States and our Federal Government are all trying to figure out how to fight the Heroin & Opioid Epidemic in this country.  Our Leaders have different opinions on what should be done.  All we know is that more should have been done a decade ago.  It is ridiculous that our politicians are just now scrambling around to fix this problem when its been going on and getting worse for two decades.

Nancy Reagan new what was up when she created the program called “JUST SAY NO”.  As a school kid at that time in the 1980’s I remember this program and it stuck with me.  Where did that program go?  Who knows.  It seems that when she left the Presidential office with her Husband,…this program died out.  That is unfortunate because I cannot remember any national program similar to this that replaced it.

I should say that there is a program called D.A.R.E.  I am sure you have heard of it.  They basically go to elementary schools and give a short presentation.  Although, this is a great effort because its ‘something’, its simply NOT enough.  More must be done even though it seems to be too late.

We cannot give up.  The community needs to join together and step up to fight this opioid crisis even if our government lags behind.  Governmental support would be beneficial because of the funding they can provide.  After all, it is our money that could be used to fight drug addiction.  We are the ones who provide the State & Federal tax dollars that get delegated to programs.  Contact your State Governor and demand that more funds be used to fight drug addiction.

Now that our Governments have awakened, what will they do?  We present a news article below from CNN that provides two different perspectives on how to cope with the heroin & opioid epidemic.  One is declaring a Public Health Emergency and the other leader wants to begin charging addicts for the cost of a drug that halts a heroin overdose.  War on drugs www.heroininme.com

Whether you agree with either of these ‘remedies’ or not,…I am sure that you would agree that far more must be done to combat this drug problem.  We need more focus on Awareness & Prevention, Better Treatments, more successful Recovery methods and Opportunities for recovered addicts.  All of these ‘pillars’ of fighting drug addiction are covered within our site HEROin Me.

Read the article below and give us your comments.  We would like to hear from each of you whether you have direct experience with heroin & opioid addiction or not.  Your thoughts and ideas matter because collectively we are the community.  We are the people who can make a difference if we cannot count on our State and Federal Governments.


(CNN) — Lawmakers across the country are trying various methods to combat the staggering opioid epidemic, and two states’ governors are taking matters into their own hands to fight the escalating crisis.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed an executive order Wednesday declaring a statewide public health emergency in response to the problem, according to a statement from his office.

By signing the executive order, Florida can immediately draw down more than $27 million in federal funds previously awarded by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The Sunshine State received the funding in April as part of a two-year award totaling more than $54 million from the HHS Opioid State Targeted Response Grant, given by HHS Secretary Tom Price. Without the executive order, Florida would have had to wait until the start of the next fiscal year in July before accessing the funds.

“I know firsthand how heartbreaking substance abuse can be to a family because it impacted my own family growing up,” Scott said in the statement. “The individuals struggling with drug use are sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends and each tragic case leaves loved ones searching for answers and praying for help.”

As part of the executive order, Scott also directed state Surgeon General Dr. Celeste Phillip to declare a statewide public health emergency and issue a standing order for the anti-overdose treatment Naloxone. In 2016, Florida enacted the “Emergency Treatment and Recovery Act,” which authorized all Florida first responders, including law enforcement officers, paramedics and emergency medical technicians, to store and administer the emergency treatment.

According to the Florida Department of Health, opioids were responsible for the deaths of nearly 3,900 Floridians in 2015.


Maine Gov. Paul LePage also wants to employ legislation in his state’s battle against opioids, although he is pursuing a more punitive course than his southern counterpart.

LePage this week submitted governor’s bill LD 1558 that would require people receiving opioid overdose treatments such as Naloxone to pay for the antidote if they are receiving it for a second or subsequent time. Municipalities, including first responders, are also subject to a $1,000 fine if they do not attempt to recoup the cost of administrating the Naloxone from those receiving the treatment more than once. “The municipality or county or agent shall make all reasonable efforts to recover the cost of the dose administered if it is not the first opioid antagonist administered to the individual,” the bill reads.

LePage and the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Frances Head, did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.



Heroin and Opiate Addiction

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  1. I have a very close cousin brother who is battling with heroin addiction. To say that this is an isolated situation is a huge understatement.

    Everybody is affected and it becomes a really vicious chain. From my parents to the uncles and cousins and sister and brothers.

    He had tried the Naloxone and it had worked. The problem is that he’s got a really strong ‘negative’ social influence group that draws him back. We have really tried.

    It would be a blessing if Government can come up with some strong policies and implement action that would help those in need.


    1. Hello, thanks  for taking the time to read our Post and support our site http://www.Heroininme.com.  We need more people creating awareness for this problem.

      From all of our comments on this site, it seems that everyone has known at least 1 person who is fighting addiction or has fought it in the past.  The numbers are staggering. It is a real crisis we are in and more must be done.

      Sorry to hear about your family member who is a heroin addict.  Great for you to try to help him.  We have methods on our site that we try to help people being that I myself was an addict and beat my addiction.  I was taking the laboratory version of Heroin which is Fentanyl.  Anyway, thanks for writing us.  Matt B.

      Please share our Site and Post so that we can try to reach others.  people need to talk about this.!  http://www.Heroininme.com

  2. Matt,
    I am so glad you decided to take your pain and use it for others to gain! The addiction problem all over the world is so out of control. Somehow we humans feel that we don’t have “enough” inside of us and we need outside help. In the case of injury and surgeries, we do need medication but doctors are not monitoring well enough I guess? I have dealt with addiction and only by the grace of Jesus was I able to quit. God Bless you for the work you are doing.

    1. Hi Diane – Thanks for your input.  Also thanks for reading our Post and please share our site at http://www.Heroininme.com so that we can reach and help more people.  This crisis needs a lot more attention.

      I agree that pain medications are needed or else the patient will not heal right.  However, I also agree that Doctors ‘have dropped the ball’ and are not doing enough to prevent addiction.

      Glad to hear that you beat your addiction and I too can say that I would not be alive today if it weren’t for prayer and God saving my life.  Jesus gave me enough strength to not give up.  Take Care, Matt B.

  3. This is a very interesting article. Yes we must do more to help people on drugs. Unfortunately too many of our young children are caught up with drug related problems and they need help. At least the two ways suggested here are moving us forward. Both suggestions have their problems, but still credit needs to be shown for trying. It will be interesting to see how they go recouping $1000 per anti-overdose medication. But at least they are trying. Very thought provoking.

  4. Fighting the opioid crisis is a very complex problem indeed. I have a few uncles that have struggled with heroin addiction for most of their lives and so I have seen first hand how families can suffer because of that.

    At the same time, there’s a push from other organizations saying that regulations for all drugs should cease because it is not the governments business what we put into our bodies. I do agree with that sentiment to a certain extent, yet at the same time, for drugs as deleterious and damaging as opioids, more should be done to combat the epidemic. Great article

    1. Hi Juan, thanks for taking the time to read our articles and support our site at http://www.Heroininme.com.  Please share our Posts and site so that we can reach more people and help them.  This crisis needs to be talked about more so that we can address it.  If you share and your friend shares and then their friend shares we can reach many people who need help or loved ones who need to help others who are addicted.

      We agree that much more must be done to combat the opioid epidemic.  Here are some more Posts that you might enjoy.  – Matt B.


      Drugs- Overdoses Kill 8 People A Day

  5. We are having the same problem with opioid addiction in Maryland. I’m not sure what at all if anything could be done to stop it since it seems to me that the very ones that are trying to stop it, are the ones that started it.
    This is a very informative website. I can tell you are passionate about this issue. It was nicely well written. I pray one day collectively we can get a grip on this terrifying epidemic that has claimed so many lives. Keep the good fight going! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello – we hope that you have enjoyed our article and gained some new insight into this opioid crisis.

      Every State in the U.S. is struggling with heroin and pain pill overdose deaths.  It is a major problem now because enough was not done a decade ago.

      Thanks for the encouragement about our site. Yes, we put everything into it nearly daily with new helpful articles. This is our way to spread awareness and try to help more people or to help loved ones who are trying to help addicted family or friends.  Thanks and here are some additional Posts.  – Matt B.



  6. Hi,
    Thanks a lot friend,

    I can see your concern and effort in helping to solve this problem of drug addict. Its a very painful and serious issue because, when people get addicted with drugs, it affect their families their friends and even their whole life.

    It is good if the government can give it support in helping to solve this big problem which very common in almost every country. For me personally though not mentioned in this article, one good solution to helping solve this drug addict is people studying the Bible. With the creator of the universe as it source, it has such a powerful influence in changing people’s life. many have indeed benefited from studying the Bible.

    I personally agree with you that this a big problem that needs solution now and all should put together their collective effort to help combat this opioid epidemic which is deteriorating the health of many people.

    1. Hi Stephen, thank for reading our Post and commenting on our site at http://www.Heroininme.com.  Yes, drug addiction is a major problem these days and it’s in all countries.  In the U.S. alone every hour 7 people die from drug overdose.  That is 52,000 people in 2016 stats tell us.  It’s horrible and out of control because enough was not done a decade ago.  Plus, when you take your eyes off the Lord, bad things happen.  Our country is sliding further and further away from God.  I mean a few years ago the federal government wanted to remove the word God from our pledge of allegiance.  We need God’s hand on us in this nation or else all he’ll breaks lose.  

      Yes, I’d did not mention the Bible in this Post, but should have because of the importance and realness of it.  The Bible and the Word of God is what literraly saved my life.  Jesus gave me just enough strength to NOT GIVE UP…when I had nothing physically left.  I was rock bottom.  My story is written on this site as well as many other faith-based Posts and Pages.

      I was in physical pain for about 15 years from bad accident.  My shoulder had so much different damage from landing upside down onto it that it was like a Mac Truck drove over it and crushed it.  My neck too was injured.  It was like my shoulder could not hold up my arm and hand for many years. I was in a sling and incapacitated through my entire 30’s.  I wish I could redo my 30’s….relive them.  I missed so much.  Then after 6 total surgeries over a 7 year period to reconstruct, my pain was reduced by about 40 -50%.  I was more able to function thank God.  Before, During and After all surgeries I was placed on very heavy opioid medications.  for years I was taking these strong meds just to function.  Addiction runs I  my family (uncle is heroic. addict).  Needless to say, I became fully addicted.  This added another massive layer of a problem onto MY  life in addition to the physical pain.   Prayer is what saved me.  People praging in groups and faith.  I was in bad shape and nearly lost my life just to eliminate the pain.  I had no hope left after so many failed surgeries. My only hope was in Jesus Christ.  

      Everyone has a story and addicts have all kinds of reasons for how they became addicted.  Actually, four out of every 5 HEROIN addicts became addicted after originally starting on prescription medication from Doctors and somehow ruining that relationship.  A doctor cuts them off because they are consuming an entire months opioid pills in a week and trying to get refilled.  To avoid withdrawal feelings they go to 5he street to by cheap HEROIN.  This is so common that most people know of at least one person. who this has happened to.  A loved one, a friend, a neighbor, a colleague or friend of friend.  This topic needs more attention which is one reason I created this site blog.  To help others.  Otherwise, my entire ordeal would have been for nothing.  If no good came out of my story, then it would be a complete waste with no purpose.  God has made goodness come out of it since I have counseled many people by now and helped them.  Thanks again,for. commenting and ease support http://www.heroininme.com by clicking out ads on RIGHT SIDE BAR, and using our Amazon links to do all of your shopping.  We need more funds in order to create Awareness.programs and reach young people to educate before they get offered drugs.  Take Care,  Matt B.

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