Is Drug Addiction Hereditary?


We get this question often.  And, we often discuss this topic since one of our main ‘Pillars’ of our foundation at HEROin Me  is Awareness & Prevention.  Within this foundation of our site, we explain how important genetics are in discovering addiction and preventing drug abuse.  We encourage school-ages kids to research their own family history and document if any drug addiction or alcoholism exists.

For generations and generations, drug addiction can get passed down.  This is a fact and much research has proven this.  Drug Addiction ‘runs in the family’.  There is a scientific reason why this is the case.  Genetics play a major role in pre-disposing the behavior and characteristics of an individual.  Whatever is in your parents ‘genes’ might get passed down to you.  Or, it WILL get passed down to you, but may or may not take root.  If alcoholism or drug addiction exists in your blood relatives along your birth lines, then you are highly at-risk of becoming the same.

If you ever experiment or try drugs for fun, you, more than anyone else are likely to get hooked and become a full addict since this is in your genetic make-up.  This is true in many, many cases.  Heroin being a genetic problem (drug addiction) is a reason why it happens, but should not be an excuse.

Genetic Addiction Is A Reason, But Not An Excuse

If we excuse addiction just because its a genetic flaw in our system, then we may never be able to defeat it.  It is hard to fight any battle when excuses are involved.  However, it is good to know the reason why someone might fall victim to drug addiction when this is totally ‘out of character’ for them.  Genetics are a strong factor when it comes to drug abuse of opioids and heroin.  The statistics are stunning.  In 2015, 52,000 Americans dies of drug over-dose.  Click this link ← to learn more about this.

Addiction really is a family disease.  Taking recreational drugs for fun, or just experimenting when stronger and stronger drugs is a choice.  However, if addiction runs in your family bloodline, then soon after you try drugs you will become fully addicted.  As for people who experience physical pain…a Doctor might prescribe opioid pain medications to reduce your pain and allow you to function.  But, if addiction runs in your family…we aware of the dangers.  Talk with your Doctor and make sure you manage the prescription the way you are suppose to.  It is a ‘slippery slope’ to go from being dependent on opioid pain medications (which is perfectly normal) to becoming fully addicted and crossing that line.  heroin is genetic

Learn more by listening to the PODCAST below.  Listen to a group of opiate & heroin addicts who are in recovery.  By going straight to the source, we can learn what goes on in the minds of an addict.  We can get their first-hand opinion and suggestions in order that we can inform others and make them aware of the dangers of drug addiction.

Every parent hopes their child will have a healthy and satisfying life. And their greatest fear is that their child will become a drug addict. Is it possible to predict this? Listen to this group talk about their experiences of their own addiction and their opinions on whether it can be predicted. And if it can be predicted, what are some protective factors?

Discussion Guide:  (this group is managed by Gail Gabbert from “Opiate Support Group”;  These are the Questions in the Discussion )

  • Is your family tree marked by addictions?


  • Do you believe your addiction is partly attributable to your family genetics?


  • Was your addiction partly caused by trauma?


  • Were you heavily influenced by your peer group and environment?


  • How would you protect your children from developing an addiction?




⇒  ⇒    Can We Predict If Our Children Will Become Addicts?

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  1. Addiction runs in families for sure. It is a genetic issue. But, it CAN be stopped. You can break the genetic chain using information and awareness. The more you know and your family knows about the dangers of drug addiction, the easier it will be to prevent and avoid addiction.
    Knowledge is power, and awareness is prevention.

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