This is interesting what Doctor Oz has done.  On his TV show, he setup a real intervention in order to shed light on people who are hurting themselves with drug addiction.  If anything, this is bringing more Awareness to the subject of opiate & opioid addiction.  

We need a lot more attention put on addiction so that we can fight & beat this national crisis.  Its killing people left & right.  More than 52,000 people died in 2016 from drug overdose.  That is OVER 1,000 people a week!  Or, 155 people every single day across this nation dying from drug overdose.  If this isn’t an epidemic then I don’t know what one is. drug addiction

How do we face this?  We need to attack opiate addiction from several angles.

  • Awareness & Prevention
  • Detox & Treatment
  • Recovery
  • Real Opportunities


In Doctor Oz’s show, he focuses on the detox & treatment phase.  Getting your loved-one into treatment.  Addicts get stuck in a hardcore cycle that they cannot get out of.  You can’t quit because you do not want to deal with the horrendous withdrawals. 

No one wants to go through withdrawal since they are far worse than any other drug that exists.  Its deathly to go through withdrawals.

So, what is the other option if they won’t check themselves into rehab  (which they never will).  You try to make them go via an intervention.  It is the last hope.

Below you’ll find a link to a PodCast.  This is a group of recovering addicts led by Gail Gabbert who discuss Doctor Oz’s show about interventions.  As we always say, it is best to go directly to the source if we want to learn more about addiction.  Listen to the addicts who have gone through it and Learn.


It is a delicate matter to talk with someone about what you perceive as their shortcomings.  This is especially true when you believe they are putting themselves in harms way with substance abuse. Formal, organized interventions may use “tough love”  to get the person with an addiction into treatment. 

This person may be confronted in a harsh or stern manner with the intent to help them in the long run.  They may be presented with education, fear tactics, surprise, pressure, guilt, shame and resources.  

Dr. Oz orchestrated a public intervention on his nationally televised show.  Listen to this support group discuss their reactions to Dr. Oz’ intervention.


Discussion Guide:


  • Are you familiar with the concept “Tough Love”? If so, what is it?


  • Have you been the subject of an intervention?


  • If so, did you find the intervention more helpful or hurtful?


  • When people have expressed their concerns about your substance use, did they lean more heavily on “tough” or “love”?


  • Are you familiar with motivational interviewing, a counseling approach to help people work through ambivalence? What are the principles of motivational interviewing?


  • How would you advise someone talk to someone who has problems with substances?


    ⇓    ⇓    Click On The Link Below To Listen To PodCast   ⇓   ⇓


Dr. Oz’ On Air Intervention


Supplemental Reading:

Jami Wolf-Dolan, PsyD, What I Learned About Addiction From Attending the Dr. Oz Show,


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  1. Awareness is the key to fighting opiate addiction including heroin. But, awareness is geared toward young generations who have not yet experimented with drugs. We need to get to them FIRST and teach them the dangers. Teach them about genetics too and have them check their family history.
    Better Detox and treatment programs including the best ways to set up an intervention as discussed in this post.

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