knew of the need for medical attention, which I’ve discovered is difficult for the addict to get. Addicts are often not treated and instead are stupidly punished!

    I love the idea that the addict can participate in their recovery by reading the books and using the products you review. I am all for natural ways of helping ourselves, addicts and non-addicts alike. Knowing the addict doesn’t get a free ride from Suboxone and other withdrawal meds alone–if they can even get them–you provide some good alternatives and very helpful and hopeful information. Addicts need the education and helpful products you present, and I will be telling my followers to visit your site!

    1. Its amazing how many people comment here at http://www.heroininme.com that have some sort of connection to addiction. Either they themselves were or are an addict, OR their friends or loved-ones are struggling, OR someone who is directly connected with addiction of some kind. Unfortunately, it touches many, many lives. It seems more today than in the past…however we all know that its always been around.

      I had another contributor who manages opiate recovery support classes and creates Podcasts from her sessions. We agreed to Post them on my site at HEROin Me in order to help others listen to like-minded people. Anything that can help, right?

      WOW, its incredible that you are a drug prevention speaker! That is GREAT! How did you become that? Do you have experiences or close ties with drug addiction. We need many more of you! A big part of our efforts at HEROin Me is Prevention. This is the most important effort that we can give today. Had we all given more toward prevention (meaning speakers, programs, awareness classes, lectures…etc.) a decade ago….we would not have had 52,000 over-dose deaths last year in 2015 (2 years ago now:-)). Its true. To STOP this heroin epidemic ( I do mean all other drugs too), we must start now to reach the young. Early in high school kids should be blasted with class after class, program after program, speakers after speakers about the dangers of drugs. They should be taught about genetics and how addiction is genetic. Teach them to research their own family history. If drugs addiction or alcoholism exists (which it does in most families), then warn them more than the rest about what can happen. How it will destroy your life. What age group are you targeting to speak to?

      Can you give me any tips or advice and suggestions of how to improve this site concerning prevention. Our current goals are Awareness & Prevention #1, Better Treatments, More successful recovery methods since 90% relapse on opiates/heroin, and providing real Opportunities to people who have recovered from opiate addiction. We strongly believe that being productive and successful in life (keeping busy) is most important to beating your addiction and remaining drug free. We encourage people to get ‘addicted’ in a healthy way to exercise, starting a new business or hobby, healthy living, supplements and natural remedies, and overall living of a better healthy life in general. The problem is that most young people dont seem to care about the above. They live day to day and care more about superficial or meaningless activities like facebook and social media. They dont look ahead 10 years to realize what damage will be done to them if they take a drug today. Therefore, we must get more creative in reaching them at younger ages. Drop to their level and mentality and speak to them at a level they will listen. Verbiage that is relevant to them at their current age.

      Anyway, great job doing what you do. Do you have a site that I could visit to learn more about speaking on prevention? Do you have any articles or would you consider writing Posts about prevention to contribute to our site at http://www.heroininme.com? Thank again for contributing. Your comment made my day and encouraged us greatly to keep pushing on for this great cause. Sincerely, Matt B. & Company.

  5. There are certainly quite a lot of description medicines to cures one sickness. The mind is the real culprit, for those who cannot control the mind is like example of a leper dog which non stop scratching it own body until it bleed and becomes worst. But with control mind, the scratches will stop and know it will only makes things worst.

    1. ANDY, I could not agree with you more. We have written many Posts and contributed content reagrding exactly what you say….”Mind Control”. We encourage people to control their though life. Its all about the persons thoughts and how they control their actions when it comes to opiate addiction & life in general. Check out one of our Posts at Think Better and another Post you can find at HEROin Me called “Toxic Brain”. Both of these Posts speak about the importance of controlling ones thoughts.

      However, this is easier said than done. Perhaps, you have never experienced an addiction…especially not an opiate or heroin drug addiction. They are called an addiction for a specific reason. They take over your thoughts. You lose control of your thought life which is why you become addicted. So much to the point that the addicted person cannot beat their addiction themselves. They must seek professional care along with family support if they wish to defeat the addiction. Detoxing from an opiate drug alone is nearly unbearable if doing so at-home by yourself. The withdrawal from opiates or opioids like Fentanyl can be so bad that they cause death because the person gives up…cannot take the withdrawal feelings any longer and ends their life. Not that opiate drug withdrawal is life-threatening physically to the body…because Doctors say that it is not. But, mentally and emotionally…the detox and withdrawal can be so traumatic and uncomfortable the person simply gives up hope that it will ever end. The longer you have been on opiate drugs and at the highest dosage…the worse and the longer the detox and withdrawal will be. Sometimes it can last 6 months or longer. The effects of opiate withdrawal can last years when it relates to mental anguish like despair and depression due to the fact that an imbalance exists in the brains chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. This is why natural supplements are so vital to a strong recovery that includes re-balancing the brains good chemicals.

      The point is that from my experience, it takes a recipe of factors to go through detox, withdrawal and then maintain a successful recovery. If you want to beat your addiction and recover for a lifetime you need:

      – Family and loved one support

      – Control of your thought life (as you mentioned)

      – Prayer and faith in a higher existence (which brings hope and perseverance)

      – Professional Care- Doctors and rehab facilities & medications

      – Recovery Plan after Detox which includes Doctoral support, natural remedies like supplement boosters that help produce a healthy level of dopamine & serotonin, along with exercise and endorphin releasing activities.

      – Finding the HERO within yourself to conquer the most difficult addiction of opiates that exist. Determination, consistency, perseverance, never-give-up attitude.

      – A schedule that keep you busy every single day. Idle time is the devils workshop. Being bored will surely bring you back to the temptations of taking drugs again. We must forget what the drugs felt like and control our minds to never ‘crack the door’ to experimenting with drugs to make you feel better again.

      – People must understand that opiate drugs, alcohol and all other mind-altering substances are simply a DECEPTION. They are not as though they seem. For example, Heroin does NOT make you feel incredible and take your physical and mental problems away for a short time. Instead, all heroin does is bleed you dry, take all your money and assets, steals your hope and happiness, it takes full control of every aspect of your life, it deceives you into loving it more than anything or anyone else in your life,…there is nothing good about heroin, SO WHY EXPERIMENT WITH IT OR EVEN TRY IT IN THE FIRST PLACE?

      Thanks for your comments and support. Please do share this site at: http://www.heroininme.com —-MSB

  6. Matty, your post is very inspiring and has an extremely strong message. Thank you for letting others out there know what you had gone through and how you overcame it, wow as I was reading I got a total shockwave, just to imagine all that pain, sleepless nights and everything one goes through during withdrawal, yes you are so right on your own a person can not do it you’d definitely need God and I am happy that you are letting everyone know that.

    I am a mother of boys and I pray for them every day in order for God to protect them from the influences that could lead to any kind of addiction, and I am certain that with strong constant prayers my sons will receive that protection because I saw what this did to my older brother and a cousin of mine, in the end my cousin opted to die instead of having to live like that but at the time most of my family had no true relationship with God and it was very difficult to help him so as the saying goes prevention is better than cure, so let us pray for all these young people who are currently addicts and for those who has not been exposed yet to remain under God’s protection.

    Congratulations on the work you are doing, you are an inspiration and reading your post is encouraging me to come out with the reality of my life growing up in a house where all that people did was deal in drugs until I grew up and realized how wrong that was and determined my fate not knowing that God was right there with me.

    1. God bless you for being a strong prayer warrior. You remind me of my own mother who is like a professional prayer women and taught me about God and His son Jesus and how to pray. Prayer is so powerful and real that so many people are missing out on the God’s goodness and protection.

      Thank you for sharing your comments and reading my Post. I simply wanted to use this site to share my honest and true story. It included God and how He helped me when I was at my lowest point…therefore that part of my story had to be told so that it might help others who have addiction issues. Its much easier (although difficult) to beat an addiction if you ask God for help and include Him, than if not. That is all that people need to realize because its true. I challenge people to give it a try because they have nothing to lose and all to gain by believing in the Creator of our universe. Moreso, to read the Word of God and listen to the story of Jesus who walked this earth about 2,000 years ago. Sent to earth as a gift for all humankind to save us from the corruption of the devil and satan. Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy and if we are not looking out for that….the devil will get a hold of you. No matter what the challenge, or hurdle or trial or tribulation is…we can stop the devil and defeat him simply by speaking the powerful names of Jesus.

      I was beaten down, at rock bottom and nearly gave up…but all I did was reach back out to God and ask Him for help since I had nothing left. He came and here i am today helping other people who are going through the same troubles that I went through. If I dont use my experience to help others, then all of that ordeal, all the pain and suffering was for nothing. It was all a big waste of time and emptiness. I could not let that happen. So, I created this site to help others and give back. If I can help one other person beat their distracting addiction..then it all worth while. Therefore, please share this site when you can: http://www.heroininme.com

      I pray for your sons as well. Whenever two or more people agree in prayer, God will be there. Two or more agreeing in prayer is more powerful than one according to the Bible…therefore I believe that your sons will always reject drugs and alcohol and always say no to the things that you have taught them to say no to.

      Your comment has encouraged me and contributed to this site which will directly help many others. Thank you for that! – Matty B.

  7. Very informative and scary article. I would have liked to have seen the video at the end but they are not loading.
    Going through treatment to get off of heroin sounds like a terrifying ordeal. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to try this on their own.
    I also have to wonder about people taking drugs like Oxycontin. Is getting off of them as difficult as you have described or is it different since it is prescribed by a doctor?

    1. Thanks Maureen for the comments and support. Actually, the ‘video’ at the end was not actually a video imbedded into this Post, but instead just a link to another Post on this site HEROin Me. That is probably why it did not load. There is indeed a video once you get to that particular Post. Forgive me if you went to the linked Post and still could not play video. In that case, I will have to look into it.

      Yea, well many people do not choose to become addicted or try it on their own. Some people do party and escalate their drug use up to heroin for entertainment purposes, but the majority got addicted because of genetics. Addictions runs in their family and before they knew it, they were hooked.

      Good question, well YES taking prescription drugs like OXY is just as hard as getting off heroin. You have all the same withdrawal symptoms. They are essentially the same exact drug with different dosages. It depends on the person and if they have technically gone from being dependent on the OXY to full on addiction…as to how easy it is for them to wean off. Involving Doctors to wean off is the best way to do it. They can help control a lower and lower dosage as you taper off and reduce or eliminate withdrawal. Thanks.

  8. Hi,
    I commend you for opening up and being so honest about your past “illness”.
    I am sure talking about your addiction in this way will hep and encourage others

    1. Thank you. Yes, opening up and then using my past experience with opiate and opioid addiction to help others is the goal of this site. If I do not use my bad experience as an addict to help others, then it was a complete waste of time and energy and nothing good came out of it. It was only hurt and pain. Its helpful to help others as a way to heal yourself I have found. Thank you for sharing and please SHARE my Posts/Website to anyone you know struggling with any addiction. Go to: http://www.heroininme.com

  9. I have tried supplements to ease withdrawal feelings and AMAZON does have a product called CalmSupport Opiate Withdrawal Aid . It had good reviews and really DOES help ease it. Many people who tried if before me gave great reviews. So, I bought it and tired it for a few weeks and they were right. its not magic, nor does it help 100% by any means. But it seemed to remove some of the symptoms like anxiety and RLS. If I were you, I would try it out. Prices here are about same on Amazon. 0 JP.

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