How to Beat Opiate Addiction

Heroin addiction (includes all opioids) is a tough habit to beat.  The solution is in the recovery.  The key is to figure out how NOT to relapse.  Statistics tell us that 90% of heroin addicts relapse in their first week of rehab.

This isn’t ‘beating’ opiate addiction, but instead becoming a life-long victim of addiction.  The addiction is controlling the person’s life.

As a matter of fact, opiate addiction causes the person to lose control of their body, mind & soul.  Every aspect of their life is taken over and controlled by these drugs.

As we discuss this topic, Opiate Addiction  is referring to Heroin and Pain Pills.  These are technically known as “Opiates” and “Opioids” respectively.

Opioids are the leading cause of drug addiction.  These are prescription pain medications that are usually prescribed by a Doctor.  They are legal and dispersed by a pharmacy.

However, these types of drugs like OxyContin, Vicodin and Percocet are just as addictive as Heroin.  The majority of Heroin addicts have admitted that they first became addicted to legally prescribed opioids drugs like Percocet.  This has created a very dangerous crisis in the United States and Abroad.

Statistically, there are 7 people who die from drug overdose EVERY SINGLE HOUR in the U.S.  That equates to about 52K deaths a year.  However, this was 2015 numbers.  Therefore, the death rate from Opiate overdose is probably much higher today.

More must be done to fight Opiate Addiction.

Opiate Addiction
  Opiate Addiction


Avoiding Relapse With Opiate Addiction

If you can avoid relapsing, then you have beat opiate addiction.  Information is power.  Being informed about the brain’s chemicals and how they relate to an opioid user is the best way to avoid relapse and beat addiction.  Many rehab places only focus on detox.

But, what happens after the heroin addict goes home?  What kind of ongoing counseling and therapy are they receiving?  Do they have a good recovery plan?  Opiate addiction

We seriously hope that this site will provide you enough information to help you or your loved-one beat Opiate Addiction.

The most important factor in avoiding relapse is replenishing your brains chemicals.  When you use opioids for an extended period of time, you are replacing your brains natural ability to produce brain chemicals such as: Dopamine, Seretonin, GABA and Acetylcholine.

These are called “neuro-transmitter chemicals“.  These chemicals are vital to life and cause such things as pleasure, good feelings, happiness, stability, and a sense of peace.

The drug chemical heroin/opioid is providing you the affects of these brain chemicals instead of your brain naturally providing them.  When you use heroin and fall victim to opiate addiction… you drastically deplete your brain chemicals (because your brain does not think that you need them).

The problem is that when you STOP taking heroin/opioids, your brain doesn’t get the message.  It doesn’t know that you are no longer substituting your natural brain chemical process with the drug.

The brain does not just start producing the proper amount of chemicals when you halt your heroin consumption.

Instead, it takes months and sometimes years for an opiate addicts brains to heal itself and re-balance the right amount of neuro-transmitters.

Therefore, you go without the benefits of the brains chemicals (dopamine & serotonin) indefinitely.  It varies per addict depending upon how long they were on opiates and at what dosage.  The longer you are an addict, the longer it will take your brain’s neuro-transmitters to heal.

Your brain will eventually begin to produce dopamine and serotonin again, but it takes a long time.  This is the good news when it comes to opiate addiction.

The damage is NOT permanent like it is with alcoholism.  Alcohol actually kills and destroys brain cells for life.  opiate addiction

Opiate addiction only causes an imbalance of neuro-transmitters while the person is consuming the drug.  If stopped, the brain will re-balance over time.

However, time is precious when you are feeling horrible every day without the opiates and without the brain releasing the right amount of dopamine and serotonin.  You feel depressed and in a state of despair because of this chemical imbalance.

A person can only live like this for so long, so they end up relapsing.  It is understandable why.

Opiate Addiction

Testing For Opiate Addiction

We propose that you take our Braverman Test and answer some detailed questions to see which of the four brain chemicals you seem to be depleted of.

Once you know this, you can take supplements that we know specifically help our brain produce and release its chemicals (dopamine & serotonin).

These are over the counter supplements and can be purchased on this site.  We would NOT recommend something if we have not tested it out ourselves.

I took the Braverman Test many years ago when I was recovering from opioid addiction (fentanyl).  Luckily, I had a good primary care doctor who recommended this.

I learned that my dopamine and serotonin were very depleted and that was why I was not feeling well for months after detox.  I took action.

I contacted my Doctor who is a D.O.  His methods and goals are to treat the problem instead of the symptoms.  He taught me about the brain’s chemicals and how they are depleted while using opiates or opioids.

I received a full education knowing that one day I would use what I learned to help others.

But, first….I had to try his methods for myself and see if thopiate addictioney would make me feel better.  I took the recommended Braverman Test and then followed through by taking the supplement boosters suggested.  Needless to say, it worked for me.

I felt better within weeks.  We re-tested a few months later and my brain’s neuro-transmitters seemed to be balanced.  I was feeling good…or normal I should say.  This can work for any opiate addict.

All you have to do is try it and consumer the proper vitamin supplements for the right amount of time.

You have nothing to lose and an entire healthy life to gain.

I NEVER relapsed once after I completed detox.  I recovered once and for all.  I pay tribute to the Braverman Test and the suggested supplements for replenishing my brain’s dopamine and serotonin.  Re-balancing my brains chemicals faster than they normally would have is what saved me from relapsing.

I would not be sitting here telling you anything but the truth from my experience.  This is why I wish to help others who are struggling with Opiate Addiction.  I fully understand the beast that it is.  But, it is a beatable beast.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Are You Or Someone You Know Struggling?


Heroin Addiction
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  1. This is an amazing idea. I never put the neurotransmitter connection and supplements together before with an addiction problem. I wonder if Braverman has equivalent programs and tests for other forms of addiction like smoking, compulsive disorders. While reading this article I was even thinking if supplements regimens could be worked out for general depression and a host of other mental conditions? Awesome read thank you.

    1. Gord, you have nailed it on the head.  You are exactly right in that supplements can be used and be very successful for other ‘disorders’ like depression or any other mental state.  FOR SURE!

      I am living witness to the fact that the correct supplements can help you fight depression.  They did for me.

      And, I was an opioid addict after becoming addicted to my Fentanyl pain medications because I was prescribed them BEFORE, DURING and AFTER 5 different surgeries I had on my neck and shoulder to remove tumors and repair broken joints from accident.  This happened over a 8 year period that I was constantly on strong opioids.  It nearly cost me my life on several occasions because I would run out of my prescription early because I started taking too much and then I would go into terrible, bad, hellish withdrawals.  One time, I could not take the withdrawal feelings anymore and almost took my life.  It is what it is.

      But, thankfully my wife got me into rehab about 6 years ago and I have not had pain meds ever since. Instead, I use other natural ways to cope with my physical pain and I take supplements daily that specifically help my brain to produce dopamine and serotonin.  It works!  thanks for visiting our site and please share it so that we can reach and help more people.   – Matt B.

  2. This is such a painful subject for so many people, myself included. I personally have never been addicted, but I have lost friends to this group of drugs. Some lost their lives, others have just lost themselves. I have wanted ways to help them stay clean and sober, but didn’t know how. I hadn’t even heard of the Braverman Test until reading this. Now to convince my loved one(s) to take the test and get the personalized help they need. Any suggestions on how to approach them about it?

    1. Hello Angie!  Thanks for visiting our site and taking the time to comment.

      Sorry to hear about your friends, but I know exactly what you are going through.  I was an addict myself and I lost several friends and one family member also.  It hurts.  It is a terrible and preventable situation.

      I believe that drug addiction first starts out as a CHOICE and then turns into a DiSEASE.  Opiate addiction is very genetic.  Meaning that it runs in families and gets handed down from generation to generation if someone does NOT stop the cycle.  This is proven statistics that if you have one parent as an addict you are 54% likely or if you have two parents or two close blood line family members who are or were addicts you are 98% likely to become the same *if you ever experiment with opiate drugs.

      Great for you for trying to help your friends cope with addiction.  It is not easy and honestly it can be more difficult for the surrounding loved ones than the addict themselves.  We must not forget that.  The people who love the addict go through more pain than the addict.  My wife can attest to this.

      I will link you to another Post of ours dealing specifically with how to approach an addicts like the question you asked above.

      In general, just be honest and shoot straight with them.  However, be prepared to get rejected or have them deny they are an addict. Most addicts will do this at first.  NO ONE wants to think of themselves as an addict or admit it.  No one wants to be called an addict either.

      They will run and hide or ignore you like I did.  They will do anything to avoid facing the fact and going into rehab. Sorry, but this is the truth.  You might get lucky with your friends depending on your relationship with them.

      Best wishes and I hope it all works out.  Maybe refer them to my website, not because I want web traffic, but they might see an article of ours that hits home and help them.  We have over 150 posts with various topics and the Braverman Test is very helpful.  I take supplements and I have not relapsed for 6 years.




  3. Yea it’s an uphill battle that unfortunately many of us have to deal with. You really have to be careful when you talk to your doctor because some just don’t care and give out pills left and right and ruin lives.

    My advice is always be wary of your doctor and find one that can help you through this. They are your support system just like your family, and should be by your side and listen to your issues and not just treat you like a check. Find a doctor you can tell and talk to, that will listen and take you seriously.

    1. Hi Simon, thank you for visiting our site and taking the time to comment.

      We agree with you that Doctors play a vital role.  Find an internal medicine type Doctor (DO) instead of an MD whom primarily just prescribe drugs to only fix the symptoms.  Not addressing the deep issue causing the medical problem.  I learned this the hard way.

      Please consider sharing our Posts and site with your friends and family in order that we reach more people and help them.

      Below are some additional Posts that might interest you or be sharable.   Regards, Matt B.



  4. We are providing ample options for our Readers to SHARE our Posts and website

    On each and every POST and PAGE we have social media links going vertical down the left side of page AND at the top and bottom within every single article.

    Sharing our stories and articles is the key for reaching our goals as a site organization. We are striving to reach as many hurting people as we possibly can across the world. We want to use our own experience and education to help teach others how to fight opiate addiction, how to learn about opiate addiction genetics, recovery, detox and relapse avoidance. Please help us by sharing our Posts and Site. Also, help us directly by clicking on our links and going to to do all of your shopping. We get credit when you shop at Amazon via first clicking on our amazon links located on the RIGHT SIDE of this site and BOTTOM FOOTER. Thanks Very Much, — Matt B. (ADMIN)

  5. Fighting Opiate addiction is a tough, tough ordeal. I wish no one ever had to deal with it. I wish heroin and opioids never existed. I wish the poppy plant completely did not exist and no one even knew what opium was.

    But, this is not the case nor is it realistic. It ALL exists and its terrible to deal with. Fight Opiate Addiction with information.

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