Through my own personal experience and through a lot of years of research and dedication, I have learned exactly what we need to do to stop the Opiate Epidemic.

As many of you know from recent news show, this country is in a crisis.   We have more than 8 people who die from drug overdose every single hour in the United States.  That is every HOUR, not every day.

That is more than 50,000 people a year!  This could have been prevented.  Now, is not the time to point the finger, but instead to learn from our past mistakes.

There has been a “War on Drugs” now for several decades.  Our government has been going after the Mexican Drug Cartels whom are mostly responsible for bringing all of the drugs into this country.  Their efforts should be applauded, but honestly they are barking up the wrong tree.

They have often ‘cut the head off the snake’meaning they have continued to kill the top bosses in various Cartels.  However, this does NOT stop the problem in America.  Another person steps up and immediately takes over the Cartel.  No changes are ever made, no drugs are ever stopped from coming into this country, we still have open boarders.

The saying “No Customer, No Cartel” holds the most truth in this situation.  The problem is NOT the Cartels nor the drugs.  The problem is the people with the appetite for the drugs.  The main issue is all the people who are addicted to drugs and buying them on the streets.

Addiction is the main problem here.  There will always be drugs on the street and the black market will never go away.  Drugs will be available for ever and there is nothing that can be done about that.

What we need to do is create LESS addicts through Awareness & Prevention programs.  We need to reach our young people while they are young and drill it into them how dangerous drugs are.

We need to teach all people about genetics and how addiction runs in families just like any other disease or alcoholism.  Just by knowing that Addiction runs in your family is half the battle to defeating addiction before it even begins.  You can stop the cycle of addiction if you know that a cycle exists!

Our country is the wealthiest nation that has ever existed in history.  Because of this wealth we have the means to invent and create the best, most advanced technology on the planet.  We can afford the greatest scientists to ever walk the earth and in the past, that is exactly what the United States has done.

So, no one in the world can tell me that this is not possible, because I already know it happened.  I am talking about developing a pain medication drug that is as powerful as morhpine or fentanyl, yet not addictive whatsoever….like Tylenol or Advil.  This might sound crazy to you, but it is NOT.

This is completely feasible.  Scientists at a University have already accomplished this.  In a lab recently, they figured out how to remove an addictive protein trait to the chemicals that reduce or eliminate physical pain.  It is possible.  We need the FDA to approve more drugs that are NOT addictive, yet have enough powerful and effectiveness to help those patients who have severe physical chronic pain.

I am passionate about this topic, because I am one of those patients who constantly lives with physical chronic pain.  After 6 failed reconstructive surgeries to my shoulder and neck I now live in pain every day.

Because I was prescribed strong Opioids BEFORE, DURING and AFTER my 6 surgeries, I became fully addicted to Opioids.  It got very bad.  I do have addiction that runs in my family, but it never came to mind while I was going through this terrible ordeal.

I was badly addicted before I even knew it.  Addiction landed right on my lap.  And, I was out of control in short time.  These Opioid chemicals are so strong and powerful that they will take control over the most disciplined, most moral, most educated, most strong minded person in the world.

Heroin and Pain Pills take full control over the person.  The chemical is what runs the persons life and makes all of the decisions.  Everything in an addicts life revolves around the drug.  I went through this just like every other addict does or did.

However, I want to use my experience to help other people who are going through the same thing.  Otherwise, my horrific ordeal that nearly cost me my life will have happened for nothing.  I cannot let that happen.  I cannot allow a decade of my life that brought devestation, pain, disruption, confusion and sorrow to be wasted.

If I can help people avoid addiction, or to overcome their Opiate addiction…then it can make sense why I went through my ordeal.  I can make sense of it and give it some justification.  Although, I wish it had never happened to begin with.  I cannot think like this.

It is what it is.  It happened.  I cannot change it.  All that I can do now is use my knowledge and experience to help fight Opiate Addiction.

I am fighting Opiate Addiction with information.  Some people can only be reached online.  Most addicts do not want to admit or talk about their addiction.

But, in secret, they are searching for answers.  They do NOT want to be an addict.  They will go online looking for ways to beat their addiction.  This is where we come into play.  Our site HeroinInMe.com is dedicated to helping people defeat their Opiate addiction as well as supporting the loved-ones who are going through the same ordeal.

Often times, the loved-one of the addict goes through a much tougher time than the addict themselves.  Just ask the loved-ones of addicts and they will tell you how terrible it is. 

My wife could sure tell you how terrible it was to watch me cope with physical pain every day while becoming addicted to my Fentanyl.  Lying, Cheating, Stealing to keep my addiction running smooth is all we do.  We cannot help ourselves.  We are no longer in control of our lives.  This is the sad truth. 

Statistics tell us that Four out of every Five Heroin Addicts first became addicted to their legally prescribed opioid pain medication.  This is where it all begins.   Someone has an injury or needs a surgery.  They end up dealing with chronic daily pain and therefore they get sent to a Pain Management Doctor. 

These days, most of what pain Doctors do is prescribe hardcore pain medications like Oxycontin, Fentanyl, Vicodin, etc.  These Doctors means well and they are simply trying to help patients reduce their pain levels.  I do not believe that we should place any blame on pain Doctors who over-prescribe. 

However, with that said…I will say that Doctor offices should do a much better job at ‘vetting’ those patients whom they are going to be prescribing Opioid pain medications to.  Doctors should do more background checks and research the patient’s family history to see if addiction exists.  This could easily be done with today’s technology and probably would have prevented me from becoming an addict. 

Anyhow, the Doctor prescribing issue is another Post for another time.  What we are focusing on now…is to Lobby our government to have the FDA approve more pain medication drugs that are NOT addictive. 

If we could have more effective drugs that reduce severe chronic pain in patients….we would drastically reduce the number of Heroin and Pain Pill addicts in the future.  We could do away with the most addictive drugs like Oxycontin & Percocet. 

We could leave Fentanyl available to only those cancer patients who are terminal and going to die.  This way, it doesnt matter if they become addicted or not.  They are going to die and never have to get off of the Fentanyl nor withdrawal from it.  Fentanyl DOES work and it works well.  However, it should be prescribed to only those patients whom never have to get off of it.  Those who are terminally in pain. 

There are no more excuses.  An addictive-free strong pain medication has already been created.  The big PHARMA companies sure dont want to hear about it.  Selling Opioid pain medications is a billion dollar business.  They have one of the biggest Lobbies in Washington going to bat for them.  This now becomes the number one hurdle to getting this accomplished. 

The PHARMA companies netting billions every year are going to do everything they can to stop a non-addictive effective pain medication from being prescribed in the future. 

However, just like any other situation, we as a community can join together and make our voices be heard.  We can demand that our tax dollars be used to develop, market and distribute non-addictive yet potent physical pain medications nation-wide. 

What do you think?  Is this a crazy idea?  Do you think it is possible?  Would you join us in this effort to Lobby Washington and the POTUS to get this accomplished?

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