Are you in withdrawal?  How do you know?  If you have never been in opiate or opioid withdrawal you might not know exactly what to expect.  Its NOT a pretty situation to be in, however sometimes it can be mistaken for the flu or a bad cold.  I am not sure how this could be the case, but it is in fact true.   I say this, because opiate withdrawals are so horrendous, I am not sure how anyone could mistake them for anything else.

However, depending on how long you have been on opioids or opiates ( Pain Pills versus Heroin), and at what dose, the severity of  your withdrawals will vary.  If on a lower dose for not very long, your withdrawal might be ‘not so bad’ and not last very long.   In this case, they would be more comparable to the flu sickness.  chronic pain and opioids

It is sometimes difficult to sort out symptoms – is it the influenza (flu), or is it opiate withdrawal?  The Clinic Opiate Withdrawal Scale (COWS) is used as an assessment tool to distinguish true withdrawal symptoms. 

The outcome result will indicate whether you may need to increase your dose. Listen to this support group as they discuss their experiences.

We always strive to go directly to the source for gaining new information and insight.  In this case, we refer to a PodCast from a group of recovering opiate addicts.  By listening to them, we can learn the truth. 

Click the PodCast link below after reading the discussion guide questions that will be covered within.


Discussion Guide:


  • Are you familiar with The Clinic Opiate Withdrawal Scale (COWS)?


  • How can you tell the difference of opiate withdrawal and being medically ill with a flu?


  • Describe an example of being medically sick with a flu and the experience of withdrawal while in active addiction.


  • Has your dose of Methadone or Suboxone fluctuated up and down over time?


  • Have you been able to easily articulate the reasons why you might need to increase your dose?




Click The Link Below To Listen To This PodCast  ⇓  ⇓

Do You Need a Dose Increase?



Supplemental Reading:

Wesson and Ling, Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale,


heroin and opioid abuse


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  2. Have you ever been through withdrawals. I have been many, many times unfortunately. They are horrific like you are dying. Tell your story if you have or havnt. We need more discussion on this topic!

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