If it is only one thing that you get from this site it is that you cannot give up.  You must never give up in your fight against Heroin or Pain Pill Addiction.

Statistics show us that 7 people die from drug overdose every hour in the United States.  Add in abroad and the number goes even higher.  This is devastating.  We are in an epidemic and the numbers are growing.  This can probably be contributed to the fact that not much was done a decade ago to stem the increase of opiate and opioid (Heroin / Pain Pills) abuse.

Most people go from becoming addicted to their prescribed opioid pain medications to Heroin off the street.  Statistics also show us this.  The numbers are staggering, but shed light on the problem.  Something like half or more people who are addicted to Heroin claim that they first became addicted to opiates after legally being prescribed some kind of opioids like Vicodin or OxyContin by their Doctor.

Look, there is no shame in this.  It happens to A LOT of people.  You are not alone if this is you.  There is nothing ‘wrong’ with you.  These drugs are very powerful and take over your body.  They are so addictive that if you have any kind of genetic pre-disposition (addiction runs in your family) to drug addiction, then you are doomed if you ever start taking pain pills regularly.  This was my case, I will admit. 

I became addicted to opioids after having many surgeries to repair a badly damaged shoulder and neck.  I was prescribed opioids BEFORE, DURING and AFTER all 5 of my surgeries.  It was a very painful experience mentally and physically.

I am still living in chronic pain today, but I use more holistic methods to cope with my pain.  I cannot take opioids to reduce my pain anymore obviously.  I did have a genetic risk when I began taking pain pills from my Doctor.  However, I did not know this.  It never entered my mind, even though I have a bloodline- related uncle who is a Heroin addict.  Alcoholism also runs in my family.

More must be done to warn people about drug addiction.  Especially Doctors who have the power and authority to suggest to their patients that they investigate their family history and look for addiction or alcoholism.  If this is the case, the patient should be heavily warned against taking opioid pain medications.

No one should have to live in physical chronic pain.  Pain medications DO serve a wonderful purpose for many people.  Even while I was taking pain medications, they allowed me to function and retain my career.  Without them, who knows what would have happened aside from major financial issues had I lost my job.

Eventually, I did lose my job at the time I had to have a 5th surgery to remove nerve tumors growing underneath my shoulder blade.  This was also about the time I finally entered drug rehab.  I had no choice.  I was rock-bottom after about 7 years of being on Fentanyl.

My pain was so bad and Doctors had trouble repairing my shoulder and neck.  Therefore, I began seeing a Pain Management Doctor.  These Doctors are known for basically prescribing heavy opioids for people who can’t be fixed.  I escalated up to Fentanyl.  As many of you know, Fentanyl is far stronger than Heroin.  At least our insurance covered these pain patches.  However, sure enough..I began abusing them just like I had abused the pain pills prior to using Fentanyl.

All of this was prescribed, and I never did use Heroin.  However, Fentanyl is basically lab-created Heroin.  It’s all the same with the same effects.  The withdrawal feelings from any of this stuff are the same.  The severity of the withdrawals depend on how long you have been on opiates or opioids and at what dosage.

For me, I had ramped up to 300 mcg of Fentanyl.  But, the main problem was that I had been on it for so long…my body became tolerant.  This meant I was not getting enough pain relief.  Therefore, I began taking more of the Fentanyl than my Doctor had ordered.  I began finishing my prescription two weeks early every month.  This put me into a hardcore cycle of withdrawal then re-dosing every single month once my Doctor gave me a new script.  opiate alternative

This went on for years.  It was horrible.  I felt trapped.  I was in major daily chronic physical pain at the same time I was developing a very severe addiction to opioids.  Now, I had two major problems in my life.  One of them would have been enough to deal with.  But, now I had a second major issue that was NOT going away.  These types of drugs (opioids or opiates) take control of every aspect of your body, mind and soul.

They begin to control your life.  You end up doing things that you would have never, ever considered doing prior to your drug use.  It changes you for the worse.  Your morality and ethics go straight out the window…because all that matters is taking your opiates and not running out.  The withdrawal from opiates or opioids are the same.  And, they are terrible, terrible, terrible.

If you have never been through them, count your blessing and I pray that you never have to.  They claim that withdrawals cannot kill you, but I highly disagree.  They almost took my life.  You see, I had had enough.  I was beyond rock-bottom.  I did not see a way out at one point in my life.  I  was in major pain every day…and had already had 4 failed reconstructive surgeries on my shoulder and neck. 

My wife and I had tried everything to reduce my pain from Chiropractors to Holistic methods.  We were told by Doctors that they could not do anything else.  All that could be done was done by surgeons. On top of physical pain problems I was now a “drug addict”.  We had to peel back each problem layer by layer and it needed to start with drug rehabilitation.  I had no idea how this was going to turn out, because of the physical pain.  Without pain medications I could NOT function or work.  It was a devastating time in our life.

It became so bad, that I nearly took my own life.  I just wanted to put myself out of misery.  I could not stand having to go through horrible withdrawals anymore.  As mentioned, above, I was having to go into withdrawal just about every month because I was finishing my pain medication prescription two weeks early and the Doctor would not refill.  I had to wait about two weeks while being in withdrawals from opioids.  Why I did this to myself…I have no idea!  As I said, these drugs take over your life and you become fully dependent on them mentally and physically.  Sometimes, it is just not in your control to stop it.

I never knew what hit me.  I could not believe this was happening to me.  Prior to my first surgery and realizing that I was living in chronic pain from a bad upside-down fall onto my left shoulder and neck, my life was fantastic!  I was on top of the world.  I met and married the most amazing woman in the world.  She was my best friend and mate.  She still is today.  I love her more than words could express.  She stuck with me through this entire mess although times did get rough at points.  This was my fault obviously because I did things like “lie” and try to cover up my addiction to my pain meds.  It has taken years to re-build trust, but I am grateful she has remained close with me.  She could have left me at any point.

Although times were rough and I was doing this and doing that related to my drug addiction, I believe that my wife knew that I hadn’t asked for any of this.  I was not going out and seeking recreational drugs at any point.  I was not breaking the law and buying Heroin  (although honestly,  I probably would have had I known where to get it at that time).  I was not taking drugs for recreation.  And, I had a family history of drug addiction, therefore it was probably in my genetics.  Although, I have never used this as an excuse. 

I was the last person you would think would become a drug addict.  I soon realized that I was no different than any other Heroin or Pain Pill addict.  We were all the same.  My career was incredibly successful at the time.  At age 24, I had invested in numerous real estate properties and started a very lucrative rental property operation.  I was working full time in public accounting as well as running a contracting business.  Everything was great.

But, that all began to explode after I started taking pain medications to reduce the discomfort and allow me to function better.  This was in about 2005.  Soon thereafter, I had my first shoulder reconstruction.  Because my original injury had healed wrong…this surgery failed within days.  Take my physical pain and multiply it by 10 now.  I was in excruciating pain.  This first surgeon had done a procedure that was old.  It was never going to work with my injury we later found out by a shoulder specialist.  We should have done our homework and gone to a shoulder specialist (expert) at that time.  We did not and today I still ‘pay the price’ for this.

At its worse, I had lost hope of things being fixed and repaired.  I ended up writing numerous suicide notes.  I eventually flushed them down the toilet and did not hurt myself.  But, it came close.

Instead, all that I could do was NOT GIVE UP.  That was all I had….just not giving up.  No matter how difficult my situation was, even if I saw no way out…I just could NOT give up under any circumstances.  I mean this was serious.  I was actually considering taking my own life to end the physical pain, withdrawals and drug addiction.  It got that bad.

Ironically, I was raised in a Christian…Bible believing church.  I thank God for this today, because this is what saved my life.  When I saw no way out…in the back of my mind..I knew that eventually God could make things better.  I just kept telling myself this day after day.  After deciding NOT to take my own life,….I did two things:  1) AGREED WITH MYSELF TO NOT GIVE UP,  2)  PUT MY FAITH IN GOD. 

It worked because I am alive and well today telling  you about this.  We have fully recovered financially and my health is getting better.  I exercise regularly and try to eat healthy.  My wife and I are closer than ever and trying to have our first child.  Things are looking good.  I pray regularly and ask God to smash the Devil in his face.  Really, there is good in this world and there is evil.  Its cut and dry.  Nothing in between.  God is the good and the Devil is the evil.  

Both of these ‘entities’ are real and active.  The Devil’s goal is to kill, steal and destroy.  His greatest tool is deception.  He uses drugs to distract us from God and life.  He also uses drugs to deceive people into thinking that a drug can make them feel better and take all of their troubles away.  Soon, they learn that this is a lie.  Well, where do you think this lie comes from?  It comes from evil or the Devil and his minion demons who are operating in full force in and around this earth.

Do not think for one second that the Devil is not real.  Evil has to come from somewhere.  Many people are influenced by Satan and this thug keeps people drugged up and destroys them.

Even though I was raised in a Christian home, I was still attacked by the Devil.  Evil still hit my home.  I cannot tell you why this all happened to me even though I was a “Christian” and believed in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.  I personally accepted Christ when I was about 12 years old.  I believe in Him and His power to this very day.  Like I said before, the only reason why I survived my drug addiction and physical pain was because I asked God for help.  All you have to do is ask.  God might not help your situation if you do not turn to Him and literally ask Him for help out loud.  Make it bold and be real about it.

If you are an addict right now or someone you love is….Don’t leave God out of the picture.  You have nothing to lose and all to gain.  If you do not believe in religion or church that is fine.  I don’t believe in religion either.  All I believe in is a Real, Living, Powerful and Loving God.  Over 2,000 years ago, He sent his Son Jesus down to earth for a purpose.  It was to become a sacrifice for each one of us who chooses to believe in Him.

Historically, it has been proven that Jesus was tortured and crucified on a cross.  He did this so that His shed blood could be used to take away the sins of mankind.  This was God’s plan.  The Bible tells it all.  We encourage you to read the Bible and discover the truth.  It is an Amazing read.  Most of all, there is power in just the name of Jesus Christ. 

If you are struggling with drug addiction, all you have to do is call out loud the name of “JESUS” and ask Him for help.  Ask Him for strength.  Ask Him for hope & peace & healing.  Have Faith in Him and you will see your issues begin to resolve.  It will be difficult.  You probably will not see instant results.  But, keep the faith and God will restore you eventually.  Do NOT give up on Faith either.

It happened for me and this is the only reason why I tell my story.  To help other people.  In order for my entire terrible near decade of chronic pain and drug addiction to make sense,…I had to have something good come out of it.  That good, is knowing that this site might help YOU or someone you love.

You can beat your drug addiction.  You can avoid relapse.  90% of all addicts who enter rehab end up relapsing in the very first week.  This number is astounding.  That means that 9 out of every 10 people fail soon after entering drug rehab.  Something MUST be done about this.  Something CAN be  about this.

We have provided a lot of helpful information throughout this site.  We have FOUR core pillars in our mission to help people become Heroes for themselves by defeating their addiction.



*You can find Pages to each of these Pillars at the top main header MENU of this website.  Beneath each are additional helpful Pages.

You can help to support our cause by simply sharing our Posts & Website with your friends and family.  We often use social media to spread our mission.  We must all talk about this drug addiction problem and be sure to educate our young people.

Had more school kids been educated and made aware of the dangers of drug addiction years ago, we might not have as many addicts today.  We need to drastically increase our outreach to schools especially.  We need to be encouraging kids to research their family history to see if drug addiction or alcoholism exists.  If so, they need to know that they are highly at risk of becoming the same.

Had I known how vital genetic addiction was, I would have thought twice about taking pain medications so many years ago.  We could have at least been warned, but we never were.  I had no idea at the time that if addiction runs in your family, you are more at risk.  Doctors need to do a better job of warning their patients and encouraging them to check their family history.  One little question on one tiny form at the Doctors office is clearly not enough.

We need better treatment methods to decrease the number of relapses.  Search for our Post related to the Brain’s Neuro-Transmitters.  After learning from our Doctor how important the brains chemicals are related to drug addiction, we took action to research further and present it on this site.  It is all explained in the following Post:

Neuro-Transmitter Chemicals


Thank you for taking the time to read this article.  We offer many other Posts that might be helpful to you or someone you love.  Spread the word that opiate & opioid drug addiction should be talked about far more.  We must join together as a community and encourage our Federal & State Governments to spend more money on programs that target drug addiction.  There is so much more that needs to be done.  We cannot sit back and think that the drug addiction problem is isolated to the inner-city thugs and bums.

This is no longer the case.  Today, it is your family member, your neighbor, your co-worker or your friend who is struggling with opiate abuse.  Doctors, Lawyers and Nurses are now showing up in drug rehab centers seeking help.  People you never expected would become a drug addict have become drug addicts.  This issue is hitting anyone and everyone.  We Pray that God will give us the wisdom and strength to fight this addiction problem and reduce the overdose deaths.

This is my story.  I am NOT proud of it.  I wish that it would have never happened.  Bu  But, it is what it is.  I have to live with it and move forward.  By helping others deal with the same issues, I can make sure that my entire ordeal was not just an entire waste of time and energy.  Something good will come out of it.

(Stay Tuned for Part II:  “How I Recovered; Breakthroughs”)


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