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Recovering Opioid Addict

Opioid Addiction

About the Author

It takes a ‘hero’ deep inside of you to be able to face your opioid addiction and be determined to conquer it.  I named this site HeroinMe  (Hero in Me) because beating opioid addiction requires you to be a hero for yourself.  I speak from experience.  Opioid addiction includes many different drugs from heroin to prescription pain pills.  They all have the same affect.  They can all destroy you.  They almost took my life and this is why I am speaking out today.

In my case, I became dependent on, and addicted to Fentanyl.  I was on all kinds of opioid pain medications for over a decade, but Fentanyl was used most.

My addiction situation started after I began having numerous open reconstructive surgeries to repair shoulder and neck damage from an accident.  I then had more surgeries to remove nerve tumors which were causing significant chronic daily pain.Pain medications and chronic pain

Between the many surgeries and post-op time period, I was continually on very strong opioids for over a decade.

Rock Bottom 

Unlike cocaine or crystal meth, our bodies get use to opiates.  We gain a tolerance.  This means that you must take a higher and higher dose in order to get the same (pain relief or ‘high’) affect.

I became seriously addicted to fentanyl and did what ever I had to do to get more.  My addiction problem had become a major secondary issue on top of my already existing physical chronic pain.  I would run out of my fentanyl prescription early every month and go into terrible withdrawals.  There is NOTHING worse than opioid withdrawals.  They got so bad for me that I considered taking my life on numerous occasions.  I even wrote out suicide letters 2-3 different times.  I figured I would be putting myself out of the misery of addiction AND chronic pain.  Instead, prayer saved me and I checked into rehab with the help of my wife, Kim, and other family.  At this point I had nothing left.  I was beat’en down, battered and very discouraged.  I dug deep and used some very durable faith that was hidden deep inside my heart.  This is what saved my life.  And, it can save your life, too.

My Opioid Treatment

After hitting rock bottom,  I entered into a rehab center called “CenterPointe” in Saint Louis, Missouri.  I found myself sitting next to heroin addicts and pain pill poppers from all areas of life.  There were highschool kids, nurses, business men & women, laborers, males and females of all ages.  What I witnessed those many weeks in rehab was devastating.  People were overdosing and dying weekly.  Many were relapsing.  I made it a point right then and there to learn everything I could about Heroin, Opioids and Addiction so that one day I could help others.

If I don’t use my experience to help others, then all that I went through was a big waste of time and energy. I cannot allow that to happen, therefore I am creating this website to help others.  THANK YOU for your support and please fully navigate my site and refer it to others.  I want to reach as many people as possible.  

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What I Learned

Rehab was a good place to start when you hit rock bottom with heroin addiction.  You have to detox.  You have to go through the horrific withdrawal period.  This site will show you ways to reduce withdrawals and conquer detox.  The relapse rate of 90% in the first week of rehab really concerns me.  I began to research why and discovered a way to reduce or eliminate a relapse.  This site covers that and gives people hope.  It has to do with the brains neuro-transmitter chemicals and how they become depleted while using opioids.  I found that there is hope and I am a living example!


Our country is facing a heroin epidemic.  Overdose deaths have tripled since 2015.  Heroin and pain pills are easy to score on the street. ‘Doctor shopping’ is common.  Heroin is more potent, yet cheaper than ever before.  Young kids are getting hooked on heroin and opioids daily.  Something must be done about this.  Using my experience I am stepping up to educate people and help them through the addiction and recovery process (just as I went through myself).

Keep kids safe from heroin

We can fight this epidemic by making young kids aware of the dangers.  Most importantly, we must alert people about their genetic history.  If addiction runs in your family depending on which parent (or both), a child could be doomed to addiction if they ever experiment with drugs (or alcohol).  Information is awareness and awareness is prevention.  We are providing tools on this site to help people research their genetic history and learn how vulnerable they are.  If a young kid knows that addiction runs in his family, and we educate him about this….it might prevent him from ever trying drugs and becoming an addict.

Nancy Reagan had the right idea in the 80’s with her incredible program called “JUST SAY NO”.   Mrs. Reagan had the right idea, and I hope to carry on her work using this site  (www.heroininme.com )  to reach others.

Please make any comments you wish throughout this site.  Ask questions or simply tell your story.  You can help people with your comments.


Matt B.


***Graphic Image*** This is the post-op photo of one of my surgeries that got me addicted to opioids.

My favorite activities are: Wakeboarding & Snowboarding

Heroin Addiction Heroin addiction

heroin addiction heroin addiction

What Are Your Activites?  Staying Active is Crucial To Staying Healthy and Off Drugs.


13 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Matt,
    I was glad to read your story. I am battling a pornography addiction myself. Folks may laugh that off or think it trivial, but until it has wreaked havoc in your life you simply won’t understand. Majority of men let it wreak havoc in their lives not even realizing it is the cause. I find it pretty interesting though that all the research indicates the same chemicals light up in the brain when a man looks at porn as when he uses heroin. The generational thing is true, the science is finally catching up to the bible. I used a lot of drugs, but wasn’t ever addicted to any of them…..porn and cigs were the only addictions I’ve had and the Lord is helping me to walk in freedom from both. Keep up the good work man.

    1. Hi Jeffrey, thanks for reading our Posts and supporting our site in this way. We need more people like coming forward and at least TALKING about these addiction issues. Instead, they are like Taboo. No one wants to talk about it ever. Which is probably why we have a heroin crisis right now. Nothing was ever done about our addiction problems and now 52K people died in 2016 from drug overdose.
      thanks for your honesty. You are exactly right about the brain and how the same things happen whether it be a porn or drug addiction. Addiction is addiction and it will certainly destroy a person, tear families apart. In my opinion, the Devil …we can just call “evil” is real. He and his demons use their number one strength to destroy people and keep them away from God…which is DECEPTION. Addiction is basically deception at the beginning. The ‘whatever’ makes you excited, makes you feel good and tricks you into thinking its a good thing because it feels good (mentally or physically). But, then it takes full control over your body, mind and soul. Not only is your life in the hands of the addiction, but God is no longer anywhere in sight for you. Its true, so first things first…chase the devil away. Stamp on his head. Reject him every day if you need to. God is so powerful that just by stating/ saying his names outloud…the Devil and Demons have to flee because they cant stand it. You win when you keep doing that if you are facing an issue. God, Almighty, the I AM, King of Kings, Ruler, Jesus, Jesus Christ…just yell out His name and the evil will go away.
      Thanks for commenting and how did you find out site? I am wondering because we are trying to reach more people to help them. Thanks, Matt Bronowicz

  2. All I can say is WOW! Thank you for being so open and deep with your experiences. Your sincerity really shines through with your writing.

    I am sorry or all that you went through. A relative of mine became addicted to her pain pills after having chronic pain after surgery.

    The doctors are very reckless in prescribing these pills. I just don’t get it. But you are an inspiration and I will share your site with anyone who is suffering from opioid addiction.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you Nicki! You made my day with your positive comments. I really appreciate the feedback and yes, I hope that I can reach as many people as possible because its a hurting world when it comes to addiction. Sorry to hear about your relative. What I have learned from this WA comments section is that nearly everyone commenting says ‘they know someone’, Or “I too was an addict”, Or “My son was”, etc. It affects nearly everyone in some capacity. Thanks again – Mat

  3. Matt, hat off to you for coming out of your addiction so strong to want to pass your learning experience on to others. I wish there were more helpful websites such as yours round the net.
    By describing your situation and how you ended up addicted to opiates, you described what I think is a well too common situation, where people start on ‘innocent’ painkillers over the counter for acute pain, and end up getting used to the opiates, to the point that, whilst the pain is still there, they keep increasing the dosage of painkillers. And before you know it, you are hooked up. A famous death by addiction to painkillers, if I’m not mistaken, was the one Michael Jackson a few year back.
    Thank you ever so much, Matt, for being so candid about you and your past, but also for showing us that through faith, the support of your family and endless will power you can beat this dark beast.
    Much love. Giulia 🙂

    1. Giulia – thank you kindly for your support and reviewing my site. Yes, Michael Jackson and recently Prince…both similar victims. There are A LOT of people and celebrities fallen victim to over-dose. Its a bit like the ‘elephant in the room’. People just dont want to talk about it, but I am trying to change that so thanks for sharing my site and Id be happy to comment on your site as well if you send me the URL.

      I also wanted to make sure that I have total respect for people who are in chronic pain and must take opiate pain medication to function. As you know, that was once me. It serves a purpose. I was down and out, in bed, depressed and hating life when I was in severe pain before my many surgeries. The pain meds helped drastically. Many people are on strong pain pills and never have any issues with addiction. I applaud them and I honor and respect their right to take pain meds. I am not sure why I was different. They say about 30% of people prescribed pain meds eventually become addicted. Unfortunately I was in that boat. But thank God I beat it. My hunch is that genetics play a much larger role than people give credit for. Addiction ran in my family my uncle was heroin addict and cousin. It must be genetic to some degree and THAT is what Doctors should focus more on with the patient. Verify their family history and warn them if need be. I wish that would have happened to me so that I would have been aware. I had no clue before it hit me and it was too late.

      Thanks and take Care

      1. Oh absolutely Matt, I couldn’t agree with you more, it’s secondary causes that should be looked at, once the emergency of the primary cause is tackled initially.
        And thanks for your offer of support. By all means, you are welcome to comment on my canine website http://livingwithaborderterrier.com or on my other very much in working order http://ideasforhomeworking.com
        If you’d rather leave a feedback, by all means you can find me on the WA community as GiuliaB.
        I shall definitely keep following you on this platform Matt, as I firmly the work you are doing here is truly magnificent. Well done my friend!!

  4. Yes this is a problem that we do not hear much about either hear nor in the rest of the world. Here in the U.S., I think, one reason is because of industrial strength pharmaceutical companies have way too much power. Let’s face it folks if you live in the U.S. like I do, your living , perhaps unknowingly, in a “drug culture.” Enabled for generations past.
    Kind Regards

  5. Hi Matt,
    You have really been through a lot and I think this is really motivational and your thought to come out and speak about it so that you could help others is something to be appreciated.
    I really like your enthusiasm and how you dealt with each and every hurdle that came your way, people like you are so inspiring and someone we should look up at!

    1. I appreciate you taking time to read it. Its something people dont want to talk about and everyone looks the other way when it comes to H and opiate addiction. Problem is that almost every person that has commented via WA says that they have a family member, a friend, co-worker or someone they know that dealt with an addiction or alcohol, opiates etc. Thats a lot of people. I did not expect to find this many people aware. But, opiate overdoses are in the news basically every day now. It has become a major problem even with our highschool kids out there since heroin is so cheap and potent. That was one reason to choose this niche and if I can help one person or point them in right direction then all the time and effort has been worth it. I used this site to learn how to make living online through WA. They are great here especially this community. No other company/site is set up with community and incredible training like this. I look forward to starting additional niche sites now that I have a grip on how-to. Have you been set up with WA for long? Are you getting good # of visitors to your niche site? Any tips to get higher rankings on google?

  6. I’m proud of you for sharing this Matt and proud of you for breaking the addiction and creating this site! Hopefully your story inspires others to break the chains of addiction. Stay strong!

    1. Thanks Brian! Yes, I have learned a lot over the years and wanted to put it to use and make my past experience all worth while. Make the best out of it so that it wasnt just a ‘bad time’.

  7. This for being brave and sharing your story Matt and caring about helping others who are facing the same challenge. We need more people like you who are willing to learn from the challenges life has dealt and turn it into good but helping people in need

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