Why Isn’t Narcan More Easily Accessed?

Narcan (also known as Naloxone) can be a life-saving for someone who has overdosed from an opiate.  Given the high number of overdose deaths, lawmakers created a path to make Narcan readily available at pharmacies.  This has already taken place.  As a matter of fact, most first-responders carry Narcan mist on their person.  As mentioned, Pharmacies also stock Narcan in most States.

For example, California passed a bill that allowed pharmacists to dispense Narcan to people who may be at risk of overdose including their family members and friends.  A prescription is NOT necessary provided the pharmacist completes an hour of training, agrees to train the recipient in its use, briefly mentions drug treatment options, and notifies the recipient’s primary care physician.  But, the problem is that even two years later, the pharmacies haven’t followed through on the plan.  This is very unfortunate and it is costing lives in some instances.  Narcan is still not available in many States.  At least not available the way the State Bill was meant to act.

Listen in to an opiate recovery support group discuss this issue:

Discussion Guide:

  • Do you have Narcan? Where did you get it? Did your health insurance help pay for it?
  • Can you get Narcan from your local pharmacy? 
  • What factors do you believe have prevented pharmacies from offering Narcan?
  • What are your state regulations on accessing Narcan?
  • I encourage you to contact your local pharmacy to ask if they distribute Narcan, if you need a prescription, and what the cost is.


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  1. My friend had to use Narcan when he took too much heroin and over-dosed. I think it saved his life. The police officer is the one who brought the narcan nasal mist to him after we called 911. Very scary situation and a wake up call. – Pete

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