Deadly Friendship Ends

I am not putting the article up, but instead I will summarize the sad story.  Recently in the national news they talked about two childhood friends who recently died from heroin overdose on the same day only 1 mile apart. 

They were NOT together, but apparently they had purchased Fentanyl  (synthetic Heroin) from the same drug dealer.

The Opiate Crisis has been flourishing in the news lately because of the President speaking about it from his podium.  He announced a National Emergency related to this Opioid Epidemic and therefore released more Federal funds to fight addiction.   This is a great start and more must be done.

More should have been done a decade ago and we would not be in a crisis right now.  But, you cannot turn back time.  You can only focus on the future and preventing drug addiction with our future generations.

This was a sad story to hear as we watched the mothers sobbing in disbelief on Television.  However, this is not a rare situation.  This is happening all the time, every single day.

As a matter of fact, statistics prove that 8 people die from drug overdose EVERY SINGLE HOUR of the day in the United States.  The numbers are higher when going abroad.

Opiate Epidemic

In 2015, 52K people died from overdose and in 2016, 68K people died.  The numbers are increasing steadily.  This is a major problem and that is why it is getting more attention.

We ALL need to be talking about this.  This is a community-wide problem.  It is not just isolated to the inner-city, thugs and street bums anymore.  Instead, it is your co-worker, friend, family member, nurse or neighbor who is an opioid addict.

Most Heroin addicts first became addicted after being legally prescribed some kind of opioid pain medication.  Eventually they became fully addicted and the Doctor ‘cut them off’.

In order to avoid the horrific withdrawal feelings, they turned to the streets to purchase cheap heroin and that is how they became a Heroin Addict.  Actually 4 out of 5 Heroin addicts claim this is how they started.


Are Doctors over-prescribing these Opioid pain medications?  Perhaps, some are…however we are not going to point the finger at Doctors like most other people are.  Sure, a Doctors office SHOULD be doing more ‘homework’ to investigate the genetics of their patients. 

Heroin and Pain Pill addiction is genetic.  It runs in families just like alcoholism does.

But, Doctors exist to help you ease their pain and resolve your medical issues.  If you are living in physical chronic pain everyday,  your Doctor is going to prescribe you opioid pain medications.  This is because they are effective.  Opiate addiction

After reading this article about the two twenty-something child-hood friends who overdoses on the same day and died…I began reading all the comment beneath the Post.  I was shocked and it motivated me to write this article.

It is good to know what others are thinking and how their perspective differs from yours.  However, I got an ear-full from the majority of commenters who were speaking out against Heroin addiction.

I am referring to hundreds of people with the same opinion.  They had NO MERCY for these two boys.  People were claiming that they deserved to die.  Others were saying that it was their choice. 

The majority of people who commented were basically saying that these boys chose to take drugs, and they knew the consequences, therefore it serves them right to die from overdose.

I was stunned at the coldness of these commenters.  I could not believe it.   Now, I know a lot about this topic.  I have researched it from top to bottom.  I was a Fentanyl addict myself for over 7 years.  I RECOVERED back in 2013 after having my last reconstruction shoulder surgery and weaning myself off opioids.

I  refer to myself as “RECOVERED” because I beat my opioid addiction once and for all.  I do NOT buy-in to the idea that I will be a ‘RECOVERING‘ addict for the rest of my life.  That is a cop-out and excuse to relapse since the word infers that your recovery is not complete.  This is how alcoholics view themselves. 

They are always in recovery.  Well, we are not alcoholics!  We are different.  And, our recovery plan has an end.  We will beat our addiction and never look back.

I have not touched pain medications since then, because I simply cannot do so.  I still have chronic pain every day and I deal with it in other ways like….praying and meditation and natural supplements.

I am due to have another open surgery to remove nerve tumors beneath my shoulder blade.  I have been putting it off because of how painful the recovery is.  This medical problem of mine that causes chronic pain is not going away per the Doctor. 

At some point, I need to have a 7th surgery.  Just like the 6th surgery, I will go on opioid pain medications in order to recover (heal properly) and then I will successfully wean off the opioids months later.  I did it once and I will do it again.  opiate alternative

Anyway, my point is that people just do NOT know what the hell they are talking about.  Freedom of speech is great, but have something constructive to say.  Know what you are talking about before you give your idiotic opinion.

This is an extensive topic of Opiate & Opioid  ( Heroin & Pain Pills) addiction.  We have created an entire website blog involving everything there has to do with Opium addiction in order to provide helpful information to hurting people.  

We strongly believe that ‘information’ is what will win the War on Drugs.  We need to educate people no matter where they stand about drug addiction and increase prevention.  We need better detox and treatment methods. 

We need to increase the success rate of recovery.  Currently, 90 % of all addicts who enter rehab, end up failing within the very first week.  They relapse.  This must change.

Back to the Idiot commenters….what do they know about these two boys?  Do they know their genetic history?  Do they know their family background or if any Uncles or Parents were addicts or alcoholics?  Probably not.

Taking drugs might be a choice in some situations.  People want to party and they pop some pills.  They then become fully addicted down the line.

However, what most people do NOT know is that addiction is NOT always a choice.  It is usually genetic for most people.  This means that if your Uncle was a Heroin addict and you are in the same blood-line…you are vulnerable to addiction as well. 

If you have a surgery and your Doctor prescribed opioid pain medications are you going to take them?  Do you really have a choice?  NO.  You will suffer in agonizing pain and you will not heal properly if you do not consumer the opioids for a period of time.  Now, how was that a choice?

Addiction to opioids fell on your lap.  You never knew what hit you.  You did not choose to be an addict.

This was my situation.  I don’t blame my family history of drug usage, but this does explain it.

Most opiate or opioid addicts first became addicted after their Doctor legally prescribed them opioid pain medications.  This is a fact.  Not a guess.  The commenters must not be aware of this. 

I know that one of the boys who died did have several surgeries earlier in his life and was prescribed opioids for pain and recovery.  This alone could have jolted his genetics and therefore the next time he took any opiates or opioids…he would become addicted.

If he had the means to purchase more opioids he would.  However, he could easily buy cheap heroin on the street.  In his case, he and his buddy bought Fentanyl from a dealer who is going to end up in jail for murder.

Fentanyl is the synthetic form of Heroin.  It is created in a lab and has no limit as to how strong and potent it can be.  A very small amount killed these two boys because their body was not tolerant enough to it.

Years ago I was also on Fentanyl by my Doctor.  I was taking a huge amount, but I had worked my way up to that.  I was very tolerant of it.  Most people who die from overdose, die because they consumer heroin or fentanyl that is stronger than they thought.    opiate addiction

This leads me to my big opinion on how we can fix this entire Opium Epidemic.  I have the answer!

In the United States, we are the most sophisticated scientific group that has ever existed.  We have scientists and researchers who can do pretty much anything.  Recently, there was a University lab who developed a pain medication that has ZERO addictive qualities in it, yet it was as powerful as morphine. 

This is the truth.  They accomplished this by removing some molecules or something.  I will try to find the article and Post it on this site www.HeroinInme.com.

These researchers said that this could have been done a long time ago.  It was not that complex to do.  So, here we are in 2017 and soon the FDA will approve a pain medication that is NOT addictive.  It is equivalent to Tylenol except that it is as potent and effective as morphine. 

The strength can be adjusted as well to be more powerful or less.


I did hear President Trump mention this medication, but he did not give details.  We will provide more details in this site.

This will be the answer to the Heroin and Pain Pill crisis.  Our country is wise enough to create medications that are effective at managing severe pain, yet are NOT addictive.  This means that we can get rid of all other addictive opioids like Fentanyl, OxyContin, Percocet, & Vicodin among many others.

We can stop making addictive pain medications and basically HALT this Heroin epidemic in its tracks.  This could not happen soon enough.

One major problem and probably why this has not happened sooner is the Lobby.  In Washington D.C. our Senators and Representatives are suppose to speaking for us, The People, and representing us.  However, it is evil MONEY that controls everything. 

There are pharma Lobbies with billions of dollars. 

This Lobby has one goal in mind….to make opioid pain medications more legal and available to all people.  The Lobby gives money to our government leaders and basically brides them to make selling opioids easier and more profitable for these larger pharmaceutical companies.  It is disgraceful, but it is happening.  It has been  happening for decades.opiate addiction

This Lobby will try to stop this new pain medication from being released.  We hope and pray that this does not happen.  This is why we all need to join together and speak our minds in support of this new medication that is addictive-free.

There will still be some Heroin addicts always.  Some people will continue using drugs.  We cannot stop that.  However, the majority of Heroin and Pain Pill addicts will be helped if they are dealing with chronic pain.

Moreso, we will have a lot less opium addicts in the future if this ‘God-send’ pain medication goes mainstream.

I could certainly use some kind of non-addictive pain medication to help me function better.  Chronic pain is no ‘walk in the park’.  It wears you down.  However, I keep pushing on and doing the things I love.  In general, life is a lot better when you are NOT on any kind of opium drugs.

















*Below Are Some Great Books About Opium Addiction. 

All We Can Do Is Keep Learning.    


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  2. We need better pain medication that is NOT addictive. This would save so many lives. It is possible.

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