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Heroin addiction (includes all opioids) is a tough habit to beat.  The solution is in the recovery.  The key is to figure out how NOT to relapse. 

Statistics tell us that 90% of heroin addicts relapse in their first week of rehab.  This isn’t ‘beating’ addiction, but instead becoming a life-long victim of addiction.  The addiction is controlling your life.

If you can avoid relapsing, then you have beat addiction.  Information is power.  Being informed about the brains chemicals and how they relate to an opioid user is the best way to avoid relapse and beat addiction. 

Many rehab places only focus on detox.  But, what happens after the heroin addict goes home?  What kind of ongoing counseling and therapy are they receiving?  We seriously hope that this site will provide you enough information to beat addiction.

Opiate Addiction

Preventing Opiate Addiction Relapse

The most important factor in avoiding relapse is replenishing your brains chemicals.  When you use opioids for an extended period of time, you are replacing your brains natural ability to produce brain chemicals such as: Dopamine, Seretonin, GABA and Acetylcholine. 

These are called neuro-transmitter chemicals.  These chemicals are vital to life and cause such things as pleasure, good feelings, happiness, stability, and a sense of peace.

The drug chemical heroin/opioid is providing you the affects of these brain chemicals instead of your brain naturally providing them.  When you use heroin, you drastically deplete your brain chemicals (because your brain does not think that you need them). 

The problem is that when you STOP taking heroin/opioids, your brain doesn’t get the message.  It doesn’t know that you are no longer substituting your natural brain chemical process with the drug. 

Therefore, you go without the benefits of the brains chemicals (dopamine & serotonin) indefinitely.  Your brain will eventually begin to produce dopamine and serotonin again, but it takes a long time.   Opiate Addiction

Time is precious when you are feeling horrible every day without the opiates and without the brain releasing the right amount of dopamine and serotonin.  You feel depressed and in a state of despair because of this chemical imbalance. 

A person can only live like this for so long, so they end up relapsing.  It is understandable why.

We propose that you take our Braverman Test and answer some detailed questions to see which of the four brain chemicals you seem to be depleted of. 

Once you know this, you can take supplements that we know specifically help our brain produce and release its chemicals (dopamine & serotonin).  These are over the counter supplements and can be purchased on this site. 

We would NOT recommend something if we have not tested it out ourselves.  I took the Braverman Test many years ago when I was recovering from opioid addiction (fentanyl). 

Luckily, I had a good primary care doctor who recommended this.  I learned that my dopamine and serotonin were very depleted and that was why I was not feeling well.

The Four pillars of our website are as follows:

  • Awareness & Prevention
  • Detox & Treatment
  • Recovery
  • Real Opportunities

After much research and personal experience we have come to the realization that if the above topics are addressed, then we stand a better chance of fighting and defeating Opiate Addiction.  We can never defeat Opiate Addiction 100%.

Opiate Addiction

There will always be someone who finds a way to obtain Opiates or Opioids (Heroin or Pain Pills) and get themselves addicted.  This is how it has always been.

Even if we kill off all of the Cartels and ‘bite the head’ off the Cartel,…someone else will find a way to smuggle drugs into a country.  The problem is NOT the Drug Cartels. 

“No Customer, No Cartel”

The problem is that these Cartels have a massive market of customers who want these drugs and will do anything for them.  A few years ago Forbes listed the leader of a Mexican Cartel  (El Chapo Guzman) the most wealthiest man in the world. 

He was the richest man in the entire world and he got there by selling drugs to vulnerable people and wrecking their lives.  This goes to show you just how big this market of Customer really is.    Opiate Addiction

It is the largest market out of any industry in the world.  Billions upon Billions of dollars are spent on annually on the purchase of opiate (Heroin) drugs.

Please do not misunderstand.  We do believe there must be a continued War on Drugs by fighting the Cartels and forcing the Mexican Governemtn to join us in preventing drugs from crossing the border.

But, more focus should be placed on “Within”.  This meaning that our Opiate Crisis is our own problem.   It is a preventable problem. 

More should have been done decades ago.  Nancy Reagan did a superb job at creating a program that did make a difference.  

As many of you remember, it was called “JUST SAY NO“.  Her idea was plain and simple.  Go to schools and drive home to the kids that all they need to remember is to just say no to drugs.

But, what happened to that program?  Where did it go?  Why didn’t it last?

We need new programs and a much greater effort like First Lady Reagan’s.  We need to target school kids and teach them the dangers of these opiate drugs.

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Heroin Addiction
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