Is Addiction A Choice Or Disease?

This question is often raised when it comes to drug addiction.  After putting much thought and analysis into this question, we have come up with this:   Opiate and Heroin addiction first starts out as a choice.  A person chooses if they want to pop those pills or smoke that Heroin, or shoot up for the first time.  They do indeed have a decision to make. 

Whether or not they have a genetic predisposition toward drug addiction does NOT really matter at this first crucial time when they decide if they wish to partake in drugs.  They have never used drugs before, therefore they are making a choice the first time.  Now, if they do genetically have drug addiction running in their family (or alcoholism, etc.,) then this choice they made could turn into the disease of addiction.  To answer this question….drug addiction is BOTH a choice and a disease.

Heroin abuse has become an epidemic.  Knowledge is power and awareness is prevention.  Learn about the key elements of heroin abuse and how it destroys lives every single day.  If you are already on heroin or addicted to prescription opiate pain pills…we know that you do not have the power in yourself to choose LIFE over ADDICTION.  You need help to make sure you go down the path of ‘life’ versus remain on the path to destruction- Addiction.  We have been there.  We know exactly what you are going through.  But, despite the fact that heroin has taken control of your entire life, you must still choose to be determined to kick this habit.  Just know, that it is nearly impossible to do this alone.  You need information, you need rehabilitation to detox safely, you need treatment and most of all you need the right kind of recovery.  A recovery plan that prevents relapse.  We suggest you read our page about the brain chemicals and how to replenish them after detoxing in order to feel better and give yourself a chance.

You must then follow up with this plan by taking the right supplements which will naturally help you jump-start those brain chemicals (serotonin. dopamine) that were depleted while using heroin or other opiates.  It simply takes too long for a heroin users brain to heal itself.  In the meantime, the user feels terrible physically and mentally therefore they relapse.  90% of people relapse which is proof to support the lack of balance in ones brain chemicals.  These supplements will help boost your brains natural ability to heal itself.

If heroin is genetic, people at an early age should be made aware of this.  Addiction IS genetic and no one disputes this fact.  If addiction or alcoholism ‘runs’ in  your family, then you are more likely to become an addict if you ever experiment with drugs.  If we can alert kids at a young age to be aware of their genetic family history and if addiction does exist they need to be warned and reminded.


Heroin Abuse: A Serious Problem in the USA

The use of heroin is becoming a serious problem that is affecting many across the United States. The drug possesses highly addicting characteristics that come from smoking, snorting or injecting the illegal substance. A common misconception associated with heroin is that smoking or snorting the drug holds less of a chance of becoming addicted. Heroin comes from morphine, which is extracted from the seedpod of a poppy plant. The brown or white powder, which has evolved over time, is sometimes referred to by many different street names such as “H”, smack or junk.  Heroin abuse is no longer a problem of inner-city street bums and thugs.  Today, it is targeting white, middle class people from all ranges of life.  Highschool kids in suburbia are now its biggest target stats show us.  Although heroin is cheaper than ever before, suburban kids have more resources and the dealers and cartels know this.

Effects of Heroin Abuse

When it comes to heroin abuse, users encounter both long-term and short-term effects associated with the drug. After a single dose, short-term effects appear soon after and fade within a few hours. After repeated use of heroin, long-term effects begin to settle in, where an individual may suffer from collapsed veins, cellulitis, liver disease, heart infection and collapsed veins. A user may also develop poor health and weakened immune system, which could lead to a variety of complications. A fatal overdose may occur, as well as contracting an array of diseases such as hepatitis, AIDS/HIV from infected needles. Depending on the kind of heroin used, blood vessels may become clogged, infections arise or pulmonary reactions surface.Heroin Withdrawals

Getting Help for Heroin Addiction

Since serious withdrawal symptoms are associated with stopping the use of heroin, many users are reluctant to face these difficulties. A doctor may prescribe a synthetic opiate, such as methadone, to lessen the craving for the drug, as well as help with some of the withdrawal symptoms. A wide range of treatments are used to help individuals overcome their heroin addiction, including other forms of medication and therapy that taps into behavioral responses that explores the personal dependency or longing for the drug. An array of support systems also adds to the success rate of recovering heroin addicts. The first step towards getting assistance for heroin addiction is to ask for or accept help. One can turn to a family member, friend, doctor, or priest who can then lead the way to the multitude of available services, including both outpatient and inpatient treatment options.

One of the worse hit areas in the U.S. is Ohio. This infusion of the heroin dilemma began its journey into the heartland of America and since 2008 to present; this drug has been responsible for the deaths of almost 300 people. The State has had to combat this with the building of additional Drug Rehabilitation Centers to house these addicts and try to get them off this deadly drug. Since the infusion of this drug in 1998, the drug rehabs have quadrupled and cost the State of Ohio millions of dollars that is being paid by the state tax payers. Heroin abuse is a growing concern sweeping across the United States. This monster is in the disguise of a group of minority immigrants who are crossing the U.S. borders and settling into the towns across America. HEROin Me is a site dedicated to helping people in the United States who are addicted to opiates and heroin. Visit their website for more details:  Read all pages & posts for additional information and share your comments below.  Speaking out against heroin abuse is no longer a hush-hush topic.  People need to know what is going on, in order that we can help prevent our young people from falling prey to this destructive force.  Awareness is prevention.  Information creates awareness.  This is what we do here at HEROin Me.heroin abuse



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