Addiction Is Genetic

We have heard this before and it is very true.  Addiction is genetic.  It “runs in the family” usually until someone breaks the curse or cuts the chain.  This can be down and families can stop passing down addiction & alcoholism traits if they do one simple thing.  ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE PROBLEM EXISTS IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Half the battle is admitting you have a problem.  A family must do the same thing.  Admit that addiction is genetic and runs in the family so that you can STOP it.

Addiction is a disease that affects the entire family. While the person with a substance abuse problem struggles to heal in recovery, family members may also need to heal and could benefit from counseling. Perhaps they experienced a disruption of family communication, trust, stress, and have resentments. Or, they may have been traumatized by an overdose. Listen to a group of people in substance abuse treatment discuss addiction as a family disease.

Below is a link to a PODCAST.  You will hear a group of recovering opiate addicts talking about this topic.  They will be discussing the questions below in their weekly session.  We will be providing these Podcasts to you regularly because we feel it is so vital to understanding the mind of the addict.  This will help us find new ways to reduce the number of relapses.  Currently, 90% of people who enter rehabilitation during their first week relapse (fail and turn back to opiate drugs).  Lets find out why.

Discussion Guide:

  • In what ways has your addiction affected your family?
  • Who in your family was most negatively affected by your addiction? Who was least affected?
  • Do you believe that your treatment outcome will be improved if your family also receives treatment?
  • Has your family participated in your substance abuse treatment? If so, in what ways and was it helpful?
  • If you could design a family therapy session, what information or content would you want to cover?

ADDICTION IS A FAMILY DISEASE  —>  Click this link, then on page click “Play in New Window”

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