When Treatment Programs Are Abusive

There have been some cases where treatment centers have crossed the line and become abusive by taking advantage of patients.  Chalk it up as ‘GREED’.   With human trafficking and drugs out there….it is a nasty world.  There are some evil people who will take advantage of any situation in order to fill their pockets with dirty money.

Starting and managing a “sober living’ type house is far too easy these days.  More than ever, we need more of these helpful clinics and living situations because we have an increasing amount of addicts who need help.  But, these clinics and sober living homes MUST be regulated and State Governments must incorporate oversight. opiate drug treatment

Apparently, oversight is lacking because we have had numerous situations where wrong-doing and insurance fraud happened at this type of drug addiction clinic.

When a person is on opiates (Heroin or Pain Pills) it is very easy to take advantage of them.  These people will do just about anything in order to score more drugs.  This includes sex for sale and theft among other illegal activities.  When a greedy person(s) figures out just how vulnerable an addict is, they can take advantage of it.  Just like the true story below.

It is a sad occurrence when people seek help and instead find abusive practices. Kenneth “Kenny” Chatman and his wife operated a sober home in Florida committing acts of human rights violations and fraud.  He was sentenced to 27 1/2 years in prison and his wife could be sentenced to 10 years.

Chatman pled guilty to money laundering, healthcare fraud and sex trafficking.  He admitted he controlled his patients by taking their car keys, phones, medication and food stamps.

He allowed his patients to do drugs in his sober homes, as long as they let him bill their insurance for treatment they never received.  Some patients died.   This is despicable if you ask me.  Don’t you agree?

What could be more worse?  You go to get the treatment that you need and the opposite happens.  These people should be put into prison for the rest of their lives!

Hopefully, these crimes are few among recovery programs. Listen in to this opiate support group talk about their reactions and experiences in treatment.

Again, we go straight to the source by listening to real recovering addicts discuss this issue.  Below are the topic points that will be discussed in order to give this PodCast some structure. Heroin & Opioid addiction treatments

Please give us your comments below.  We would love to hear from you.

By talking about these issues we are creating more Awareness.   Awareness is what leads to an increase in Prevention.

It is NOT pretty to talk about.  Most people avoid talking about drug addiction or anything related to it.  I agree, it is not a fun topic to discuss.  But, we simply MUST talk about.  We MUST incorporate new City & State Laws to help fight addiction.

We need the community to stand up and speak loudly to our State Leaders. 

We need to demand more funding for Opioid & Heroin:  Awareness & Prevention,  Treatment, Recovery & More Opportunities.

rehab ahead


**** Warning   The content of this podcast may be disturbing. ***

Discussion Guide:


  • Have you experienced poor treatment in a recovery program?


  • If so, did you file a complaint, and did you receive a satsifactory response?


  • What are the pros and cons of informing the authorities about poor practices of the facility, staff or other patients?


  • Do you know how to find a reputable program?



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When Treatment Programs Are Abusive

Supplemental Reading:

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Zachary Seigel, South Florida Sober Home Operator Sentenced To 27 1/2 Years, Crackdown Continues, http://www.thefix.com/south-florida-sober-home-operator-sentenced-27-12-years-crackdown-continues



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  1. We need more treatment programs, but they need to be governed by the State and Fed. We cannot have thugs taking advantage of drug addicts who are vulnerable just so they can make a buck. There is nothing more wrong than a sober living house designed to help addicts….stealing insurance money, keeping people on drugs in order to extort them, human trafficking purposes, etc. This disgusts me to hear that this kind of stuff is even happening. And, it is not just one case or an isolated incident. I would not say that it is frequent, but it has happened way too many times and GREED is usually the culprit.

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