New Research On Marijuana


Many of us are familiar with the benefits of marijuana.  Proponents of cannabis sometimes close their eyes to the risks of marijuana.  So let’s explore the research surrounding its potential negatives.  Hear what this group discusses concerning some new research findings in the PodCast linked below.   Listen and learn from this live group of recovering addicts from the “Opiate Support Group” led by Gail Gabbert.

Let’s go straight to the source and see what addicts think about Marijuana and this new found research.


Discussion Guide:


  • What are the benefits of marijuana?


  • What are the risks of marijuana to overall health?


  • What are the risks of marijuana to mental health?


  • What are the risks of marijuana to driving safety?


  • What are the risks of marijuana during pregnancy?


  • Have you known anyone who suffered a negative consequence from marijuana use?



New Research On Marijuana

(Open Page And Press Play to Listen to a Group of Recovering Addicts Talk About the Discussion Points Above)


You Need Valuable Supplements To Recover


Supplements are the best way to help your brain ‘catch-up’ on the neuro-transmitters that were depleted while you were using opiates of any kind.  Obviously, the longer you used heroin or opioid pain pills, the longer it will take to replenish your brains most important chemical (like: dopamine & serotonin).  Furthermore, the higher the dose of opiate that you were taking the more severe your depletion of these brain chemicals will be.

Either way, it is of utmost importance that you work as hard as you can to rebuild your brain chemicals while you are in recovery.  Many opiate & heroin addicts relapse because their brains chemicals are out of whack.  With not enough dopamine, for example, the person is never going to feel the normal pleasures of life.  They will feel down and in despair most of the time.  After it becomes overwhelming, they feel the only way to make it go away is to use drugs again to get relief.

The only answer to this is for you to consistently consumer natural supplements to boost your brains neuro-transmitters as fast as possible.  We highly recommend that you use:  A1 SUPPLEMENTS

heroin & opiate supplements

Supplemental Reading:

Dorri Olds, Cannabis Eases Pain But May Increase Risk of Mental Illness, Report Says,

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, THE HEALTH EFFECTS OF CANNABIS AND CANNABINOIDS,



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