estly, we should be having ‘Opiate Awareness Week’ every single week!  We cannot provide too much awareness when it comes to opiate addiction.  Plus, there are many methods of delivering awareness to various age groups.  Obviously, the younger generations in school should be handled with care and presented with a different perspective on opiate addiction.  Whereas, middle-aged adults should be taught about prescription drugs and also how to raise their kids to be knowledgeable about drugs.

Awareness is the key to fighting opiate addiction.  Whether its a child who has no idea what drugs even are, or a grown adult with an addicted child….all of us need to be aware of the dangers of opiate drugs.  We are experiencing an epidemic right now in this country.  Obviously, there was not enough awareness a decade ago…otherwise we might not be in this heroin crisis today.  rehab from opiates

More should have been done to prevent drug addiction long ago.  Our State and Federal Governments ought to be ashamed of themselves for bickering within, yet neglecting to address this major drug crisis.  Sure, now that they realize 52,000 people died in 2016 from drug overdose…they finally want to do something about it.

It is what it is.  All that we can do is make people of all ages aware of opiate drugs and how they destroy lives.  Awareness is what causes prevention of drug use.

Awareness Is Prevention

Knowledge is powerful and using it to make people aware is the key to fighting this drug epidemic.  We need to teach kids about drugs so that when the time comes that they have to make a choice whether to experiment with drugs or not,…they make the right choice.

If a child has no idea about opiate drugs, when the opportunity arises for them to ‘test out some opioid pain pills’….the might very well do it.  They probably will when you factor in peer pressure in school.  If that child has a family history of drug addiction,…most likely they will become the same. 

Whereas, if the child is educated about the dangers of drugs and how to handle temptation,…that might prevent them from ever trying drugs in the first place.  This is why awareness is the key.  It can help stop any future epidemics.

However, we must now fight & destroy the current epidemic.  How do we do that?  Well, its not easy obviously otherwise…it would have been defeated by now.  It is a major challenge for the community.

The community must pull together and use all resources to create as many programs as we can.   We have to reach young people, middle-ages folks as well as older retired people.  We need to hit all age categories because one way or another drug addiction will effect them at some point in their life.

What do you think? 


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3 thoughts on “AWARENESS IS THE KEY

  1. My son, my beautiful, bright, compassionate, athletic son is a heroin addict. He started abusing drugs in high school. After the death of my husband, his stepdad, he tried heroin and became addicted almost immediately. That addiction reared it’s ugly head three years ago. He has suffered numerous overdoses some bringing him to death’s door. The fourth close friend died last night from an overdose. He contracted Hep C. There have been several legal issues, and he has robbed me almost blind, stealing and selling anything and everything he could, including wedding rings of my deceased husband and me, just to get money for drugs. He deals drugs to support his addiction.
    Awareness is one key to helping prevent another person from becoming addicted and/or death. Families and friends of addicts need to find each other and bond together to support one another and to learn how we can healthfully support our loved one (s). While I don’t want to “out” my son or put his junk out in public, I also feel like my story might be able to help others in the same boat as me. I attend Al Anon and family support group meetings. I go to private counseling in an effort to help me through this part of the journey. But I feel a strong need to do more. My story might help another person. My son’s story might have a positive impact on another person.
    How can I help? What can I do? I’ve been looking for symbols that promote Opiate Awareness and Prevention. I can’t find one. Helping my son and others is becoming a platform of mine. Please inform me!
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Charesse, thanks for sharing your thoughts and story about your son. I am sorry to hear this, but just know that you are NOT alone. Many, many parents are going through the same exact thing as you. Its an epidemic touching the lives of more people than ever before. More must be done. Of course its too late for Awareness & Prevention for some people. That means we have to focus on better detox and more successful recoveries since 9 out of 10 addicts relapse during their first week of rehab. Not to give you that bad news but those are the stats. I believe its because they are not doing enough, in rehab clinics. Its obviously NOT working. Opiates are strong drugs and the lure to use them again is heavy. They make you feel so good physically and mentally…that remembering that sticks with you and tempts you for a long time. That is the problem…its that we (addicts) remember how good it felt while we took heroin, or Fentanyl –as in my case) or pain pills etc.
      IF your son can talk to a therapist who is experienced with drug addiction and figure out ways for him to forget his past drug useage.. Control his thoughts more.
      Everyone gets addicted to opiates or opioids immediately. Who doesn’t want to feel euphoric and greater than ever? most people do which is why heroin is so dangerous. You think its OK b/c it makes you feel good. Well, its one big deception. One big lie that the Devil uses to kill and destroy people. Honestly that is really what it is. Good against Evil/ God against the Devil and his demons who use drugs to keep people away from God. He tried it on me, but eventually I fought back, called out to God when I was rock-bottom and He saved me and has helped me since.

      Also, the brains chemicals are the key to successful recovery and avoiding relapse. This worked for me 100% which is why I tell people about it. When I went to rehab it was embarrassing and devastating. But I decided that I would learn everything that I can so that one day I could help other people. Here I am doing it now through this site among other outreaches.

      Sounds like you want to do the same and that is great. You have learned so much through this and its great you want to use it to help others. Really great! I would like to write a Post, dedicate a Post to your story. I will basically sum up what you wrote above. BUt, then we can take it from there. Do you like writing? {Perhaps you can write articles and I can feature them on my site? I get a lot of traffic nowadays because I advertise and social media. I have gotten over 300,000 page views over past 9 months. The point is that I want to reach people and help them…the numbers don’t really matter. Each individual person matters. Even if I only reach one person, then what I went through had a purpose.
      If I sat back and did nothing, then I see my 10 year Fentanyl addiction ordeal as being a waste of time and energy for nothing. A big loss of my life which nearly I ended.
      By doing this creating awareness…I am making something good happen out of my terrible experience.
      You can do the same! If you want to write articles about your story and pick a topic from within. LIke prevention, or parents dealing with child in detox, or how to get them into rehab, improvement that need done. There are many sub-topics about drug addiction.
      Or, you can record PodCast that you can feature. Or you can record a self-video and post them on a YouTube Channel dedicated to helping Parents or your son.
      Its a horrific situation to go though if you are a loved-one of an addict. That lone is probably worse than what the addict deals with. I got insight scoop from my wife who was by my side during my entire 10 year addiction to Fentanyl which is 40 times stronger than heroin.
      I had had many shoulder surgeries that failed to reduce my pain so I started getting prescribed Fentanyl and many other pain meds. Needless to say, addiction is genetic and it was in my genes. Not that that is an excuse, but it is a factor in addiction. It runs in families and people should be alerted about this.
      Anyway, loved ones is a great sub topic to focus it effects you guys, how you feel helpful trying to help them, what you should do, etc.

      You can also do what I am doing and start a WEBSITE BLOG. Its not hard and doesn’t need any IT experience. All you need is a computer and internet connection. They make it easy to build and manage websites these days. I used a platform to help me do it all. Let me know if you are interested. Its FREE to build two websites. Hope I have helped you and thanks for telling your story. It needs told. – Matt B.

  2. We need more awareness in this world about the dangers of drug addiction. Especially Heroin and pain pills since they are the most addictive. MOre people are dying from drug overdoses than ever before in time. This is why we have an epidemic or major crisis. More must be done. Awareness does lead to increased prevention. Alert your friends and family and TALK ABOUT IT. Its not pretty but we need to discuss this issue and create more programs. It could be YOUR child that is the next addict.

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