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The fact is that if you or a loved-one is a recovering Opium Addict  (Heroin or Pain Pill) they need to be focusing 100% on their Health.  Health matters most when it comes to being successful with your addiction recovery plan.

The main reason why addicts relapse during their recovery period is because they are NOT addressing their brain’s chemicals.  They are doing nothing about them because they probably have no idea how vital of a role they play.

In short, when you consumer Heroin or Pain Pills for a lengthy time period your brain stops producing a normal amount of Dopamine and Serotonin.  This is NOT good to say the least. 

So, when you go to rehab and STOP taking Opium drugs, your brain just does NOT start re-producing the proper amount of dopamine and serotonin right away.

The good news is that your brain WILL heal over time.  But, the bad news is that this takes a lot of time.  It could be months to years before your brain gets balances again with the good chemicals called Neuro-transmitters.  addiction health

I know this, because I lived through this.  I requested a full education from my DO Doctor about how my brain chemicals work and how they relate to my opioid addiction recovery.

The main reason why so many addicts relapse during recovery is because they feel depressed and in a state of despair 24 hours a day. 

This is because they do not have any, or enough Dopamine and Serotonin production in their brains.  These directly relate to peace of mind, pleasure, stability, and non-depressive feelings.

Normal people have the proper amount of brain chemicals being produced every day and Addicts do NOT.

Because the brain takes a long time to heal naturally when it comes to the good brain chemicals, Addicts usually cannot stand feeling depressed every day and every hour. 

From memory, the addict knows that within seconds…they can make themselves feel much better if they just take one hit of heroin or pop some opioid pain pills.  They relapse.

To avoid this, we are highly recommending that Addicts get educated about their brain chemicals and how they can speed up the production of Dopamine and Serotonin.

We suggest taking natural supplement boosters that directly help the brain to natural produce the right amount of dopamine and serotonin.  We go over this topic in detail within our Pages found at the top middle section of this site  Or, check out the link below.

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There is NOTHING more important to a recovering opiate addict, than their mental health.  Their physical & mental health is vital to their recovery plan success.

We highly encourage addicts and their loved-ones to CLICK the link below.  Sign up and gain access to all the vital information that will help you avoid relapse.

You want to mainly focus on the balancing of your brains chemicals  (Neuro-Transmitters=  Dopamine & Serotonin, etc.)







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  1. We signed up for HEALTH MEANS and we have learned so much every day. IT is an awesome resource.

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