What If….Just What If We Had A Cure To Withdrawal?


There might be help on the way to cure Heroin and Opioid Addiction

Well, supposedly there is cure.  There is a ancient plant found in Africa called “Ibogaine”.  It is currently illegal in the United States, but that is because the FEDS do not know anything about it.

There have been tests and programs going on for years in order to show the benefits of Ibogaine.  The YouTube videos below explain what Ibogaine is and how it works.  It appears as if it is a miracle plant that eliminates all withdrawal feelings even for the hardcore heroin addicts.


The researcher Doctor in the video explains that Ibogaine causes this to happen:


  • Causes better mood, while in a dream-state.


  • Resets chemical switches


  • Blocks opiate withdrawl


  • Dimishes cravings and the desire to use drugs


Have you ever heard of “Ibogaine”?  We had not until a user of this site www.heroininme.com left a comment telling us about it.  We have heard of Kratom and actually partaken of it ourselves.  Kratom does help reduce physical pain and it fends off cravings for other opiates.  Kratom is still legal in the United States, although the FEDs have tried to make it illegal back in January of 2017.  Because of petitions, the FEDS held off on making Kratom illegal.

Regarding Ibogain…we have begun to research this.  The videos below are helpful in explaining the gist of Ibogaine.  It sounds promising.  Unfortunately, we all know that in the United States, it takes years to get any newer ‘product’ or supplement approved by the FDA.  There are organizations that are currently striving to get Ibogaine approved as a formal treatment option.

What is your opinion?  Have you ever heard of Ibogaine?

Do you think that the FEDS should be so strict when it comes to new products that can help people?

If Ibogaine truly works, would you use it yourself or recommend it?

The man in the video below who participated in the testing program of Ibogain does speak highly of it.  Its good to know

that a hardcore addict used Ibogain and within the first treatment says he was cured.  He avoided the terrible withdrawal feelings on top of it.



heroin and opioid abuse

heroin and opioid abuse

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