Heroin and Opioid Addiction


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It takes a ‘hero’ deep inside of you to be able to face your opioid addiction and be determined to conquer it.  This site is dedicated to help educate people about heroin addiction and opioid dependency.  Heroin and Opioids are one in the same.  Heroin is an illegal street drug, while opioids can be doctor prescribed pain medications like Oxycodone, Fentanyl, Hydrocodone, Vicodin or Opana (and many more).  All have the same affect. 
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This site is created to help heroin addicts as well as concerned loved ones and friends.  This nation is experiencing an epidemic in heroin & opioid addiction with overdose rates tripling each year.  We need to do something about this and information starts here.  Information is power.

    Heroin & Opioid Drugs

This site is a comprehensive center for all things related to heroin addiction and pain pill dependency.  The main emphasis is helping people make a successful recovery.  90% of all heroin addicts relapse in the first week of rehab.  This 90% rate is devastating and something MUST be done about it. 

Features of this Site:

  • Heroin – Awareness & Prevention   ( Increase awareness and support prevention)
  • Opioid Addiction  –  Better treatments
  • Recovery – Avoiding Relapse;  We provide what rehab lacks
  • Real Opportunities – addicts have so much potential;  We can help you build an online business that earns you income at home
  • Stories  – Share your story and help others;  Everyone has a story to tell;  Nearly everyone knows an addict or alcoholic 

Opioid Awareness  Thats Right, This Is Our Goal….A Drug Free World!

Our goal is to help prevent relapses.  Our recipe will help people stay focused on future opportunities while helping them replenish their brains neuro-transmitter chemicals that they depleted while using opioids.

Ultimately, we are introducing a program that helps young kids learn about their genetic history and how addiction gets passed down from generation to generation.  Knowing this, we can alert them and warn them never to experiment with drugs.  They can  “Just Say No” to drugs  (as in the Nancy Reagan campaign stated in the 1980’s).

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Heroin abuse stories
  Tell Your Heroin Addiction  Story Below to Help Others.


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  1. Wow. What a powerful website with a powerful message. Drug addiction can strike those who you would least suspect and everyone knows someone that has had to face their demons with drug use & addiction. That is an amazing statistic that 90% of users relapse in their 1st week of rehab. That just goes to show you the power that these drugs have on people. I had no idea that it was that bad. Thanks for spreading the good word!

    1. Thank you greatly for your support and comments. Yes, its a bad situation and only getting worse. I hope to reach as many as possible. Thank you.

  2. Hello there, I was trying to read your site but a pop up box appeared and I didn’t want to sign up. I tried to close it so that I could carry on reading but it wouldn’t close down for some reason.
    I would be very happy to leave a comment when this problem has been fixed but for the moment I can not seem to get any further. So sorry about that. I wanted to help.

    1. Thank you for your comment, This helps me a lot. That is an error and I will get it fixed. Thanks for letting me know obviously I dont want people not being able to sign up.

  3. Great article, I have never had a drug addiction before, however, I have a few friends and relatives who do. Drug dependency has ruined the lives of many good people in this world. Sometimes a good person will find themselves in a position where they don’t have any more money or drugs and they will resort to doing some type of illegal activity that they normally would not do as a result of this. I can only imagine how difficult it is to be in this type of position.

    1. So true, WMP. Exactly right that opiate addiction (or alcohol and other addictions) are so controlling of ones life that they end up doing things they never would have considered doing. Like Breaking the law, stealing, lying, etc.. just to get the money or the drugs to feed the habit that has worked them over for years. Its a trap and very difficult to get out of. Its sad. There isn’t anything much ‘stronger’ than opiate addiction as far as literally taking over a persons life entirely. I am realizing through comments that nearly every single person sharing says they either know of a friend, relative, co-worker, or themselves that experienced some kind of addiction and usually opiate. Its easier to stop meth or cocaine b/c of the lack of withdrawals. You are basically just tired for a few days while getting off those (so I have heard). As for, Heroin/Opiates you pay a major, stiff punishment for trying to get off these. You suffer for weeks while detoxing and its a walking death. Unfortunately, I think this is exactly why people remain on the drugs….To avoid withdrawal. But then, if withdrawal from heroin is so terrible,..then why do so many people (90%) relapse and make themselves have to suffer through W/d again one day. Never made sense to me, until I learned just how powerful and luring opiates are. How good they make you feel, which is a lie. Controlling. Thanks for sharing. Very supportive!

  4. I really like your page and I think it’s great that you are trying to help those who may be going through the most challenging times of their lives. I tried rehab but it didn’t really work since I went right back to heroin as soon as I got out.
    Are you also a recovering addict?

    1. Yes sir. I sure am. That is what spurred me to create the site in the first place. I know you looked at this page, but there is an about author page that gives my story. I am sure it is much like yours. We are all in the same boat. Of course I relapsed too. Its impossible NOT to. Everyone does. But, I got tired of it and happened to have a great DO doctor who cared more about fixing me than patching/masking over my problem with more drugs, etc. He taught me about my brain chemicals, educating me thus I created this page. I did the test and began on the supplements and it worked for me. Been off for about 5 years now and never any cravings. I even had to have an additional surgery AFTER rehab and it worked out fine. Docs new my issue, still prescribed but we kept it in check. You cannot heal without good pain meds, so I just weaned off months later and kept off. Opiate Addiction / Heroin is by far the most difficult problem to fix. There is nothing more controlling that opiates. They take over your life entirely. YOu do things you would have never normally done. You are controlled by the heroin every day. I was on Fentanyl too and very high doses. MIght be stronger than even heroin. We have an epidemic in this country with heroin and Fentanyl, more people dying every day than ever before in history. SO, I thought I would create this page to help if I can. I am successful now and I hope that you are too. We are some of the few who beat addiction to this point. Thanks for your comments

  5. That’s a very unique niche at you are writing about. There are many people out there with addiction problems but refuse to seek treatment let alone admit that they have one.First step towards any rehabilitation is to admit that one has a problem. Thank you for bringing up the awareness to all hopefully your articles will reach as many people as it can out there looking for solution for their addiction problem.

    1. Thanks a lot for the encouragement. I do hope to reach as many people as possible. Its a nasty subject, I know and people dont want to talk about it. But, after dealing with it and still being shocked that it controlled me for so long (I wasnt the type to allow some addiction to run my life, but it did),..that I had to do something to make it all worth while. You know, I had to create this site to help others and learn what I can so that the entire decade of addiction and suffering was not for nothing. Strange to explain but its been healing as well. Because you are dead-on….I was not able to admit I was an addict for a long, long, time. I blamed it on surgeries and pain, etc. but bottom line is that I was a severe addict and it nearly took my life away several times. It feels relief to be admitting it now in the site and using it to say, “Hey, I am just a normal person who was successful and in charge of my life, and happy, until my rug got pulled out from underneath me with addiction”. I never saw it coming. Which is why awareness is so important for prevention. Had I known I had a mega history of addiction in my family,…and the doctor called me out on it, I probably would have chosen not to accept the Fentanyl-opiate prescriptions for over a decade. SO, maybe I can help others become aware of the genetic capacity that opiate and other addictions can have. Thanks for contributing and making this site better with your feedback.

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