Addiction Recovery Does Not Have To Be Ongoing

Recovering from Opioid or Opiate  (Pain Pills or Heroin) Addiction is not an easy task.  Many people fail numerous times.  The power that opium drugs have on people is ruthless.  But, we must combat this with knowledge and truth.  Never give up your fight against drugs and always think about your addiction recovery.

Many people including experts believe that opium addicts (opium is the main chemical within Opiates & Opioids) must remain in “recovery” for the rest of their lives.  This might be true for alcoholics, but this is NOT true for drug addicts.

With alcoholism their is a chemical change in the body that never goes back to normal.  There is also permanent damage to the body from alcoholism.  This is not the case with opiate addiction.  Being addicted to opiates does NOT do any permanent damage to your body or brain. 

It only temporarily causes an imbalance in the brains neuro-transmitters like Dopamine and Serotonin.  This is a major problem that causes depression and thoughts of despair, but it can be fixed over time.

However, if we continue to have addicts think of themselves as always in “recovery” how are they going to beat their addiction?  We believe in people becoming “RECOVERED”…once and for all.  Its over with…you beat your addiction and you are recovered.   You do NOT remain in recovery for the rest of your life. 

This gives the addict an excuse to relapse because it is not a ‘complete’ idea or way of thinking.

Addiction Recovery is the phase of a drug rehabilitation program right after you detox and go through withdrawal. How long you remain in addiction recovery is different for everyone.  However, it is NOT an everlasting phase.

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End Your Addiction Recovery With Completeness

Addicts need to have the mentality that they beat their disease of addiction once and for all.  They have completed their fight against opiate or opioid addiction.  Those pain pills or heroin no longer have a hold on their life.  They are NOT suppressed by addiction any longer. 

It is completed and in the past forever.

If an addict thinks of themselves as being in recovery for the remainder of their life….it is still keeping them in this thought-life that their fight was never completed.  Even if they are ‘clean’ they forever remain in their fight because they are still ‘recovering’.

We do not believe this is a productive way to view drug addiction.  Sure, go through addiction recovery, but have an end to it.  Have a mind-set that you will 100% complete your addiction recovery.

This might be going against what Doctors and Experts say about addiction recovery, however we do not care.  We are speaking from experience. 

We have the knowledge to make these statements and we have interviewed enough addicts to know that what we are saying is true.

People don’t want to feel like this addiction thing is following them for the rest of their life.  They want an end to it.  They don’t want to be in recovery forever.  They want to be recovered. Period.


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  1. Addiction Recovery does NOT have to last an entire lifetime. Make it a goal to complete your recovery period once and for all. Never to go back.

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