Barriers To Long-Term Abstinence


Did you know that 9-out-of-10 addicts who enter rehab end up relapsing during the very first week?  These are frightening statistics.  I mean, this means that 90% are being defeated by opiate or heroin addiction immediately after attempting to quit.  Are these drugs that powerful!  This is a major problem that needs attention.  Knowledge is power, and awareness is prevention.  We all  need to talk about this and work together to come up with a solution.

We need our federal government and all States to fund more projects to fight opiate & heroin abuse.  We, ‘The People’, need to step up and demand that more be done.  After all, it is our tax dollars that go to pay for programs such as D.A.R.E.  But, we need more programs that address Awareness, Better Treatments, Recovery & Opportunities.  We cover all of these main topics within our site  (go to our Home Page and Click the Pages In our top Menu).

Awareness Is Prevention

Getting clean may be easier than staying clean.  Long-term recovery can be a challenge without the right support.  There are many barriers that cause former drug abusers to become discouraged if they are not able to establish a stable life.  Examples are lack of housing and employment.

Listen to this recovery support group talk about external and internal barriers that might make them give up.  We are going directly to the ‘source’ of this heroin epidemic by listening and learning from addicts themselves.  We thank Gail Gabbert, Addiction Counselor, for producing this PodCast.  Click below to play the Podcast. breaking the drug addiction relapse barriers

The points being talked about are listed below.  Please feel free to SHARE this Post & Site so that you can help us make others aware of this drug problem.  Again, Awareness leads to Prevention.  We can warn school kids about the dangers and when the opportunity comes for them to decide if they want to experiment with drugs, they will know what to do.


Discussion Guide:

  • What are the things you need to give up when you begin a recovery program?


  • What are you adding to your life when you are in recovery?


  • What are the barriers to maintaining drug abstinence?


drug barriers to break through



Staying Clean Is Not Easy: Barriers to Long Term Abstinence

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Supplementary Reading:

J. Kelly, J. R. McKay, A Plante, The Fix, Remove the Barriers to Addiction Recovery, 



Or, You Can Download Podcast Here: 

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