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Heroin Addiction Treatment

Opiate Addiction Treatments

At-Home Options

When you’re dependent on opiates, your body is use to having them in your system. Your body might also build up a tolerance to many of the drug’s side effects, like skin dryness and constipation. Suddenly cutting yourself off from opiates will cause a strong reaction.

If you try to go through withdrawal on your own, you’ll need to be prepared. Try to slowly taper off opiates before you go off them completely.  This will limit the intensity of your withdrawal.  However, given the compulsive nature of addiction, most people find self-regulated tapering to be impossible.  It often leads to a full relapse into opioid addiction.

Dehydration due to vomiting and diarrhea is common and could lead to serious health complications. Many people end up in the hospital with dehydration when they’re going through withdrawals. Drinking plenty of hydrating fluids during withdrawal is very important. Electrolyte solutions, such as Pedialyte, may help keep you hydrated.

Smoothies and Shakes are vital to getting you through opiate withdrawals.  Make sure the shake contains plenty of vitamins.  We would recommend you purchase VISALUS shakes, GO TO AMAZON TO BUY SHAKE MIX.  This will help you tremendously.

Its difficult, but if you can push yourself to exercise  Opiate WIthdrawal exercises

you will push the opiate toxins out of your body much faster.  Again, drink plenty of water while walking.

Medical Treatment

If you know that you are headed into withdrawals, it would be best if you sought medical attention from a doctor or rehabilitation center.  There are medicines that can be used to dramatically decrease the withdrawal feelings.   (SUBOXONE, METHADONE, VIVITROL).  If you have a severe case, you might want to check into a rehab center over-night.  They can monitor you and provide fluids, if necessary.  You want to beat opiate addiction, so do everything you can to prepare and give yourself a fighting chance.  You have to “fight like hell” if you want to get through the withdrawals and defeat your opioid or heroin addiction.  It wont be easy.  I have personally been through withdrawals numerous times (don’t ask) and I know exactly what you will go through.  It was the worst time of my life and I wished I was dead at that time.  You are living in a hell while going through severe opiate withdrawals.  You will be extremely tempted to relapse just to make the withdrawal feelings go away.  This is exactly why 90% of heroin/opiate addicts relapse during their first week in rehab.  So, take the advice and get on some withdrawal medication if you are serious about defeating your opioid habit.  If you have any questions or need support please comment below.  We are here for you.

Over-the-counter help

Using the correct doses of over-the-counter medications can help. Consider loperamide (Imodium) for diarrhea. If you’re experiencing nausea, you might try medications like meclizine (Antivert or Bonine) or dimenhydrinate (Dramamine). You can also try antihistamines like Benadryl. Aches and pains that seem to crop up everywhere can be treated with acetaminophen (Tylenol) or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil). Never use any medication for longer than its recommended usage or in larger doses than recommended.

Opiate withdrawal medicines

Preparation will be essential. Withdrawal symptoms can last from days to weeks depending on how long you have been on the drug.  If you have a couple weeks’ worth of medications, you can avoid the need to go out for more. But be careful not to use these medications in amounts greater than the recommended dose.  If the regular dose isn’t helping, make sure to discuss the issue with your doctor.

Alternative support

Though there isn’t much evidence regarding the use of vitamins and supplements in treating the effects of opioid withdrawal, we did locate several supplements that have wonderful reviews.  We recommend that you try them.  GO TO AMAZON TO PURCHASE.  THEN TELL US HOW IT WORKED OUT.

And, some studies have suggested that alternative medicine, such as acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is helpful.  We recommend trying anything that could possibly help reduce withdrawals.

In the case of acupuncture, several studies demonstrated reduced withdrawal symptoms when combined with certain medicines. The report of studies on Chinese herbal medications found that the herbs were actually more effective at managing withdrawal symptoms than clonidine was.

Examples of Chinese herbal medications used to treat opiate addiction include:

  • Tai-Kang-Ning, which is thought to be effective for moderate to severe heroin withdrawal
  • ginseng
  • U’finer, which is a Chinese herbal blend thought to repair the damage opiates may do to the brain

Heroin addiction story
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10 thoughts on “Heroin Treatment Options

  1. We recently detoxed our son from heroin. 2 weeks after he got married. We have moved him and his wife in with us. She found him on the floor of their apartment 3 weeks b4 wedding, so she knew but promissed to not tell anyone, she is innocent and had no idea of anything about drugs or addiction. She thought he’d just quit and be over it. I being his mom had help get him off of meth 2 yrs ago. So I knew in my heart he was doing drugs again, because he always avoids me when he is on something, I had my suspicions that it was opiates, but him being 26, I promissed to never accuse him again, hoping he’d figure it out, being that we have battled pills, meth and now heroin. Finally a friend of ours told us he was hanging around a drug dealer/user. So I called him and asked him which opiate he was using and he confessed that it was heroin and he didn’t know how to get out of it. So I asked if he wanted to meet with his dad, myself and his wife. He said yes please set it up. I immediately called his wife and asked her to meet and she said yes right now, she cried and was sorry she didn’t tell us, she didn’t know that this was serious. She is a school teacher and really had no idea all this going on, she had told me on several occasions that he was tired all the time, his legs hurt or wasn’t sleeping. I knew these were all withdrawal symptoms, so my worst fear happened again. It took over 2 months the previous time when he hit rock botttem. He lost his
    Job before. After he got clean from meth, his boss gave him his job back, infact he is in charge of employees. This time I had his wife call and tell his boss he had really high fever, vomiting, ect. This worked since we he works 4 days a week. So we detoxed him 10 days so he really only missef 1 week of work. He is working but I don’t think he has dealt with his issues and he is really depressed. We want him to see a dr for antidepressants, but he thinks there is shame in seeing a dr. I saw you said you had a list of vitamins. But I see your thread is about a year old. Could you possibly give me some advice To help him? I really want my son to live and he wants to, but depression runs in our family and he knows this, I was giving him trazadone for about 10 days. As soon as he realized it was an antidepressant he wouldn’t take anymore. I don’t understand that part, because it was helping him sleep and now he’s back to not sleeping well. Since they both our at our house they are able to save to get a house. But he is taking drug test about every other day and is still clean. We just need help on how to keep him this way. I am afraid if he relapses we will lose him. He says he doesn’t know how to be happy anymore and it really scares me. I wish I would’ve to his wife about his addiction issue, but I also felt he deserved a chance to get things right. So she knew when she married him, which I thought she’d run, but she has been great and we have been working a plan. We just need some advice and possible list of what may help, any advice is really appreciated. Thank you

    1. Well, first off you son knows that he has an incredible family. Without you guys he would not be here. You are saving his life. What is good about him is that he admits he needs help and wants help. That is half the battle because many people just want to keep getting high and are forced to go to rehab. So, be thankful that your son is being responsible in that manner.
      You probably know my story, under About section so I wont repeat, but basically I was in the same shoes that your son is. My wife also found me passed out laying over my couch. Long story, but I was extremely addicted to Fentanyl which is Heroin but synthetic. Its much more stronger than Heroing, however ALL of these Opiates and Opioids (Heroin versus lab made pain pills) are the same. They all have same effects and do the same damage.
      I was very successful prior to my first of 8 shoulder and neck surgeries. I had addiction in my family, but didn’t realize. I was prescribed hardcore opiates before, during and after all my surgeries and became addicted. At rock bottom I nearly took my life while in another sessions of bad withdrawals. I was tired of pain and withdrawals. I wanted help too like your son. I was embarrassed but after 7 years, I needed to go into rehab.
      So, I made it a priority to learn all that I could and become educated in everything related to Heroin, addiction etc. so that one day I could help others. I wants something good to come out of my ordeal otherwise it was a waste.
      Anyway, I would see people come and go from rehab as I was in there 5 months. I could not believe how many of them relapsed. There was nurses, businessmen, attorneys, stay at home Moms…you name it that type of person I saw in rehab. It hits anyone and everyone. Especially if you have a family history of addiction or alcoholism.. Tell your son, not to be hard on himself. Its not his fault. I am sure it is genetic and many people fall victim.

      Most importantly I learned how to avoid relapsing. My Doctor and other counselors educated me and I could not understand why the rehab centers were not doing more to prevent relapse. 9 out of 10 addicts relapse during their first week. thank God I did not, but I believe it was because of what my Doctor told me and what I did.

      Read my Page about the Brains Neuro-Transmitters. You can find at top menu drop down. I explain in detail how when you take opiates your brain STOPS producing Serotonin and Dopamine. This is because its getting that from the actual drug. Your brain gets out of balance from neurotransmitters which are these dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine directly relates to feeling good and normal. Your son is depressed because his brain is not balanced. Good thing is its NOT permanent like Alcoholism kills cells. Instead, your brain can heal itself, BUT, BUT, BUT it takes a long time to re-balance after you stop taking opiates.

      Problem is that over that time its healing, the person (your son) is depressed, feels despair 24 hours a day. They do not feel good at all mentally or physically and its because they are out of balance. Have him take the BRAVERMAN TEST that I put on that web page from Brain Neuro Transmitter page from top middle drop down.
      This question test helps you figure out which of the 4 main brain chemicals are depleted and how severe. Its a general test to give you an idea.

      Also, your son should see a primary care Doctor, but make sure they are an DO. internal medicine and not necessarily and MD. This is because their goal is to FIX the problem and not patch it again with more meds. My doctor taught me about my brain chemicals. You can have him order a real brain level test, but its expensive. Thus, why the paper test I put on my page is good enough to know.

      I was depleted majorly of Dopamine and Serotinin. I know he will be too because that is normal for the drug opiates. Without dopamine you feel depressed, sad, down and despair. ALl day and night long…its terrible. His brain is not producing a normal level of dopamine because the brain was getting this effect from the Heroin. Now that he stopped, the brain doesn’t just start producing dopamine at normal level again…because it takes months to do so. IN meantime, you suffer from depression. Also, he is never feeling any normal pleasures of life either. This is because he lacks serotonin and/or dopamine. Its temporary, but while waiting for brain to heal itself and rebalance many relapse because they cannot take the feeling of depression or downnoess anymore and they know from memory that within seconds they can make themselves feel 100% better by one hit of heroin or pain pills. Its very hard to resist this.

      The entire point is that you can speed up the rebalancing of your brains chemicals by taking supplements. Natural vitamins that are pre-curers to your brain and help it produce dopamine and serotonin much faster. And, it works! I did this and it helped me tremendously and I never relapsed because I started feeling normal and good again without depression and despair. This is the key. All your son wants is to feel normal, feel the normal pleasures of life, and not feel depressed and down anymore. If you can get to that and rebalance his brains chems, much more likely he does not relapse.

      He still has to be very tough to avoid relapse, but everything is against him if he is feeling down and depressed 24 hours a day.

      I also list the vitamin supplements on those pages. You can find Supplement Boosters at the top middle of main homepage drop down menus.

      Also, feel free to email me directly as I would like to continue helping you. MattBronowicz@gmail.com (any case is fine).

      It takes patience since the supplements he needs to take do not work over night. It still takes weeks and a few months of taking these vitamins.

      Is he on Suboxone or Methadone to help with withdrawal and etc.?? I was also on suboxone so that did help too. But, when detox and rehab is all said and done,…you are on your own. Many relapse because of what I have said above. They feel depressed rightfully so, because their brain is out of balance and doesn’t have or have enough dopamine and serotonin. They remember that Heroin or pIlls can ‘fix’ that feeling of depression right away so they go take it. NO ONE wants to feel depressed every day all day long…
      He should also talk to a counselor…long term whom he can talk about his feelings of wanting to use heroin and someone can monitor his depression. Depression meds might be good Ida, I really don’t know about that b/c I never took any. But, obviously talk to your Doctor about the depression stuff.

      So sorry you are going through this. Sorry for your son. He is not abnormal, as you know this is an epidemic effecting every type status of person that exists. 7 people an HOUR are dying from overdose in the U.S. That’s every hour, so we are trying to help people like you and your son by sharing our story. This topic is very special to my heart because I almost died and it ruined 10 years of my life.

      Your son is strong for getting this far. If he wants to email me directly please tell him. I know Exactly what he goes through, how he feels, etc. Others around him might not and that is hard knowing you are alone to some degree, since you guys are NOT addicts like him and really don’t know what its like. I do.

      Questions about the supplements email me mattbronowicz@gmail.com It worked for me, I hope it does for him, but no guarantees. He needs to take the specific supplements regularly and be patient. It takes a while for the vitamin to get into his system and start to act as a initiator for his dopamine and serotonin. Specialists know from testing that such in such vitamin supplement causes this to happen or that to happen in the brain.

      No specific place where to buy these supplement once you know which ones he should take. I know that TYROSINE is one of them for Dopamine and I bought mine on Amazon because cheapest. They deliver 2 days and have large selection. I have Amazon links throughout my site you can use.

      Be sure to buy decent or quality supplements, don’t go for cheapest because it does matter how they are made and the quality of the vitamin I was told by my doctor. You can read reviews from other customers who bought the supplement to get real opinions, etc. on Amazon when you reach a particular vitamin product page.

      There is a grid or listing of all the specific vitamins that DR BRAVERMEN suggests once you complete the question test and know which you are depleted of and how severe. Then you can see if he needs to take 1-4 different vitamins. I only took two different supplements every day for months the two I though would be most effective based on how Bravermen describes each supplement and its purpose on the attachment I give on my page.

      Or you can google search Dr. BRAVERMEN to learn more about this test creation and the supplement recommended to take to re-balance your brain chemicals.

      Get your son balanced and have his dopamine and serotonin be more normal and that is half the battle of avoiding relapse forever. If he can just feel normal and not down, he normally will not think about using heroin again. This is the long term key to successful recovery. ….Addressing the brain chemicals. Good lucj and email me personally to keep in touch mattbronowicz@gmail.com .

      Thanks for coming to our site. If you want to help us further, please click on our 3rd party ADs located on the RIGHT SIDE of our site http://www.HEROININME.com and/ or at the bottom FOOTER of this site. By simply clicking on the Ads, we get credit and in turn use it to cover the costs of our site and advertising so that we can reach more people and pay for a spot on google search results so that more hurting people can find out site and information. (you don’t have to buy anything, just click a bunch of times on the ads and let them load on your screen for couple of minutes) Thanks for your help!!, Matt Bronowicz


    2. Hi Barb, To reiterate….go to our top menu and CLICK on the “RECOVERY” tab. it will drop down.

      From there you will see “Brains Neur-Tranmistter Chemicals” and then another drop down called “SUPPLEMENT BOOSTERS”.

      After your son takes the BRAVERMAN TEST, or if he just knows that his brain is out of balance with Dopamine and Serotonin which I am sure it is…..on the SUpplements page we give the names of the supplements that will help him produce normal levels of Dopamine and Serotinin over time. ANd, you can click and directly purchase these supplements from AMazon.com. We give you the direct link to buy them .

      These supplements are what helped me avoid relapsing. They worked for me and I hope they work for other people. They should work since my Doctor explained how the brain goes out of balance while taking Heroin. Heroin replaces your brains own production of normal levels of dopamine and serotonin especially. With low levels of dopamine, for example, the person is going to feel VERY depressed and down and in despair 24 hours a day.

      The brain will heal itself over time. But, it takes months and months. IN the meantime, the person is suffering feelings of depression and despair knowing that with just one hit of Heroin, they can make all those bad feelings go away. But, its a deception and horrible cycle that leads to death and destruction.

      Since he is willing to get help and knows it, after detox start taking these supplements and learning about the brain neuro-transmitters. The unbalance is NOT permanent like how alcohol DOES kill brain cells. Heroin or pain pills does NOT. Instead it throws your brains good chemicals out of balance for a while and it takes a while for the brain naturally to heal itself and rebalance.

      These supplement booster, the specific ones we mention pertaining to dopamine and serotonin coming from Heroin or Opiate usage WILL speed up the brains production of these good chemicals. But they are vitamins, so they take a while to get into your system and really start working.

      Be patient and don’t give up. This was the key to me avoiding relapse since I began feeling normal and good like everyone else after a few weeks of taking specific supplements that I discovered after I took the Bravermen Test (Doctor Bravermen invented it) which is provided on another page on this site. Let us know if we can help further. – Matt

    3. Not to repeat, but if you would like to help our cause of fighting addiction you can do two things:

      1) Click on our Ads on RIGHT SIDE of this site under “RECOMMENDED LINKS”. you don’t have to buy if you don’t want to, but click several and let the pages loadup and stay up for a few minutes. We get credit for sending you to those links and that helps us cover our website hosting costs, etc. since we do this for free.

      2) CLICK on ANY of our Amazon links and allow them to simply take you to Amazon.com. DO your normal shopping and we also get credit for simply sending you to Amazon via the links throughout our site.

      Thanks Again, and Best Wishes to You and Your Son, Keep me informed and please write me with any questions.

      Your SON is going to beat this addiction ONCE AND FOR ALL. I know it. I pray it and I believe it.

      Use Faith and have him Pray to God for extra strength. I did this also and God played a vital role in my survival and avoiding relapsing. I just asked God for help and I felt that he gave me strength I did not know I had.

      – Matt B.

  2. Hi there,
    I am a recovering addict and have been clean for about 16 years. I got off of heroin by going to a methadone clinic. It was definitely a life saver for me and it took me a few years to get off of the methadone. It was definitely the hardest thing that I’ve ever done, and it saved my life.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thanks for your comments, that is great for you that you recovered. I did as well but it wasnt easy like you said. Nothing harder and it was so hard that it nearly took my life on numerous occassions, bc I could not stand the withdrawals from Fentanyl. I started on pills and escelated to Fentanyl which is they say 100 times stronger than morphine. But, heroin is right up there with it. H w/ds are no walk in the park as I am sure you remember. I was given suboxone, it might not have been around when you were in rehab. Works similar to meth by giving your receptors what they need to keep you out of withdrawal, but limits the ‘high’ so that you dont crave more. Its giving up one drug for another, but there wasnt much choice. Then, had to wean off suboxone as you did with methadone. Glad its over and now I want to help people b/c its an epidemic nowadays. People dying every day from overdoses. Hundreds of people dying every single day. Thanks for your comments. Good luck with you and your WA site as well.

  3. I think that anyone who attempts to free themselves from an addiction without going into a rehab is a very brave person indeed. The only addiction I ever had was cigarettes and thankful with the help of a prescription I finally kicked that habit over 10 years ago.
    You mention taking vitamins when going through withdrawal. Are there some vitamins more helpful than others?

    1. Hi there, that is great for you you quite smoking. Your lungs will fully recover they say after some years. Our body is amazing how agile and healing of itself it is. Yes, stopping opiate, or heroin use, or pills at home by yourself is not a good idea. But, some people do it regardless b/c they dont want to go into rehab or dont have insurance or are hiding it. Yes, I plan to add the actual supplements that are doctor recommended while recovering opiate addict. There are specific vitamins and minerals that are considered pre-cursers to cause your brain to release its chemicals like dopamine and seretonin. It sounds not possible, but it worked for me. I found out exaclty which brain chem I was depleted in which was dopamine mainly from the years of drug use. I then began taking a few supplements that contained minerals like Tyosine, etc. in it for months and I began to feel normal again. I fully recovered and my numbers went way back up with brain chemicals during testing after taking these supplements for few months. It does really work. SO, I need to list these supplements out on this page and put links to them for purchase to make it easier. Thanks for reminding me to do that:)!

  4. Thank you for the illuminating article on heroin addiction and related withdrawal symptoms.

    Reading your description of the withdrawal effects is shocking. Opiate addiction can be a rough subject and I have to say that I am experiencing a number of different reactions as I read the content.

    Excellent advice on how to prepare for withdrawal symptoms, especially dehydration.

    My heart goes out to those battling opiate addiction.

    1. Well thanks for your comments. I am glad you found it interesting. Yes, withdrawals are not walk in the park. They are like the flu-cold times 50. You dont want to live through them. But, so many people are so controlled by opiates and their addiction that they go through withdrawal time after time until they score their next hit of heroin or pills. That is what is so bad about addiction…it fully takes over your life, its all you can care about, nothing else matters, your thoughts are only about the drug, you have lost ALL control over your life. This is why awareness and prevention is so important. It use to be that the inner city bums were the heroin addicts, But nowadays it is truely an epidemic. People dying every single day from overdoes. More people than ever before in history. Not sure what can be done about it, but I am trying to help figure that out. I used this site to learn more about website building with WA, although its NOT a very nice topic. I am looking forward to moving on to my next site niche idea and use what I have learned while creating heroininme.com. Of course, I will add content and articles every other day to this site and keep up with it.

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