Holistic Approach to the Addiction Recovery Process

The suggestions below do work.  All you have to do is try them out.  You have nothing to lose.  Medications and addiction recovery drugs are needed in some cases.  We are not ‘talking bad’ about medications like Methadone or Suboxone.  They often have a place in this addiction process.  If you have questions or concerns…simply contact your primary care physician or addiction counselor.Heroin Prayers

We are suggesting these holistic methods below, because they do work.  We have practiced many of them ourselves.  My favorite would probably be exercise and yoga.  By exercising, I always get a natural ‘high’.  It is not just mental, either. 

The body really does release endorphins when you exercise to a certain point.  Bottom line is that exercise makes you feel good physically and mentally.  This can be a vital component in your opiate addiction recovery process.

One particular method mentioned below is “PRAYER”.  Do not take this activity lightly.  It is by far the most powerful source that you can tap into while defeating your addiction problems.  When you pray to the most Amazing High God in this Universe, He will hear you.  He will help you. 

He will give you the strength to beat your addiction once and for.  Eventually, you will become ‘RECOVERED’ versus always being in recovery like alcoholics see themselves.


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We do not support the idea that an addict is always going to be in recovery for the rest of their life.  We understand why Alcoholics use this theory.  But, we DO NOT subscribe to it here at www.HEROinIneMe.com.  The main reason is the mental perspective. 

If you think of yourself as always being in recovery, then you give yourself a reason to relapse.  For example, with this thinking…an addict might think that they have never beat their addiction and it is an ongoing issue that could come back at any time.  Other people would expect that, wouldn’t they?

NO,NO, NO…we want to help people to recover from their opiate or opioid addiction once and for all.  Defeat it and do not look back.  Do not let the past poison your future.  Do not see yourself as always being in recovery. 

See yourself as a Victor over your addiction.  You stamped it out and smashed it into pieces forever.

With that said, Faith and Prayer is what is going to help you the most!  We are not going to preach to you or get into any debates about religion.  This is not religion,…this is simply a personal relationship with God and His son Jesus Christ who gave His life for you and me.  heroin Faith

When you pray and reach out to God for help, he respond.  All you have to do is ask.  Even the most secular organizations related to drug rehab centers agree that prayer is a vital component in one’s fight against drug addiction. 

Statistics and polling even shows that the addicts whom were most successful at beating their opiate addiction used prayer regularly.  Not to Allah or Buddha, but to the Creator of this Universe and your Soul….God the Father of us all.


{The information provided below was brought to us by:   Lucy R. Waletzky, MD, Marsha J. Handel, MLS.  We would also like to thank Jackie Cortez who refers our site to relevant and important articles that contain helpful information in the fight against opiate & opioid addiction.  THANK YOU. }

As with every health condition, decreasing stress and boosting one’s immunity and psychological resilience can help the body cope better, heal more quickly, and maintain health. The holistic approach encourages the patient to include healing strategies that support the whole person.

There are many healing modalities that offer specific benefits related to withdrawal and relapse prevention. These modes of care can help to reduce tension, anxiety, depression and insomnia, improving overall mental, physical and spiritual well being. They also provide tools that help increase control over one’s behavior in positive ways.

For the best chance of success the healing approaches mentioned below need to be combined with total abstinence, a 12 step program and other addiction recovery resources.

Many of the healing approaches described are currently used in addiction treatment centers and are increasingly being studied in scientific clinical trials. Some studies of acupuncture, brain wave biofeedback and meditation have already shown dramatically improved success rates.

  • Acupuncture – Auricular, or ear, acupuncture is based on the idea that points in the ear are associated with specific parts of the body. Thus acupuncture needles placed in the ear can achieve a therapeutic effect anywhere in the body. Acupuncture is often used to reduce symptoms related to withdrawal and detoxification and may also have a role in relapse prevention by reducing anxiety, craving, irritability, the inability to focus, and muscle aches.


  • Biofeedback – Biofeedback uses instruments to provide information back to patients on their internal bodily processes so they can then learn to change those processes. This can include reducing muscular tension, heart and respiratory rate, and blood pressure, for example. Biofeedback has been found effective in several aspects of addiction treatment such as stress reduction and anxiety sensitivity, a fear of arousal-related bodily sensations that are interpreted as signs of impending catastrophe. Anxiety sensitivity is thought to increase drug withdrawal severity and to lower tolerance for withdrawal symptoms. People practicing biofeedback often say they gain psychological confidence when they learn they can control their physiology.


  • Brain Wave Biofeedback (neurofeedback) – In this type of biofeedback patients learn to alter their brain wave patterns. In one type of neurofeedback, the training involves restoring a normal pattern of alpha and theta waves which are disturbed by long term substance abuse. Brainwave biofeedback has shown dramatic success in several studies to prevent relapses from drug and alcohol addiction.


  • Exercise – Exercise provides benefits on many levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – that can contribute to the process of addiction recovery. A regular exercise program can boost mood and immunity, increase self-esteem, improve sleep, increase vitality, and promote a deepened awareness of the connection of mind and body.


  • Herbal Therapy – Herbs are natural botanical substances that have effects on the body. Many herbs have long been used in detoxification. Among the herbs currently being studied are ginseng for its effect on drug tolerance and dependence, kudzu for its potential to moderate alcohol abuse, kava and valerian to treat the insomnia that accompanies withdrawal, and milk thistle to improve liver function.


  • Hypnosis – Hypnosis is a state of heightened awareness that creates an openness to learning. This state of focused attention and concentration can be induced by the self or by a therapist. Hypnosis can be used as part of a total recovery program by re-enforcing ideas and suggestions compatible with a person’s goals, and can help clients reach their goals in more rapid, reliable and safe ways.


  • Meditation – There are many different types of meditation which all work to quiet the mind and promote relaxation and mental clarity. In particular, studies have shown Transcendental Meditation’s (TM) effectiveness in reducing the rate of relapse. In addition to reducing tension and anxiety, TM may also enhance a sense of control in anxiety-provoking situations that strengthens the long-term resistance to stress.


  • Nutrition – How we eat can have a powerful effect on how we feel and how well our bodies function. Diet and nutritional supplementation can strengthen our immune systems, improve mood, enhance the natural process of detoxification, and restore the body to a healthy balanced functioning level.


  • Prayer – Prayer can have a strong impact on healing by deepening one’s inner spiritual awareness and connection to a higher power. It can help people cope with stress, provide a sense of hope and optimism, reduce feelings of powerlessness and isolation, and enhance a deeper sense of safety and well-being.


  • Qigong – Qigong, a traditional Chinese health practice, consists of a series of slow moving exercises, breath work, visualizations and meditation. These serve to gather and stimulate the movement of energy (or Qi) in the body. Qigong is believed to have general health promoting and healing effects. It has also been shown to be helpful in addiction by lessening anxiety and promoting more rapid reduction of withdrawal symptoms during detoxification.


  • Yoga – The techniques of yoga, which include stretching, diaphragmatic breathing, guided relaxation and meditation, can induce the relaxation response and have other profound restorative effects. Regular practice of yoga can increase flexibility, calm the mind, improve concentration, and promote patience. It can also contribute to a greater sense of control in more acute states when experiencing cravings, insomnia, and agitation.

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As you can see, there are many options related to the holistic approach.  We highly support these methods.  They are tested and true.  We still utilize many of them to this very day.  They have helped countless people defeat their drug addiction and remain in good health.

What are you doing for your addiction recovery process?  Are you seeing Doctors?  Do you have a plan?  Have you been successful?

Share your comments below.  We would love to hear from you.  The community cannot keep sweeping this drug addiction crisis ‘under the carpet’ and ignore it.  We know that it is not a pretty topic to discuss. 

But, it MUST be talked about.  We must create plans and manage this epidemic.  We, the People, have the power to demand that our State and Federal Governments do more to combat drug abuse.

We cannot sit back and ignore this situation like we have done for decades.  This is exactly why we are in an epidemic right now.  There was NOT enough Awareness and Prevention efforts years ago.  It is not too late .

There are 7 people who die from drug overdose every single hour in the United States.  The numbers are even larger when you examine them outside our borders.  This is a worldwide heroin and pain pill epidemic that we must fight with Faith & Prayer.

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Information is the best tool against addiction.  Awareness causes an increase in Prevention.


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  1. What do you think about the Holistic approach. Do you believe in it? Would you recommend it to a loved one who might be an addict?

  2. Natural ways to stay recovered are definitely the best way. I HATE DRUGS OF ALL KINDS.

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