Often this is the case, but NOT always.  A lot of people who are or were addicted to Opiates or Opioids (Heroin or Pain Pills) had major family issues growing up.  Some were abused and others witnesses dysfunction.  Divorce can even cause much drama in one’s life.  We know that 50% of all marriages end in divorce, therefore that is a lot of children who suffer the consequences.

Then, when they consume opiates or opioids later in life they realize that this chemical makes them feel a lot better physically and emotionally.   Many are deceived thinking that Heroin or Pain Pills is the answer to their problems.  Why Not?  If something makes you feel good…then why not take it?  Well, because of the damage that comes with these chemicals. 

They are very addictive, they take full control of every aspect of your mind, body & soul.  These drugs are ruthless and DO NOT care about the damage it causes.  Drugs have no favorites either.  They attack all levels of people. 

There are many different helpful ways to cope with trauma of any kind.  Consuming opiates or opioids should NOT be one of them.  These drugs should be left for people who have chronic physical pain and nothing can be done about it. 

Cancer patients and other chronic ailments that cause endless pain should be targeted with pain medication.  We are not against this.  We are not suggesting that EVERYONE should live in pain and go without pain medications.

Instead, our goal is to suggest that people learn more about the dangers.  Research their family history to see if Addiction or Alcoholism exists.  If it does, they need extra warning.  Increasing Awareness is what is going to increase Prevention. 

We need to teach our young people in high school about the dangers of opiates & opioids.  They need to know what will happen if they ever start taking them.

D.A.R.E is a great program, but it is simply not enough.  This is obvious now, because look at the epidemic this country is in.  We have reached a crisis where 7 people die every single hour from drug overdose.  That is more than the number of people who die in car wrecks each years. 

The numbers are getting worse.  2015 saw over 52,000 over dose deaths.  2016 was significantly higher.  And, 2017 is already far worse than where it was this time last  year (August 2016).

More must be done.  People who have trauma must be treated differently so that they do not turn to these false, deceptive drugs.

It is not surprising that people who have been traumatized are more likely to abuse substances. For example, those who have been sexually abused are more likely to use drugs than the general public. It is said that they are 3.4 times more likely to use marijuana, 6 times more likely to use cocaine, 10 times more likely to use other major drugs.

This podcast explores the connection between trauma and addiction. Listen in to hear this opiate recovery group discuss their experiences and opinions.  Click the Link toward the bottom of this page.

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We want to ask you what you are doing to support this fight against drug addiction.  Many years ago everyone thought of drug addicts as these inner-city, low-life street bums.  We all forgot about them because it was not our problem in the middle class and above.  Very few tax dollars were used to educate people about drug abuse.

This is NOT the case anymore.  Everything has changed.  Drug addiction is effecting your family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors.  These are Attorneys, Nurses, professionals and all type of people.  It is not limited to only the low -life thugs.  Drug addiction is now a major problem right in your community. 

Everyone’s community across this country and the World for that matter.

What can you do to help?

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Thank you for your support.

We always like to go directly to the source to learn more.  By listening to this PodCast, we can hear from recovering addicts how and why trauma caused them to become addicted.  This is a very insightful and interesting discussion.  Thank you for listening.


Discussion Guide:


  • Have you experienced trauma?


  • Do you believe the trauma predisposed you to an addiction?


  • What would you say the root cause of your addiction is?


  • Some say that you are as sick as your secrets. Have you had counseling to address the trauma?


  • If you went to rehab, were you in a dual diagnosis program? Was it helpful?


  • What would you look for in a counselor?


{ Click the link below and Listen to this Podcast }         

Trauma And Addiction Are Connected


Supplemental Reading:

Jennifer Storm, How Trauma, Victimization and Addiction Are All Connected,

Kaiser Permanente, Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Questionnaire Podcast, Childhood Trauma Is Found to Underlie Most Addictions, May 21, 2017

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  2. This is an interesting discussion and I learned a lot from these recovering addicts. Click on the PodCast link and listen.

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